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  1. Meep, if you didn't know, there is also a strat for cheesing toad and fw, that you cannot take any damage whatsoever from, if you pull it off successfully. So not only ag that is easily cheesed, but two much more tougher normally bosses, also need more rework. Although I think they might of fixed the toad cheese according to the bug report logs now that I checked.
  2. DO NOT TOUCH Goose/Goose STATUE STONE VERSION (and maybe marble too). It will crash your game regardless of mods. @V2C Hopefully you can fix this along with the Event button, because this just reset one of my huge test worlds!!! I repeat DO NOT TOUCH IT!
  3. Bone helm+Wickerbottom's books = gg game balance
  4. I thought I was the most genius person on the planet when I put pig houses near spider nests to auto farm them in my non-rog worlds... Now that I look back on it, I feel so egotistical XD
  5. 1. Flint, stingers, and rot. 2. Logs for everything and Nightmare fuel, for swords, bone armor, and sts. 3. Oasis and moonstone for summer above ground 4. The grass biome with a mini meteor biome with no turf in it (It usually has 1 or 2 tall birds, but nothing specific to it that you'd want to reset a world to get like triple mactusks) 5. I never make Night Lights, they are useless when you'll never have an over abundance of fuel 6. Jerky, from pigs and bunnymen. Or honey from tons of bee boxes 7. Bunnymen and tentacles. They can solo beequeen and dragonfly with ease, farm spiders, and farmed easily for loots. 8. Tail o' 3 cats, I wish I could have a use for my 50 tentacle spots and cat tails, and an alternative weapon
  6. It definetly has a use that no other thing can do, make spores, decay slower! I use it all the time when I'm catching spores and filling up my lights!
  7. Flingomatics don't work when unloaded, so it's best not to leave the star with flingo and rely on nothing burning. If you wanna leave base without worrying that the star will burn everything... you can kill yourself and haunt the star away, or get someone else to haunt it to get rid of it. Sorry about what happened, it's happened to me before and I hope with this info it doesn't happen again!
  8. Not only can webber craft more, but when a spider queen spawns they can often leave their nest behind, getting 1 from spider queen and another from the one she left behind!
  9. Actually if obstructed by world gen, you can often get 0 hound mound spawns in the case of some worlds I have made. But for the most part you'll always have mounds.
  10. You can trap any kind of vegetable or fruit behind a wall and the bunnymen will go after that, instead of going inside during day time.
  11. Wheres my floppy berry bush hat? And my floppy juicy berry bush hat?!?!
  12. It fixes over a long period of time, about 20 days I believe!