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  1. She is fragile, but fearless. She is cynical and bit depressive since ... you know .. her sister past away. I like her backstory <3 I also very much like her gameplay! Tons of stuff she is very good at ; also tons of stuff she's not good at.. (big whole nasty bosses). I like this kind of balancing. I tried other characters, but for me, DS doesn't feel like DS without Wendy.
  2. Idk have you found the already repaired pseudoscience station?
  3. At this point, I'm pretty sure the "Rose collection" is gonna come out with the "Rose" finale update. OOOrr maybe it is gonna be skins that you earn by finishing the game with respective characters.
  4. volt goats, grass geckos, gobblers, monkeys, koalefants name it. You can't outrun them. Does it makes sens that puny humans be the fastest thing in DST? Not at all ; like in real life ; you can't catch the animal you want? Use your human brain! Discovers new strategies. Thats not hard, nor it is frustrating or a problem. This is the fun part! Monkeys stole your stock last time? ok, well next time dont bring Hutch with you. Adapt to the game and dont try to make the game adapt to you.
  5. That would be disastrous. Can someone confirm or infirm this? How can you get more thulicites then?
  6. Thats an expensive skin holder. Still maybe one of the best use of the Hondius shootius, especially when it's to show off your broad collection of pleated shirts.
  7. I have a portable garbage in my base, an old moldy backpack on the floor where i can stuff bee stingers, teeth and 1% weapons. When its full,I go to my dump place (a lure plant) where I usually empty my trashpack. Idk, imo, when you are at day 2498275937565, hounds by themselves are not a challenge for sure, but same for getting cold or hungry. When you are experienced, the challenge in Dst comes when you have like 5 problems on your back. For example, I'm sure you lived something like: being cold in ruins, with almost no light in your minershat, not much sanity, getting followed by a wave of depth worms and BAM, the flooring turns red, the nightmare phase begins and now you're deeply in trouble. Me be like: I can handle it, I can handle it, to NOPE! lets gtfo of here. In Dst, problems stack. If there's 10 depth worms they'll try to get to you all at the same time; they are not waiting their turn. There's always a way to get more difficulty from this game. Just look at @BluesyBuesy what he is doing on youtube. I dont really feel good turning at "less" the hounds or depth worms (those kill me way to often... Those sneaky snakes). However, I am guilty of turning off smoldering for summers.
  8. I found the repaired one and the chest was there. Metheus puzzle ---> complete!
  9. XD confusing much? I guess if Alucardx says he found one in his old world, I'll follow this path. I dont remember if I went to the other station, I dont even know if I have two of them in my ruins... Thx all!!
  10. Yea I didn't tried with a new world, but with my good old one. Does it need to be a fresh one for the chest to spawn on its own? If yes i'll use de console ..
  11. I'm sure I could find my answer in the 300pages of thread about the subject, but y'know, I dont have all day. :/ Me and my mate have finished the second part and no ancient chest have spawned near the Pseudoscience machine. We were both near the machine at the same time and tried refreshing the puzzle page. I'd like to stay "legit" without the console, do I have options?? Thank yuuoo
  12. Like some of you already said, I think my fav is the treeguard. I like the concept of the surprise big monster that wants to save the forest. I let them wander around my base and one days they'll save my ass. The most despicable mob: ---> Gobblers; stealing berries, making stupid ass sounds. When there's a spawn, I instantly turn mad and get this killing rage burning inside me... Good thing I hate them as much as I like turkey dinner.
  13. Have smelly dreams, Bearger

    Have smelly dream Bearger.png

  14. Because tentacles do not reappear after been slain, it is quite hard to "farm" them. But, the tentacle spikes and spots are now a renewable ressource from the Big tentacles found in caves. Best way to murder them is to bring very close the Fugu hutch and stay near him the whole time you attack it. It is scary but you should get through it quickly. Even easier when your dead sister assist you with her amazing splash damage. The Big tentacles reappear after a couple of minutes. As for the Reed trap, Deerclop is a good idea. Or, if you're not in a hurry, you could plant some spider nests around it. To fight them? it's a one hit kite + a good armor
  15. Well I just retried it with the wandering "Burger". He did not stomped on any fully grown tree, instead I made him fist them all. I made a shnit load of wood. It is a bit more trickier to bait all of his attack. It is actually exactly like fighting him. Anyways, This is me thanking him for his very hard work. Lets hope the smell doesn't wake him up ;P