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      On this week's Rhymes with Play episode, our team will be playing and discussing content that we are currently developing for the upcoming Oxygen Not Included update. As always the live stream will be going live on Thursday (July 27) at 3:30 PM Pacific / 10:30 PM UTC only on the Rhymes with Play Dev Cast on Twitch. NOTE: As Oxygen Not Included is still in active development, content shown on Rhymes with Play streams may change before going live on Steam Early Access. Where is it?
      On our official Twitch Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/kleientertainment When is it?
      Twitch Stream Date: July 27, 2017 10:30 PM UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
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  1. Guano is the **** (lol). 1.5x fertilizing power, wow amazing! And gloomer's goop is my go to fuel.
  2. The mod "beefalo information" is quite indispensable I admit.
  3. Makes me think, couple days ago I went on a death streak in the ruins. When I came back my 2 beef were untamed (sad day) :'( And because I had about 40 dragonpies and 40 jams in a bundle, I started redomesticating them both right away. Damn its a lot of work. Domesticating 2 beef at the same time might be one of the toughest challenge of the game imo. A challenge which is not a fight, which is good! I'd very much like to see Joeshmocoolstuff domesticate all 3 tendency at the same time starting from nothing (no bundle wrap).
  4. Freaking saltlicks.. Those things are expensive bro! 2 tamed beef consume at least 1 every 10 days. And you still need to feed them a twig/grass every 2 days if you dont ride them.
  5. Lost all Worlds!?

    Also, I hope your saves were not on the Beta...
  6. Caboodle of Know-Hows

    It does not seems to work for me What Am I doing wrong. I planted 20 butterflies and added 20 bees in the area. They are buzzing around year long but does not produce any additional flowers?
  7. Does the world get smaller over time? Idk how you'd do that, but that would be dope.
  8. Kicking people out for no good reason. One time, I built an Alchemy machine in some player's base to prove I was a cooperative player that wanted to take part of the "adventure". I immediately proceeded to hammer down the science machine next to it. Some dude saw me hammer down the machine but didn't see me build the Alchemy, he then accused me to be a griefer. 5 seconds later I was kicked out. This is infuriating.
  9. WX-78s prefer deserts

    You can go on youtube for these kind of comments thank you.
  10. So killing 60 krampus should do the job. Bit too easy if I may. Compared to 1% its not enough. Plus, with this youre not that happy when it happens bcause its a slow, steady and more predictable way of doing it. Nobody is gonna think about the old 1% chance, everybody is gonna farm the ingredients. Once, I got the sack on my second attemps I was like wtf! In my current game, I think I kill something like 180 of those krampus and no sack yet. It frustrates me but I still appreciate the mecanic. Your ingredients should be way harder to get. Like 25 scraps at 10% drop and 4 chains at 5% drop. So the very unlucky people should have it at more or less 250 krampus killed. Like this the 1% drop rate is still the best option.
  11. It depends on where the stacks are placed in your inventory. When you craft, it consumes ressources from left to right. If the 2twigs stack is in the third slot and the 40twigs stack is in the sixth slot, the 2 twigs is gonna be used. One of the reason why managing your inventory is important.
  12. As far as I can tell, OP is not the most experienced player. Getting 15 gears is not easy task for someone that has trouble surviving one year. (Not automatically the case of OP ) Of course Wx-78 is one of the best, but the thread is especially for @Keets. It is not suppose to be another plain "who's tha best?!" thread.
  13. Do you have trouble with getting lot of food?? No --> Wolfgang Yes --> Wickerbottom Both have sanity drawback tho Edit: Trouble with sanity and common ennemis? --> Wendy
  14. They could randomly disrupt fights breaking the aggro for one or two seconds periodically.
  15. Personally, I simply don't do it anymore exactly because of this problem. I really dont like to build stuff in a foreign world and when I have to quit, its over. Not only that, but I still have things to discover and experiment in late game. It gets really repetitive to always start over; eating berries, gathering twigs and grass... ZzZ... Not my cup of tea right now. Fixing yourself some quick goals is a good idea tho. I keep that in mind.