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  1. It's not Saplings turning into Twiggy Trees, it's Twiggy Trees spawning from world regrowth.
  2. h e s j u s t a c h i l d
  3. A bit late to the party, huh?
  4. I get that, and I believe criticism is a great way to improve anything. However, there's a point when you have too much criticism. I think he's reached his point.
  5. No, that's only the Pink Crabbit. Cotton Candy Chester will probably come back.
  7. I didn't think this was a bug, but more like a typo, so I posted it here. It's also not related to the bug where they just disappear, I'll just show pictures (put them in spoilers because they're kind of big): It's not gamebreaking or anything; it's not even that important because it's only 1 screen of the entire game. I just thought it was interesting how I didn't notice this until now.
  8. I respect that 100%, it's your decision and your merchandise after all. However, that's nothing new with skins that have been released: The Tragic Torch used to be unobtainable after the Cyclum Puzzles ended. In fact, you're still unable to get a Timeless Tragic Torch at all. Granted, that's just the title and not reflected in-game, but people are still able to flaunt off that they were a part of the Cyclum Puzzle. People who bought the Pink Crabbit probably want to do the same: flaunt off that they have something only a select amount of people have. I shouldn't complain, it's nice that we have the code to begin with. I'm just saying that it would be even cooler if it wasn't the Blue Crabbit Pack.
  9. Same here. Although the Pink Crabbit comes with a code that gets you the Blue Crabbit backpack, I would've liked it to be Pink. Can't really complain, as it's a free cosmetic in addition to an item that only 500 people should have, but I'd at least like to flaunt off that I'm one of those 500.
  10. A lot of my noob stories relate to @Brikelz and another friend that doesn't use the forums. We found this game during the Steam Summer sale and had a lot of fun in the beginning, like... - Me first playing as Wilson and Brikelz as Webber. Other friend picked the robot because "he was cute" (I considered Wigfrid at first, my experiences would've been so different if I picked her...) - Brik tanking through Charlie the first night while I died, since Webber has 175 health, he could survive at 25 health, and proceeding to stalk him as a ghost - Me thinking fish was the ultimate source of food - Screaming at Brik to shave his beard for silk - Screaming when Deerclops came to our camp, and then disabled him in the next world - First learning about the crockpot and never realizing that berries were acceptable as filler - Never using armor because "armor's for p**sys" - Other friend picking MAXWELL (worst decision he could've ever made considering how bad he STILL is at the game) - Me realizing how cool Wickerbottom is yet never even seen a Tam 'O Shanter before (seriously Wickerbottom is easy mode with this hat) etc etc. Basically the newbie experience with DST was one of my greatest memories with them, and I'm glad I got to experience it. :^)
  11. Personally I don't use a lot of the items mentioned here, but I can see why people would use them. Rain Hat - Basically bootleg Eyebrella, good if your friend can't function without one (you know who you are). Ice Cube/Fashion Melon - Caves exist. Granted, not everyone wants to go down there. Rain Coat - Torso Eyebrella. I usually carry one whenever I'm playing as Wickerbottom and don't have an Eyebrella so I can charge any WX-78's in the server without getting electrocuted. PickAxe - Never touched this thing before and don't plan on it. They need to buff this thing because I see how useful it could be. Insulated Pack - Used to love this thing until Bundled Supplies were released. Dapper Vest - Tam 'o Shanter. Need I say more? Hibearnation Vest - Not a bad item for Wolfgang, but otherwise I'm able to manage my hunger just fine.
  12. sss: wes because wes is bes (zero sarcasm there) a: wilson because he looks sexy as h*ck in that tier 1 beard plus main character so xd wendy because shes edgy and i relate to her on a personal level also send help xdddd wigfrid because shes the only character that ill play because she makes the game easy and fun because i cant fight without being a character that can mass produce helmets after going to a quarry and gains health from killing spiders so she can live forever also i have no clue how to make a kite in the game, how would that help me in fighting? arent kites those things in the sky?????? b: wolfgang becuz muscles webber because hes cute as h*ck xdddddddddddd c: the robot because hes evil but hes like that lovable evil like the minions? minions are cute xd d: woodie because hes the hairy lumberjack he should shave really willow because she says "holy cr*p" (sorry i had to censor it its inappropriate) when she sees deerclops like THERE ARE KIDS HERE WILLOW u: wickerbottom because shes old she should instantly die at day 100 from OLD AGE maxwell because HES EVIL AND SHOULDNT BE HERE ALSO HE DIED AT THE END OF ADVENTURE MODE WHY IS HE HERE
  13. here's a song that fits wendy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YxaaGgTQYM
  14. id love an authentic pleated shirt
  15. dudes the right answer is clearly the ice cream machine
  16. Your whole account is gone? S*** dude, I'm sorry. Guess we really can't help out here, as this is out of Klei's control. (As if they had any control in the situation to begin with, this is a Steam issue and not a DST issue anyway.)
  17. Think he's talking about Tencent Gaming Platform. You've probably heard of them from us talking about the Rose Collection. Anyway, since the website requires a Steam login (at least at the time of posting this), you unfortunately need the Steam version of DST in order to participate in Metheus. I'm sure Klei will get somethin' situated for the boys at Tencent later down the road.
  18. Most of the mod content is terrible. Most of the mod content is anime. A lot of it is furries/ocs (do not steal) There are few mods that actually have unique and cool concepts that aren't overpowered. @Fidooop's Erik, for example.
  19. Ugh, I remember when my boy @Brikelz got a Triumphant Wigfrid and I got a Survivor Wolfgang. What's worse is that Wolfgang is one of his mains and Wigfrid is one of mine.
  20. I mean I already know who @minespatch voted for. :^)
  21. Not plushies, but I'd love figurines of the RoG cast (and Shipwrecked, but that might be much). For plushies, Hutch (regular and Fugu) would be adorable.
  22. DST is Klei's current cash cow. They won't leave it in the dust, at least not yet.
  23. I don't **** with no thots. Wait, wrong one...