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  1. Greetings it is I Skeletonious evil overlord, lair owner (rent one today!), and pursuer of bad deeds. If you have found this thread then you are minion potential or your my nemesis! I have severe lack of of minions after the Horrific yet Comical Lair Explosion of 2016 caused by nemesis number 8 and I want you to be my next Minion Give me your best traits that make you minion worthy and tell me why you are joining The salary starts at $1.99 a day! Join now! NOW! Nemeses from forums: My Minions *Edit descriptions and minions,
  2. A question for thee who calls themselves minespatch. In this image... ...would the dupe be turned to coal?
  3. *Skeletonious has been sitting on his Moon throne. It's made of liquid evil under the padding like a waterbed.*
  4. There are just so many bizarre and weird characters that I have come up with over the years and helped with the ideas, but I only remember a few. They are CoolCool McDude, HANK!, George, The Narrator, and Vinny Works. Ask questions also I might make a thread explaining who these characters really are.

  5. Ban watermelen because death is next.
  6. Ban watermelen for being in an endless loop of live, ban, die, get triggered, and repeat.
  7. Hey everyone DimWhat here and here's the new hit product, but first had this ever happened to you? *The screen over to a different scene in which a party is happening. There is some sick beats going on in the background. There is a obviously cool guy talking to a bunch of his friends when the screen finally finishes wiping. And that's when I said hey where's the mustard? *Suddenly some nerd bumps into the cool guy spilling the drink all over the cool guy. The music stops with the sound of a record stopping. Everyone stares at the nerd.* HEY! What you do that for!? *The nerd starts stuttering* I...er...uhm... *The cool guy punches the nerd. The nerd falls to the ground, he's knocked out.* INTRODUCING... *The screen wipes to a pair of brass knuckles.* ...The physical apologyTM. *The brass knuckles are shaped in the word "sorry."* With these you will be able to say an apology without the hassle of thinking of what to say. Now let's try that again with The Physical ApologyTM. *The screen over to the same scene as before.* And that's when I said hey where's the mustard? *Suddenly some nerd bumps into the cool guy spilling the drink all over the cool guy. The music stops with the sound of a record stopping. Everyone stares at the nerd.* HEY! What you do that for!? *The nerd looks the cool guy in the face and punches him in the face. The cool guy hits the ground. The word "sorry" is embedded in his forehead. OH MY GOD! I THINK HE'S OUT COLD! *Everyone crowds around the cool guy while the nerd walks out of shot like he's the real cool guy. The screen wipes back to DimWhat.* Only 39.95 order now it's guaranteed to work every time. In fact if it doesn't you get to buy another for double the price.
  8. My guess is not before his demise.
  9. Ban geni for the four elements earth, air, fire, and WATER.
  10. Ban datshadow for not negotiating. (Skeletonious might give you a raise.)
  11. Ban watermelen for staring at static for a few minutes then turning their head and stating that 'they' are here, without context on who 'they' are.
  12. Didn't know that was possible, YOU SIR OR MADAM ARE EVIL!
  13. Is that an portal I see in the background?
  14. We all know there's a lot of crockpot recipes and lets face it we don't use all of them (when's the last time you made ice cream actually needing it) so I have put it in my hands to make a thread about adding crockpot recipes. I have thought of a few so just wait for more to coke to mind and feel free to suggest some if you feel like you have an idea try not to make it convoluted. The Wienerwurst Monster Spaghett That's all I could think up right now.
  15. Ban watermelen for changing his profile picture to someone considerably more indie.
  16. Ban Mobistar for not settling this in court like civilized people.
  17. Yeah I always thought the werebeaver should be able to swim because it's a beaver thing.
  18. Ban watermelen for immediately not mentioning this guy our ogrelord and savior. Edit: DANG IT NINJAD BY MY MINION!
  19. Does he have a BONE to pick with you or maybe he wants you to RATTLE ME BONES! *Looks around the room with a dumb smile.* Eh, Eh, get it bones, their a skelet... *The room is dead silent.* I'll let myself out.
  20. *A man rises from the crowd and asks... "Hey! Is that your new product!? I'll take thirty!"
  21. *Sassing your boss, now that's bravery.* If you weren't so useful I'd fire you. *Skeletonious starts for his Summer home on the moon.
  22. *The hole is right next to an eviler lair.* DANG SQUATERS!
  23. *Skeletonious is flung out of the ship when the airlock explodes. He lands on his face and frowns.* AH! THAT HURT! *Skeletonious then gets up, looks at the moons surface, and falls back onto the surface face first, rubbing the moon's surface.* OH! MY MOON! I've missed you so much. You only let evil deeds happen on you, right? *Skeletonious starts kissing the moon.* Oh, I could never be mad at you my lovely moon. *This all around looks bizarre.
  24. Ban barhalomrow for being all around just a great guy.
  25. You know I never thought about how those monsters would look if they cry. It's quite frankly kinda gross.