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  1. So you answer a trivia question and write a new one if you get it wrong you are banned from the game for 12 hours QUESTION: which was announced first: minecraft, terraria, don't starve
  2. The joke is that they are literally the worst ones
  3. No, Wilson should be left alone, he is meant to be as simple as possible
  4. I couldn't find the most recent version so I had to use bathtub turkey spibber spam
  5. Or maybe reduce the durability to 2 or 3 hits and then you need to add more teeth
  6. Jimmy jam temporarily had member with over 300 does that count
  7. But it's great, now you have bragging rights above junior and regular members
  8. My first time making a RP Character sheet Setting Dark, probably underground small shaft of light above you. The last date you remember was march 3rd 2018. You are on soft leaves of a large plant. There are several rocks around you as well as others. There are three exits to this small room in the cave. You notice you are unscathed. A man is standing in the largest one holding a flashlight. Existing characters Should I make a separate thread to go with
  9. At klei "man they both figured it out" "one can be mastermind" "hey look a cat video" "quick we need this done" "let's just call them both mastermind"
  10. Or green caps and blue caps work
  11. Rain coats solve all problems, rain coat + morning star = profit in caves
  12. Metheus is king staff guy of ancient bug peoples
  13. I wish that happened to me
  14. When are they going to give science machine the title alchemy engine
  15. the unknown

    Bumb notice me senpai
  16. Isn't she starving carolar
  17. Can you stop trying to kill our rose skin dreams
  18. You know what this means
  19. Let's hope his down special isn't counter
  20. Forget asparagus rules down with ass Pegasus also "once again" this should be the norm now
  21. I take that as a personal jab as I spend 4-5 hours a day on this site at least except for weekends