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  1. Not always, I've had those rare instances of finding Juicy Berry Bushes down there, with regular berry bushes above ground. I believe it is more likely for the variant to be the same across both shards.
  2. You misundertood me, I guess. While Juicy Berry Bushes will not spawn from world regrowth, Geckos WILL spawn from transplanted grass tufts after a certain amount of time. Juicy Berry Bushes ARE possible in a regular Berry Bush world ONLY if the caves shard happened to pick that resource. So for Geckos, just keep picking transplanted grass tufts. They'll spawn eventually.
  3. Something I noticed as I started thinking about the best resource variants to spawn with, I realized that Juicy Berry Bush worlds have a crippling weakness, in the fact that you have almost no chance of obtaining a Bush Hat. The only way to obtain the item is by either getting lucky with fallen survivor loot, or getting lucky with caves and their chance of spawning the other type of Berry Bush. Now, you may be asking "So what? What the hell does a Bush Hat even do?" Basically, the thing puts you in cover, and anything that could potentially gain aggro on you won't aggro on you as long as you're covered with it. This makes Hound Waves so much easier to deal with if you have something tanky nearby, like a Beefalo herd or a couple Treeguards. Snurtle Shells do the same thing, sure, but it's a pain in the ass (pardon my language) to try and get. My idea, basically, is to be able to make a Juicy Berry Bush variant of a Bush Hat. You could even make the characters look like they have dreds, since that would somewhat follow the afro look of the Bush Hat.
  4. That's only in endless, and even then I believe you'll only get Twiggy Trees along with Saplings anyway. There is a chance that Juicy Berry Bushes can spawn in a cave shard if you have regular berry bushes, but I usually don't count on it anyway. Basically, on a normal Survival server, Twiggy Trees will spawn with world regrowth, even if the world spawned with Saplings (vice versa is NOT true. Saplings will NOT spawn with world regrowth, making Twiggy Tree worlds less desirable right off the bat), and Grass Geckos have a chance to spawn from transplanted Grass Tufts after being picked. The only way to get the other variant of Berry Bushes is to either get lucky with Set Pieces (Pig Villages with their special Berry Bush), or get lucky with the cave shard.
  5. Seriously, they're just really, really talented. Highly recommend them.
  6. jesus christ what did i just read
  7. I think you're forgetting a crucial part of his arsenal...
  8. is this because of this? :^)
  9. Hey friend, I'm afraid this is an English forum. You might need to use Google Translate to better get your message across. Translated for you: Hej przyjacielu, obawiam się, że to forum w języku angielskim. Może być konieczne użycie Google Translate w celu lepszego zrozumienia całej wiadomości.
  10. @ImDaMisterL maybe we should merge this thread and this one?
  11. what
  12. While I'm no wiz at it myself, I believe what you need to do is give a character a sanity aura, similar to entities like Deerclops or Treeguard. Since the playable characters are the only mob in the game affected by sanity, you shouldn't need to do anything else from there. Except of course if your own sanity aura affects you instead.