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  1. So you answer a trivia question and write a new one if you get it wrong you are banned from the game for 12 hours QUESTION: which was announced first: minecraft, terraria, don't starve
  2. Wes, maybe he could finally talk through nightmare magic
  3. Fuel from pig and merm heads, don't tell me you discovered that yourself
  4. Ban water fruit for DUUUUUUUUUUCKS
  5. Watches catcoon throw up up wet goop, examines it "I made it myself" what other lies does Wilson tell us?
  6. I am from New York, sooooooooo PIZZA TASTE GOOD THERE
  7. I actually just did this, (regular ds) start world war 3 grabed three small rock lobsters a herd of pengulls a pig king village (was actually moved with deconstruction staff) 2 spider dens (one turned into a spider queen prefight so 1) a tree guard abigal and deerclops in a swamp i was going to take record it but who knew, it lagged and in order to start it I had to attack everything so I died, and I thought I still had a touchstone left (I didn't)
  8. I used to do I little recolor and sprite creation, like what your doing
  9. Hay walls would do it, but use stone, it'll double as a deerclops distraction
  10. Keep in mind the location of the pig king when making a base, while not absolutely necessary for all characters you want to be able to get there in one day tops
  11. Ban guy with a name because you joined after me and I am nemesis number 2 the below average window washer
  12. What tablet are you using, when I play iOS (because I can't walk around with my computer) on my phone I don't have those problems, you can also turn on virtual joystick, and beefalo move when they are loaded, and the iOS default setting loads less screens. One bug though is sometimes you can't interact with the screen, but that's it for what I've seen (other than berry bush 2 sprite)
  13. Two, that giant stinger from the bee queen is 80% blocked by the BEEKEEPER HAT
  14. I actually never used twigs in trail mix, now it's gonna be even better
  15. Ban watermelon for not joining evil minion interveiws
  16. And plant flowers to because they are loaded it makes them produce more
  17. No, they are close enough to be loaded but not close enough to attack, perfect
  18. I love pineapple pizza
  19. The single best tip I can give is know crockpot recipes and don't rely on any specific thing (beefalo, tentacles, pigs, and bunnies) these 2 tips fit into most play styles, aren't overly complicated or a whole strategy these are true TIPS and the kind of things that should be shared on this thread, nothing is wrong about these play styles and I found out a lot from other people's play styles that are useful, everyone does everything different for example @Sketched_Philo Is usually insane in his screenshots as shadow creatures only spawn when sanity changes yet others may stay full sanity, it all depends on how you play, how you want to play, and how you have fun.
  20. Open to changes
  21. Is there room for one more?