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  1. All very interesting comments to read. I think part of the answer is that They did not plan to create such a complex and big world at the beginning. So this was formula ; you discover the world trying to survive by learning of your errors. It is a good way to give challenge and fun without having to create shipload of content. Nowadays, with the rise of the wiki and the DST community, I think they changed the formula (especially with ANR) where they assume the community will learn the content by other means than the game itself. Which is odd for a game! I know a lot of games, like @Vixrotre pointed out, have hidden content but it is never as much as DST where the biggest goals of the game are completely secret. Like, the whole developing team spending time on programming stuff that is only accessible by the community or the wiki. Remove the community and the wiki, and this is a lot of work that almost nobody is experiencing. As I'm aware of, it is very unique. It is a bit why, I think, DS haves such a strong community and a strong (but corrupted) wiki.
  2. I use to say to my friends who I was introducing the game that trial and error were part of DS and that the discoveries were the really fun parts. Like when you discover you can feed the pig so he follows you into battle. Looking online was for me a nope. I would not say that today with DST. Look at the new awesome crazy Ancient Fuelweaver! What are the odds you stumble on this guy without the wiki? You need to kill the shadow pieces after hammering them on new moon to get the shadow atrium, get some fossil pieces, kill the Ancient guardian to get the key and bring the lot at the ancient gateway. Of course, DST is community game, which is very cool (it is actually even better than before if you ask). People teaches other people. But, still, at the end, is the wiki essential to enjoy the content of DST? What are your thoughts?
  3. In my opinion, domesticating a Beefalo and keeping the domestication up are challenge in itself. Like killing a Giant is not always useful, it is fun and challenging. However, I too need more info about your Q#1 :3
  4. Gawd damn, I did not know that. Is it new?? Klei really improved the game in the last update, thats for sure! Can't believe my laptop handles that much god programming I'm impress.
  5. I always found that it was a pain that thermal stones were losing durability in DST. Sewing those is greatly welcome, even if it doesn't make sens. I find silk easier to harvest than stones... (Wendy & Abi main :3)
  6. I did not meant to talk about you at all there. Sorry you felt attacked. The edited part was only to acknowledge that for some very good players, (and I dont even include myself in there), the fact that some ennemis chase you for more time than others is not a factor to considerate. I agree with you it is very annoying, but I also think it is game mechanic that actually creates some kind of challenge. Related anecdote: Couple days ago I tried to aggro a treeguard to fight the Antlion with me. Turns out the sand spikes can't hit the treeguard, so the aggro stayed on me the whole time. It was a freaking pain to fight and have the treeguard slowly but surely trying to kill me ; had to abort the fight by running far away. XD Sorry I'm off topic, I just had to clarify this.
  7. Well, while being chased, it is harder to warm, cool or heal yourself. So you might think twice, when unprepared, before attacking an ennemi that takes time to escape. Of course, it is possible to run around a fire for a little time, but meh, still. Edit: Of course, when you are an experienced player, it is not much of a problem.
  8. It is time consuming to fish for trinkets and not very effective, as I see from this chart... I better learn how to wreck this thing.. Question, does anybody have an idea of how much time crumbled ground circles stay before they disappear? Earthquakes happened right in my base once and it freaking stayed there up to mid winter wtf .. Is there like a proximity time counter like with the whales for getting bloated?
  9. I'm not sure about it, but I too feel that the character doesn't warn us every times.
  10. As Fimmatek said it. It is very good against le Goose and the mooslings. I plant 2 or 3 around the nest area near the base. It distract the Goose while I'm fighting it. And at the same time the mooslings get f*cked without me chasing them all around
  11. Never happened to me, but it must be painful af I can imagine... Losing a world can be really emotionally devastating (I have no real life I know)
  12. Hello. Some youtuber guy, "a very experienced player", claims you should kill all beefalos on the map very early in the game because they provide nothing useful and, on the other hand, are dangerous while in heat and are overpopulating the world after a while. He says it is common knowledge among the pro players. The dude is making a video telling the average joe to kill all beefalos.. . What does the community thinks?
  13. Ok good. I have the information I wanted, it does spread like a disease. I very much like this mechanic (like I said), but some area I dont want to petrification to spread. Somebody knows the spread radius may be?
  14. Hello. I have questions and the wiki doesn't help me. I get the point behind petrified trees and it is great (renewable rocks, nitre and flints). I also know it starts after few seasons ; theres a sound, a character quote and it happens. I wonder, is it just me or this act like a disease? Like, if I do not break them, it kinda infects the other ones around? Will the forest get all petrified after a while? Is there a way to prevent it to happen? Do you have any tips I wouldn't be aware?
  15. I really like the new twiggy trees. It's a great add on that create variety for the first tier ressources. When you chop the twiggy tree, it takes 15 hits, drops 2 twigs, 1 log and 2 cones. Thats good, but it seems kinda laborious for 2 twigs. An alternative could be: 5 hits --> drops a twig, 5 hits --> drops a twig --> 5 hits --> 1 log and 2 cones. It makes sens as the twigs are fragile and already sometime fall by them self. In early game when you dont need the cones you could have 2 twigs with 10 hits and save a bit of time. Just an idea I had to share. Who's with me?! comments?