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  1. There is a very nice mod (I like it anyway) called Turfed! that has a zillion (not that many, but a lot) different choices. Everything from pink, purple, red, blue carpets to yellow brick roads, etc. The only problem I have with it is that when you dig up the land that was there, it doesn't spit up a turf tile. I like them, because I use them for fuel. Other than that....it's a nice mod with tons of turfs. I placed some and took a screen shot. I don't know if this goes here, as this is my first day on forums...but I was skimming and saw your title. I read the rules of the forum, so I'm hoping this is okay. NOT my mod btw...I have no clue how to do all that. :o)
  2. Hi there. I wanted to know if there's any way to tell the game to give me LESS grass and MORE deciduous-turf areas on the map when I start a new world? I've been sitting here typing c_regenerateworld() for the last hour and a half (yes, really) because the game keeps giving me massive amounts of land masses with grass and forest, and a very tiny 1/2-inch square of deciduous land (which is my favorite of all of them). I think disease spreads more on deciduous but I have disease disabled anyway (because it's my favorite land area, I think it's called a biome?). In any case...how do I get more of it on my map and less grass all over the place? Thank you kindly for any help Edit: Update: Figures, as soon as I posted this it gave me 2 big chunks of deciduous. However..like I said, it took a solid hour and a half to get there. Surely there is an easier way? Am I missing a configuration box to click which land masses/biomes I want? Edit again: and now I have one itty-bitty rock/quarry chunk. LOL I just want a nice balance of all of them