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  1. I neglected to update this, I'm sorry. It's been resolved, and had something to do with the host not communicating with the remote console. I still can't get the object under the mouse to work, but the c_selectnear does now. It took more tinkering than my "tinkering level," and a friend helped.
  2. Hi everyone. I will be the first to admin that my computer is totally incapable of hosting DST: ANR....it can barely handle DST without caves, let alone with them. That said, I've *tried* Citadel Servers, and while they are extremely helpful prior to sale *cough* they leave a lot to be desired after. My server IS mod-heavy (I will also be the first to admit that). However, with 7 people in it, the host (Citadel) was in the red and everyone was lagging out. I'm not paying $70.00 a month for a server that cannot handle 7 people (all were in the same country). Can anyone recommend a *solid* time-proven server hosting company who can handle DST ANR Beta *and* let me run all my mods? The mods are solid mods (most of which are not mods that cause heavy drain). Price isn't an issue...just looking for a reputable, capable host with decent support staff, even after they have your money. Thanks
  3. I agree with what you're saying, Lumina..it's just that it's so *rampant* in the workshop...folks are overtaking the place with mods they didn't even create, and calling them theirs, simply because they know the original author has "vanished" for whatever reason. Shouldn't there be something in the workshop to automatically disallow this or keep this from happening? I know nothing about coding or modding, but if a mod has the same configs and coding as another mod, with all the same exact prefabs, same icon, same picture....I would think the workshop would recognize that and say, "Nope, I dun think so!" and block it? In any case..ty for your reply, Lumina!
  4. I did a comprehensive search and I couldn't come up with anything relative to what I'm looking for in the forums. I'm sure there is a topic regarding this, but I'm not finding it (it may just be me overlooking it). Within the Steam Workshop there are literally hundreds (probably more) of abandoned mods from "days of yore" so to speak. I'm seeing a *lot* of modders "taking over/adopting/stealing-whatever term is correct" these abandoned mods and making them compatible with DST's Beta implementation. Am I to assume by observation that this is allowed? I'm not a modder (I have enough trouble keeping my computer on, let alone fiddling with it). I see a lot of "I'll take this down if the original author doesn't want it here"...or something similar, which tells me they have no permissions on that mod. Is there an expiration date on the ability of authors to keep copyright of their mod-contributions? Meaning...anyone can grab these mods, do whatever with them, and claim them as their own, simply because the original author stopped playing the game and/or stopped updating their mod(s)? It totally sucks to see tons of mods that are completely out of date...why not just take the mods down if you're not going to keep them updated? Methinks I'm confused.
  5. [00:47:09]: Error decoding lua RPC sender [00:47:11]: Error decoding lua RPC sender [00:47:11]: Error decoding lua RPC sender [00:47:11]: Error decoding lua RPC sender [00:47:12]: Error decoding lua RPC sender [00:47:13]: 345========== THIRST doesn't exist [00:47:13]: 345========== THIRST doesn't exist [00:47:14]: Error decoding lua RPC sender [00:47:14]: Error decoding lua RPC sender [00:47:14]: Error decoding lua RPC sender [00:47:15]: Error decoding lua RPC sender [00:47:17]: Error decoding lua RPC sender [00:47:17]: Error decoding lua RPC sender [00:47:17]: 345========== THIRST doesn't exist I really wish this would have been resolved before being a public-launch mod. However, I fully support your efforts, because thirst should definitely be a game inclusion in my opinion. It's a crash upon anyone drinking from the bucket rather than the bottles. I have no idea if this helps at all, but it does happen even if this is the only mod running. I'm pretty sure buckets aren't supposed to be drunk from...but even so, it shouldn't be crashing us all. good luck.
  6. Updating...it's back, Kaj. The command to remove worked (or so I thought) because it wasn't flashing on the map. Now..it is back. So essentially, nope, that command isn't working, either.
