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  1. Why would 200C break a machine which sole purpose is to burn stuff? This makes no sense.
  2. How do you debug spawn a dupe?
  3. How do you even round up wild morbs? It takes me a few days currently just to starve the dupes in the morb pit, and subsequent corpses don't spawn morbs.
  4. it would be so cool if the air pressure affected the boiling point
  5. You should also shoot for capturing a hatch and feeding it dirt from all the evaporated contaminated water to get coal, then you can have renewable coal power.
  6. You could probably use less than half the number of thermo regulators required by looping back the output of the thermos to itself, and using a filter to extract the oxygen (once it's turned into oxygen). This way you could save a lot of power and probably run the oxygen generator for longer periods at a time.
  7. Great design btw, also does mealwood grow faster in light?
  8. I wonder even if they are just powering the essential oxygen generator for moments in a day, if the amount of oxygen generated is enough to sustain.
  9. I'm just wondering how did you manage to produce 7945W of power with just 3 dupes? At the very least you would need 4320W for the oxygen cleaner, which is more than 10 times the amount producible by the dupes.
  10. what i'm saying is that the max pressure is too low.
  11. Interesting. Are you thinking that the heat will affect the water in the pipes?
  12. If everything is deterministic in this game, all you have to do is just to store the history of user inputs to be able to recover any past state right?
  13. Oxygen.sav
  14. Currently the jobs that takes up most of the dupes time by far is delivery, which gets exponentially worse the further out you expand from your starting point. Having a swarm of delivery drones Amazon-style would both be a logical high tech option and also very fun.
  15. The worst thing about the electrolyzer is that it constantly hits "max gas pressure"