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  1. Spy creepin' around here Spy zappin mah sentry houndius shootius. And Wes so happened to be French too. Best spah evah /shots
  2. Can Majestic Bearded Wilson be Gandalf?
  3. *ANOTHER INTERMISSION* Some among many faces of Mr. Higgsbury... (tried drawing in SAI. I chuckle every time I see this for some reason.)
  4. I think this is what he looks like before losing it. Still fresh into the amazing world of "Don't Starve"
  5. Sorry. The camera was. That's why the image skewed and made Wickerbottom's right leg appeared a little bit elevated than it's supposed to be.
  6. *INTERMISSION* Where there's a Wilson... Oops, tee-hee i made a little fire Wilson
  7. *"OH-MY-GOSH" Intensifies* Thank you so much guys ;u; I just feel bit embarassed that my work didn't turn out the way I would've want it to look and also after realizing that the picture I took was slightly tilted.
  8. They're all so cute i wanna hold 'em against mah face <3
  9. One word... I have to apologize for the half-assed quality of this late work. I tried to make Wickerbottom look like the sort of matron you'd never wanna mess with. But she be like "Hey kids look who just came back from Paris the shadows", holding her new edition of the Codex Umbra and her new ability to summon a myriad of her happy shadow friends. And as i drew her rear, i dunno if i should give her the lift or not. Then I said well why not, anything can happen when you try Charlie's personal spa makeover. Then along came that verse from Nikki Minaj's Anaconda that stuck to my head as i proceeded with the rest. And hence the product, "Dunno if foxy gramma or not" P.S. Take care not to step on naked ravens along the way P.S.S. Yes i may have over-extended some body parts. To all the viewers you've been great. I feel so much more into DS art lately than ever and I have you to thank. If i get the opportunity i might fix some of the irregularities in my work and try to convert them into digital art.
  10. INTERMISSION TIME I've been holding this song in my head for quite a while now and I just wanted to share this for the mean time: It goes like this: (Sang like "Home on the Range") Oh give me a home~ Where the beefalo roam~ Where the deer~clops and the vo~olt goats stray~ Where seldom are seen~ Those pesky tree guards~ And the hounds do not chase me all day~ P.S.: Wickerbottom is underway. She'll be posted soon... (Maybe /wink)
  11. Heh. Well it's healthy for couples to fight from time to time. (Just make sure Wes survives tha ONE PAWNCH)
  12. oh

    Those few few seconds before she freezes to death... That scene is so pretty.
  13. Hey there! Phew, 3 artworks in 2 weeks. I am on fire... At least until now. Now that i mention you're prolly wondering about the third one. Here's the last piece of my sketching streak, Shadow Wigfrid: This piece really frustrated me but it was fun too. Drawing action poses is freakin difficult. Shadow armor aside, i thought i should garnish it with matching greaves and gauntlets made out of dragon fly scales... Or shadow tinted thulecite carved in the shape of dragon fly scales. Wigfrid looks just as frustrated as the time i drew her. She's about to ONE PUNCH somebody in the face. I leave that to your imagination. Could be pig man, bunny man, merman, Wes, maybe Undark Maxwell... Idk *shrug* Thank you for viewing this thread! Also thank you @DragonMage156 for the compliment. Of course there's one last lady character left. I'm still thinking on how Wickerbottom might look like. @minespatch /wink
  14. Hai guys. Actually before i started Wendy, somebody else came first. It so happened that Wendy was posted first 'cuz my concept of Wendy's pose and outfit came to me so quickly, that the other one had to be put on hold until I could gain more time to focus on her finishing touches. For my next work, I bring you Shadow Willow: I tried making her skirt as superfluous as smoke. Added some frills to her bib collar. I imagined that she can also lengthen her pigtails in this form. She doesn't need her sweet lighter as she can conjure flames by the wave of her hands. Most of all, she's prolly got a pair of noice legs to go with her wicked fab get up. Last but not the least, @minespatch your feedback is much appreciated ^^. Thank you for adding life to this thread. Your comments and criticisms are welcome. There will be another one coming soon teehee~<3
  15. Hello. I've been playing DS standalone for 3 months now. I still haven't played DST but i like some of those shadow themed costumes so much especially for that of the ladies. I just had to draw them. So here's my first one: Shadow Wendy and Abigail Slightly remodeled 'cuz i was torn between feathered or pleated skirt then i thought why not both? Turn out to look like a flower. Not bad tho…