  7. Thank you, Kaj...any world entity or spawned entity works with that code (for me); I really appreciate your assistance.
  8. Repasting this console log portion that I showed in an above post: ReceiveRemoteExecute( c_select() c_sel():Remove()) [00:07:04]: Selected <nil> [00:07:04]: [string " c_select() c_sel():Remove()"]:1: attempt to index a nil value ....I'm clearly executing remotely, as stated in the console log, but it is reporting that whatever I'm clicking on is a nil value, which it isn't. I've deleted a zillion world objects when hosting locally and they removed just fine (with the local command). Surely my cursor doesn't need to be in a different position than it does when hosting locally.
  9. Hi, Kaj, and thank you for your attention to this issue. Removal: I've used the command both with remote attempts and without (via toggling with CNTRL to switch from local to remote and vice versa). The object is indeed being removed, but upon removal, it is most definitely *still there*, as I kill all the frogs prior to removal, then remove the pond, and the frogs are hopping out of the water again the next morning (a new instance of spawning from said pond), it even shows the water-ripple effect as they jump out of a pond that isn't supposed to be there. Upon opening the map, the pond is on the map, but in a "blinking" state, neither removed, nor a solid entity (but there). A further validation that the pond is still in the world, is an attempt to place any structure or object where the pond was, as there is a collision event and nothing can be placed (because the entity of the pond is still present). The only thing the command does is to remove the *visual* of the object; not the object itself. I've run this clean, with zero mods on the dedicated server, and zero worldgen overrides, just default everything and still run in to the same issue. I've attempted endless, wilderness, and survival modes to see if it was perchance some hiccup with endless, no cigar (all game modes reach the same conclusion and do not fully delete the object, whether I save or don't save makes no difference). My servers are currently in the link-up process so I can add caves (requiring two servers) so I will update this post when I am able to get inside my files and answer your questions regarding the steam update. However nuts it may sound, I love the game enough to spend 3 hours every day re-entering all of my configurations and mods, it's annoying, but not gamebreaking. The inability to *remove an object* is what is causing me intense grief. The cursor is where it should be, as outlined in your reply. There is 0 effect when entered locally (obviously, lol) but when I toggle to remote, that is when it removes the *visual* of the object, but not the actual object (it makes it appear to not be there when it really is). Opening the map, like I said, the object is flashing, and all world events related to that object keep occurring as if it is there (it's not a case of the frogs hopping around because they have no home, I know how that works). That's how I should have worded my original post and ticket... the *visual* of the object is being removed, but not the *physical entity* of the object. There is a huge chunk of land the playerbase can't access because a pond is blocking the only branch extending to that area. Sure, I CAN access it easily by floating as a ghost, and simply rezzing myself via shenanigans...people with a lazy explorer can access it, but those who are simply walking around the map (as most players do) get stuck at the pond and can go no further (after I didn't receive replies I simply deleted the world) but this is bound to reoccur if I cannot reach a resolution. The dedicated server is owned by Citadel Servers, and is not located in my home, but across the world. However...that should make no difference whatsoever, as all of the commands work perfectly except the removal. I can debugspawn, revive people, teleport to people, regenerate the world,etc (I can use everything and it works fine). I have ZERO complaints about Citadel btw...they're not the issue and the server is a beast, very happy with it.
  10. Update: it is still doing this...surely there is someone in the DST community who has the answer and is willing to help me out, here. These commands to remove objects do *not* work, and after doing some in-depth scouring and scavenging for table-scraps of information, I find that there are *many* other people with this issue. Klei isn't responding. ReceiveRemoteExecute( c_select() c_sel():Remove()) [00:07:04]: Selected <nil> [00:07:04]: [string " c_select() c_sel():Remove()"]:1: attempt to index a nil value There is no "nil", I'm clearly hovering my mouse on the ruddy pond (and yes, I know where to place my mouse cursor). The worldentity command worked for me *all the time*, never failed, when using it locally (hosting via my computer). The dedicated server command (the c_select command shown above) should work according to several posts; it does not work whatsoever. Object behavior: Flashes on the map after using the command. Frogs are poppin out of thin air because the pond IS there...it's just invisible...until I leave the area and return, at which point it reappears. Can someone *please* assist me with this?? Even if I have to type out some ridiculously long command line to delete the dang pond I have NO issue doing that..but I don't know what that command would be. I think it's something like c_find(pond) and a huge string of stuff after that....either way I need help...*please*. FYI there is a new command in the wiki beginning with the word console....that command doesn't work etiher.
