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  1. The shadow bishop/knight/rook can spawn shadow bishop/knight/rook from nearby bishop/knight/rook figure, even it is not the New Moon. Is this feature or bug?
  2. Make Reeds regrowable like Grass Tuft and Sapling for long-time servers.
  3. Your imformation was not enough...
  4. Use your friend's cluster token. Here is mine: cluster_token.txt
  5. Add a penalty to player who is too far from the portal. Reduce the penalty distance over time. This avoid changing the map, and prevent players escaping again after teleported to arena.
  6. Sounds interesting. Can you share your mods and world configs? Moscow is a little far. I want to host a Hunger Game locally.
  7. Tencent Game Platform (TGP) is a Chinese game platform hosted by Tencent. The DST in TGP has a little different from DST in Steam. For Example: EXCLUSIVE Rose Collection Skins (including Rose Spear). In [Game Update] - 214603, " Spear skins can now be applied to Fire Staff and Ice Staff. " Spaartan noticed that " But then... he did say spear skins. " Finally, the rose fire staff and rose ice staff is comming (exclusive in TGP)! Screenshot from 永不言棄丿凯's thread in Tieba.
  8. Don't Grift Together confirmed.
  9. It is a little duplicate. Since both Werebeaver and Waxwell's puppets can chop/mine faster.
  10. Reduce the hunger to 37.5, or Change the recipe to tags.meat>=1.5, or Split to 2 foods: one requires 0.5 meat and provides 37.5 hunger, another requires 1.5 meat and provides 62.5 hunger.
  11. I hosted a server with a forest world and a cave world using dedicated server. [(KU_I7ha_ZEy) Mot] is an administrator of this server. Once he try to remove the entities near him using TMI mod in the forest world, The forest world will crash. Here is the link to TMI mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=881455419
  12. "Legitimate" depend on its encode method. It has only 2 bytes and can be decode in almost anyway.
  13. 桮 is an ancient Chinese character. I didn't know it before searching in dictionary. The dictionary said it is same to 杯, and 杯 means cup or glass or tumbler. IMSO it isn't 桮. Try another decode method.