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  1. I contacted Steam and they say every single time they need more information and with the skins thing I had a really important inventory with two Tragic Torches and a lot of skins that were really expensive
  2. I want to make a new account but then all my items are gone and I can't do the puzzles again I wish I could get it all my DST skins back and I wish that Steam was not so easy to be hacked
  3. My hole account has been hacked so is it a pointless question?
  4. Well my account is gone so I guess nothing can help me
  5. So my Steam got hacked today I still don't know how but still I have my games on my pc and my question was are my DST items safe? Because I had some really high priced items and I just wanted to know.
  6. That explains everything
  7. Or even a glow around the item that shows it's timeless
  8. I think it's just normal cuz you have the old and the new one to show you are a part of DST for a long time
  9. I have two the Timeless one and the Loyal one don't believe me here my inventory http://steamcommunity.com/id/I_am_bloody_weird/inventory/
  10. Can I see your inventory? just want to check
  11. You can only get the Timeless version if you did it last year
  12. I was going to ask that
  13. If you did the older puzzle for the Tragic Torch and you did it last year too your older one turns in to a Timeless version and you get a new one that's Loyal