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  1. Which do you prefer? The Quest for the Golden Shillelaghs, or The Hunt of the Nearly Extinct Fluffosaur.

    1. Destros09
    2. Mobbstar


      I prefer my favourite Villian to come back!

  2. Now THIS deserves a trailer.
  3. You'll have fuel forever, A VERY EVIL FUEL, but still fuel.
  4. How villainous of you @minespatch to call upon A REAL VILLIAN! ARE YOU TRYING TO ENCROACH ON MY VILLAINOUS TURF!?
  5. Lipton's Creamatorium (Art Thread)

    Wow that was thicc with content.
  6. Ban watermelen for my friend giving up halfway through.
  8. Ban thieverpedia for being into too much indie.
  9. Completely black, so I'll come back when I do cyclum.
  10. So uhm I signed in and there's just a black screen did I do something wrong?
  11. Ban DatShadow for, BAWK BAWK BAWK BAWK, being a chicken.
  12. Ban geni because is this what this thread has come down to saying yas and no?
  13. Lipton's Creamatorium (Art Thread)

    Those bunnies look ready to lay Easter Eggs.
  14. Lipton's Creamatorium (Art Thread)

    I wonder where everyone went. *Checks Metheus thread* oh yeah... Also I should watch some rain world because I barely could tell what those things were in the top image.
  15. Destros repurposed art thread

    I've never actually seen what happens when you do this. What happens when you give Abigail a telltale heart?
  16. Hey guys what's this thing? Seems like something important.
  17. Yeah but cyclum lead to the trailer for ANR.
  18. My question is what is this puzzle leading to? All puzzles led to some reward right?
  19. Ban watermelen because the Metheus puzzles.
  20. You know I have a small little theory about the wall. What if something becomes carved on the wall via drag and drop but it has to be a specific image?
  21. Guys I noticed something small. There isn't a single purple gem in all the images.
  22. Great you guys found the ultimate secret already.
  23. Guys I was told what we will get from the puzzles. Here it is.
  24. Eyyyy! I actually heard about the puzzle before it was solved this time!