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  1. Confirmed ... I just got a magnificent pink suspension shirt with my new pin. Kind of disappointed ':/ Why would they even do that?
  2. OUch. That would hurt my feelings so bad
  3. That sums it up pretty well, I just want to add that one of the most commonly accepted cheese in Dst that no one talks about is being able to tank a boss all the way with certain characters (with wood armor+helm). Like whats the point of creating an AI if a Wolfgang + WX78 can hack down Ancient Guardian in 45 sec.
  4. From Mr Watson? Not a chance. He's a cynic, he only can communicate with sarcasms. Never seen him do otherwise anyways.
  5. For the ones in existential crisis -> There's no free will, only neurochimistry. Srry :/
  6. Yeah true. This doesn't seems to bother Japanese peeps with their lolli stuff tho
  7. Edited: Wendy Wickerbottom waifu pillow XD jk (Klei would make so much money)
  8. ??! Of course I did. Why do you think I quoted myself. It was to put forward what I already said couple times. Reread my first comment if you dont remember. Let me ask you a question, what is the hardest task to accomplish in DST? How many time have you died of hunger vs died against big mobs? Is farming and surviving the elements that hard? nope. The best ability a character can have is a fighting advantage. Blow darts and tentacles are not negligible, but the raw and simple fighting ability of Wolfgang makes him the best. And this is considering the 3 premisses I stated before. Which means, as I also already said, that I agree/dont know, about the synergetic balancing of the characters as member of a group. If you remove my premisses, my opinion goes with ---> And I have nothing to add to this topic
  9. I agree with all this, but when doing my speech about Wolfgang, it was considering couple parameters like: All i said is not that much true if you keep removing those parameters from the start. Anyways, on a general note I'm getting more and more convinced that for "the best character question",
  10. OK. See, good detailed discussion. I did not factor that when I thought about it. So you need to eat even more than I thought to keep the max stats.
  11. Reason why I say that: Lets say you have Wilson (1x dmg + 150HP) then you make it continually hit a Thing that sucks 1HP/sec to Wilson. At the end, at Wilson's death after 150 sec, he would have inflicted "X" quantity of dmg to the Thing. Redo the experiment with a Wilson with (1x dmg + 300HP), the total dmg at the end will be "2X". Redo with (2x dmg + 150HP) = total dmg "2X". Redo one last time with (2x dmg + 300HP), the total dmg that is inflicted is "4X". This is why I say 4 Wilsons. All this is in theory and I can easily conceive that the combination of every other variables might change the result. As for Wigfrid, permanent buff is very good and the battle helmet is a real good item to have thats for sure. Plus her gain in sanity and health while fighting are quite an advantage. Idk how to juge that however.
  12. Really? I don't know how her in details. My guess would be that the tentacles get smooched pretty fast by any raid boss isnt it? And why don't you include Wolfgang in your top? I mean .. 4 Wilsons I just want to state again that as I see it, any character considering or not their habilities are able to get very far in game with farming and surviving. The limiting step is fighting big whole nasty mobs. This is why I am talking about Wolfy.
  13. I get that people that has posted a thousand time have already talked about this a couple times and are bit tired of newcomers like me wanting to discuss these. Plus, this subject might be polarizing, you maybe have seen threads like this going offtrack and very opinionated, then the mod comes in and shuts it down and stuff. However, there is a way to discuss this subject without taking a side to seriously. Further more, if really someone is biased about his or a character, his arguments are not gonna hold up. Like I said I am kinda new here and I find the question "Who's the bests characters" interesting to give thought and learn on. Not that I am gonna change my main once I discover the who the best is! That'd be stoopid. Another thing is that.. Unfortunately, it is not simply a matter of opinion. No game are perfectly balanced. There must be a factual better character. The question is: is he slightly better or monstrously better than the others. Idk. I don't think Wolfgang is dramatically better than the others ; I don't even think he needs some nerfing. On this thread, I am simply, in the most objectively possible way, analyzing who I think is the best character. I am also looking forward to learn about other characters habilities. It looks like nobody wants to address the topic. :/ Strange; Is saying stuff like Wolgang is OP = Voldemort, the one who's name cannot be spoken. scary stuff! lol Soo yeah, I invite anybody that could enlighten me on the subject to do so. Is really making couple tentacles is better than 4 Wilsons in one body?? Who knows? Do you? PS: If you think that this kind of threads are useless, I don't even know why you still reading this. Theres plenty of other topics.
  14. @Donke60 I agree that Wendy is a good character to start with when you're new to the game. Abigail lets you escape fight, kills for you, etc. It is also a good character when you are experienced with, as seen in the clip from @EsaiXD ; strategically wise and great against bunch of small mobs. But in the end, the hardest part of Dst is the raid bosses and being as powerful as 4 Wilsons in one player is by far the biggest advantage in the game.
  15. Yeah well, I think I did a pretty good analysis of the character, but I find it strange that nobody (except you) reacted to this post.. It is like nobody agree and nobody disagree. I'd like to see some counter arguments if there is. I don't play Wolfgang, but don't mind him the way he is; I dont call for a rebalance. I'm just saying he's the best. Is the english easily understandable in my previous post?? :/ Maybe that is why?