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  1. Personally, I like DS the way it is. The only thing I'd like from DST is being able to gather with full hands, as that's force of habit to think I can do that now. Klei still works on DS, albeit not very often, and it's more to fix Shipwrecked than anything else. (Seriously, after playing it for a while, I can see why people think it's buggy. Cause it is...)
  2. Hey @ImDaMisterL do you think this should be moved to Tales of Life and Death? Or should I ask @TheKingDedede first? Aside from that, sounds really fun, man. Hoping that when ANR is complete on the main branch my friends will want to go down and explore the ruins with me.
  3. So basically @JoeW is saying that the free DST does NOT include a gift for a friend. It's no bug, everything's working fine if you got your copy
  4. dude what are you talking about, wet goop is op as hell.
  5. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  6. I do have more advice to give to someone new: Don't be afraid of insanity. While that sounds like bad advice, trust me, it's better to not waste time and deal with the ambient and shadow creatures than waste a whole lot of time trying to get sanity back. If you're sitting comfortably on resources and can afford some time, then its okay to take some time to boost it. But shadow creatures DO give something extremely valuable: Nightmare Fuel. Which is used to make the Shadow Manipulator, as well as Dark Swords, Night Armor, a whole lot of good stuff. I'm not saying being insane is a great idea, I'm just letting you know that insanity is a good time to get Nightmare fuel. Also I agree 100% with @TheKingDedede
  7. I'm just gonna tell you right now that no one would play Wickerbottom...
  8. As a Wickerbottom main, this hurts to think about. Instead of dismissing the Reed Trap entirely, why not try to get usage from it? If you manage to clear out the tentacles, you have a gigantic clump of normally spaced out and scarce reeds. And if you're Wickerbottom, the Reed trap gets even better, as you can abuse Applied Horiculture to basically FILL your inventory with reeds. This make it extremely easy to mass produce books, in addition to mass producing Blow Darts (you can end up making Blow Darts your main weapon at that point). Papyrus can also be used for Nightmare Armor, as well as a lot of other things. The Reed Trap is an extremely useful setpiece, and wasting it like that is just something I can't think of doing. But there's your question: how do you get the tentacles out? Deerclops can get through a chunk of Tentacles, but his attacks don't cover that much and he'll eventually die. Bearger is ideal for clearing it out as his AoE attack cuts through them like a lawnmower, however, he will eat all of the Monster Meat that the tentacles drop, as well as probably being in decent condition to still fight you. Hounds can clear them out eventually, however, one fire hound and your hopes and dreams are over. Spiders, pigs, and bunnymen are decent to crowd around the Reed Trap, as, sooner or later, they'll clear out the tentacles. @JohnWatson I'm not saying your advice is bad, I'm just saying that you should take advantage of a rare setpiece like that. Wickerbottom is the best character to take advantage of the Reed Trap, so if you're not playing as her, then you could dismiss the Reed Trap.
  9. Text chat without a keyboard sounds terrible just thinking about it, lol... I would assume in addition to text chat, you could use pre-defined strings to quickly and effectively communicate. (Like you're able to say "I need food!" or "I need help!" with the press of a button. Having them vary depending on character would be pretty cool, actually.)
  10. You should have enough memory to run the game... There might be other issues, but I know the memory can take it.
  11. Really wish you made it a jpeg/png...
  12. w0t blasphemy is this In all seriousness, I'm currently using Windows 10 on my computer right now, and DST runs amazing on it. I'm thinking that it's nothing to do with what version of Windows it's on, but rather, the RAM on your computer. If your computer simply doesn't have enough memory to run something, then it just simply doesn't do what you want it to do. Do me a favor, and open "dxdiag" from the Windows search bar. Screenshot whatever comes up, and send it here, and I'll be able to see what the issue is.
  13. Yea, I've been aware of it for a while. But since Kzisor/Fidoop haven't mentioned any character balancing (aside from Wickerbottom not getting her meteor book), I just kind of wanted to give a few ideas.
  14. dont ruin it for me :^(
  15. YES, I'M AWARE THAT SHIPWRECKED ISN'T BEING MADE ANYTIME SOON. I THINK THIS IS SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT THOUGH. Also fair warning, a lot to read through. You would think I wrote an essay on this. If Shipwrecked was ever released for DST, there would be a lot of things that would need to be adjusted. Item spawns, character abilities, etc. The characters in particular are the most important, as they give players new ways to play (like, being able to surf... or run faster... or be crazy op and find treasure everywhere). Admitedly, the Shipwrecked characters are nothing special in singleplayer (with the exception of Woodlegs and somewhat Wilbur. But mostly Woodlegs, he's crazy fun to play as). However, with multiplayer, you start to realize that maybe they're extremely useful to have around. Especially Warly, whom would probably be the best character to have in a team. His Chef Pouch and portable Crockpot give his teammates a major boost, as he can cook Meatballs or Fishsticks on the go. Wilbur as well, since scouting the map as him would be extremely quick and he would be able to relay extremely useful info by day 6. (That, and throwing manure is actually a really useful ability, believe it or not.) Walani would actually be a good pick for public servers, as she would be able to leave the starting island (which probably has nothing on it) as soon as she spawns. In addition, I feel like they would do something similar to what they did Wigfrid, and allow Walani to give her allies surfboards to ride around on. Woodlegs wouldn't change that much, aside from giving allies an extreme boost by giving them chances for rare loot. (Seriously, this man can give thulecite armor and walking canes.) However, I feel like his treasure gimick would have to be changed somewhat, because the way it works now, someone would just randomly see his treasure and start digging. Making his X marks the Spots special and exclusive to him would make playing Woodlegs that much more important, as without him, you can't dig up his loot. However, this completely changes when we talk about PvP. This was the reason I made this thread, but then I started going on specifically about their abilities. Warly and Woodlegs suddenly look like big "kill me, I have valuable loot!" targets. Especially Warly, who has an extremely desirable portable crockpot and Chef Pouch. Woodlegs, if changed the way I proposed, wouldn't be amazing, however, he probably would still have valuables that are hard to get elsewhere. Wilbur would probably become top tier in PvP, simply due to his poop flinging ability, and his running speed is an extra bonus too. Walani... uhhh... has a surfboard... What are your thoughts about it?