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  1. Again, agree on Sleepytime Stories being cheap, but you just find the Pan Flute. You don't even have to work at all for it, you can just pick it up. Wickerbottom has to make it, which isn't terribly difficult, but compared to the method of getting a Pan Flute, is harder. And like I said earlier, Wickerbottom has to finish the animation in order for the book's effect to take place, whereas using a Pan Flute causes the effect to happen before the character even actually plays the flute. During the 2-4 seconds of Wickerbottom casting her book, someone smart enough could just rush her. Or use a ranged weapon. Sleepytime Stories IS cheap to use, and basically the reason why Wickerbottom is the best (or second best?) PvP character, but it isn't as cheap as the Pan Flute.
  2. It would still be cheap, but you can at least say you had to make the prestilhatitator first, and then go insane enough to get the nightmare fuel to use for the book. And even then, in your exact situation, the book would've worn out halfway through. With the Pan Flute, it puts people to sleep before the character even puts their mouth on it. At least with Wickerbottom, you have to go through the 2 second long flipping animation before everything's put to sleep. Again, sleepiness itself is a stupidly cheap tactic, but at least Wickerbottom's working for it.
  3. Pan Flute by itself is already cheap as hell, which is why PvP servers disable it. Sure you got Wickerbottom with Sleepytime Stories, but she doesn't just find it sitting on the ground, she has to make it. That, and it's a longer cast time and less durability. Tbh you didn't even need the freezing tactic that you used at all, Wilson would've been stunlocked from you hitting him with a Dark Sword. So yea, sleepiness itself is the cheapest tactic in the game.
  4. Dude, that's just overkill. Only thing OP needs to do is use Task Manager and close Steam completely. Steam is one of those programs that doesn't necessarly close when you press the X button at the top, it resides in the background. Using Task Manager shuts it down completely, and reopening does the trick for me whenever that occurs. If that still didn't work then I'd use @Arash70's idea.
  5. To her it's all the same. Meat is meat amirite?
  6. I think he just gets bothered by it because it's not even a forum signature, she takes the time to write it with every post. But I'm gonna be @JoeW and tell you kiddos to get back on topic, por favor.
  7. Ignore previous post. I figured out that for some reason I had to enable it first. Although question now is why do we need to enable that?
  8. I asked @minespatch about it and they said to their knowledge that I should be able to post status updates. Unless I'm not seeing what they see, I'm apparently unable to post them. Could be my rep/post count still not being enough (despite being a Senior Member), so I'd like to know what's up.
  9. Wait, you got a new computer? Steam cloud doesn't work with DST if that's what you were thinking.
  10. I mean, I hate to nag, but @JohnWatson & @Arlesienne make good points. Wolfgang being disabled is a little dumb, why not just change him like you did with Wigfrid and Wickerbottom? Remove his speed boost if you consider that OP, maybe even lower his max attack boost to 1.5 or something less obnoxious. ALSO, disabling Webber yet Maxwell is allowed. And even buffing Maxwell. Realize that spiders have got NOTHING on Shadow Duelists in PvP. If you're gonna ban characters that can have unique allies, ban the one that can literally summon them at will. Wigfrid being able to eat veggies is like letting Wickerbottom be able to sleep. That's just stupid. Sure, you removed her attack and defense bonus to even it out, but the fact remains that she still spawns with armor and a weapon. Remove her ability to craft them, or at the very least remove them from her starter kit. If you're going to change how her meat diet works, then I'd suggest this instead: Rather than not being able to eat vegetables at all, Wigfrid is able to eat them on the brink of starvation at the cost of 10 sanity. Maybe at like 1/15th of her hunger, she'd be able to eat vegetables until it goes above 12. Removing her defense bonus was probably for the best, but removing the attack bonus isn't really the best of ideas. With the whole disconnect thing, this really makes it difficult for people who are far away from where you host. If you're worried about people leaving during a fight, put a timer on the disconnect button, like make it so they have to stand perfectly still for 10 seconds before disconnecting. Also the dropping items upon leaving is kind of dumb. Don't get me wrong here, I honestly love this idea and will definitely play on the server when it goes up again. However just skimming through things, I got the impression that you didn't think a few things out as much as you should've. Course it's your mod, if you wanna keep it the way you do there's no beef from me whatsoever. Those are just some improvements that would make things a lot more balanced.
  11. We all know her as the top-tier carnivore that she is, but remember that she's only acting out a role. We don't know if what she's saying is really what she thinks. We don't know if she truly hates vegetables or is extremely dedicated to the role. Hell, we don't even know if Wigfrid's her real name. I really want to figure out who the character playing out the role of Wigfrid is. It's something that makes the character so interesting and mysterious. Thoughts?
  12. Uhhh... So no disadvantage to picking Wigfrid? Like, at all? Just remove her ability to craft her armor instead of removing the attack and defense bonus. That would make much more sense, anyway.