  11. I am very "wordy" and I ramble, taking 10 minutes longer to say something than most; please be patient with me, and I will attempt to "condense". There are two game-breaking (for me) issues afoot. 1). I am having major problems with removing objects from my world(s). The commands do not work via console in-game when hosting remotely. I have sent tickets in over the past week and a half to both Klei and my server provider informing them of this ongoing "issue," to no avail (I'm reporting no joy). I am hoping the ever-knowledgeable playerbase will be willing to assist me with this. Command: TheInput:GetWorldEntityUnderMouse():Remove() Result: Works as intended (functional when used via the in-game console whilst hosting locally via the "host" option in the in-game menu) This is really irrelevant as I'm on a dedicated server, not local...but nonetheless I tried it anyway in order to include it in my post. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Command: c_select()c_sel():Remove() Result: Entered via in-game console, under *remote status*, works temporarily; only until server is re-entered. Example: I DebugSpawned "reeds" x20 by accident (I entered the incorrect prefab, which is my mistake, however it should be easily remedied). I hovered the mouse cursor over said reed tufts and deleted all 20 individually using the above command. All 20 tufts were removed successfully. Real life took over, and I exited the game to do some housecleaning (not pertinent information, but I did warn that I am wordy). I returned to the game, entered the server, and all 20 reed tufts were still sitting there, happy as clams, ready to be harvested again. Seeing as how this was my fifth run-in with not being able to remove anything...ever, I got fed up and lit them on fire with my trusty torch, and then proceeded to buy a chocolate doughnut, essentially ruining my caloric intake for the day. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Command: c_select():Remove() Result: The object is made to be "invisible" but *still there*. Example: Pond blocking map-exploration: The command caused the pond to "flash" semi-transparently on the map in a "nanny-nanny boo-boo, I'm still here, you moron!" fashion, in addition to causing a collision because the entity was still present, and the blockage to map-exploration persisted. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Command: c_save() Result: Saves everything except whatever I removed. Example: The reeds. I removed them and saved whilst they were removed using the c_select()c_sel():Remove() command, since thus far that's the only command that is semi-functional. ALL progress, time, season, day was saved....the removal of the reeds was *not*. Yes, seriously. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The second doughnut will be consumed if I can't figure out the second gamebreaking issue: Steam Update: wiping everything from my *saved* files. I created a world which took approximately 4 hours including world gen overrides and mod overrides,etc. I did all this whilst the server was stopped. I hit save on all my files....and then backed them all up. While the server was still stopped I ran a Steam Update on said server. After the Steam Update had completed, all my worldgen overrides and mod overrides had been reverted to defaults (the entire thing was gone) and my *SAVED* backup was non-existent. WHEN...do I even need to use the "Steam Update" function? When should it be used and when does it not matter? I couldn't see my server in the list, and after reviewing the forums here, that seemed to be my findings (Steam updated something or the game updated something and I had to update the server). Every time I run a Steam update it completely sets my entire world settings and mod settings into the outer realm (gone, poof, kaput). I'm frazzled, frustrated, and fed up with the above two problems, and have been wrestling with them for well over a week now. Seeing as how I will be PMSing in another few days...I'd be very appreciative if I could find a resolution to all of this prior to when that occurs, as the combination will most likely send me into overdrive and I'll need a straightjacket and a LOT of Xanax. Thanks!