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  1. Reading Applied Horticulture near a burning tree will reset its burning time.
  2. Thank you. And What is Lustrous rarity modifier used for?
  3. Don't Starve Together/data/scripts/components/healthbar.lua Sorry, I throught you all have known it. @FloomRide @Donke60
  4. Nothing ralated to Health Bar nor Lustrous rarity modifier nor Shadow Giants jumping from Statues.
  5. WOW. There will be a Science ONION in DST? Edit: Or, a Magical ONION?
  6. “It moves with my many muscles!”
  7. https://www.bilibili.com/video/av10671488/ Teleport the Blue Gem Deer when he is casting by Telelocator Staff. Then Klaus will keep this hand-up pose and do nothing until dies (then be resurrect by his Life Giving Amulet). Also, he won't enrage. Check the video for details. Won't work if teleport the Red Gem Deer.
  8. I don't think there is a relation between ONI alpha appreciation and alchemy pod. The ONI alpha appreciation is only because of the price is lower than alpha now. If Klei made it a loyal reward, its rarity should be loyal, and give it to all ONI players including them who brought ONI in early access.
  9. Found this too. What does rarity_modifier mean? If there are two variant, why we haven't seen the second one?
  10. No. Klei marked it as "Known Issue".
  11. http://www.bilibili.com/video/av10669591/ This Star-Flingomatic-Pond-Bulb trap makes Misery Toadstool forget all skills. Player can hold F (attack key) until he dies. I'm not sure if this is a appropriate killing strategy. Check the video for more details.
  12. Player can heal Toadstool. Does that make sense? Player can beat Toadstool to 70% health to get one Shroom Skin. Then heal him above 70% health to get another one. Repeat this beat-heal procedure and get infinite Shroom Skins.