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  1. Can you stop trying to kill our rose skin dreams
  2. You know what this means
  3. Let's hope his down special isn't counter
  4. Forget asparagus rules down with ass Pegasus also "once again" this should be the norm now
  5. I take that as a personal jab as I spend 4-5 hours a day on this site at least except for weekends
  6. I'm not even going to check triumphant wx
  7. 24 4

    Seems legit
  8. Go in, snag a bush or two, come out, use a sinkhole away from base
  9. I love pineapple and avacodo
  10. A potato girl
  11. Improving definitely
  12. Get deer to lose interest and attack a wall and bush hat
  13. Just finished reading "salt: a world history" 

    i would recommend it, but only if you would read 494 pages about salt