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  1. jesus christ what did i just read
  2. I think you're forgetting a crucial part of his arsenal...
  3. is this because of this? :^)
  4. Hey friend, I'm afraid this is an English forum. You might need to use Google Translate to better get your message across. Translated for you: Hej przyjacielu, obawiam się, że to forum w języku angielskim. Może być konieczne użycie Google Translate w celu lepszego zrozumienia całej wiadomości.
  5. @ImDaMisterL maybe we should merge this thread and this one?
  6. what
  7. While I'm no wiz at it myself, I believe what you need to do is give a character a sanity aura, similar to entities like Deerclops or Treeguard. Since the playable characters are the only mob in the game affected by sanity, you shouldn't need to do anything else from there. Except of course if your own sanity aura affects you instead.
  8. You know you can hide the topic right?
  9. what a necropost report that in the bug tracker, por favor.
  10. Oh that's what I did.
  11. Hey, thanks for the feedback. I was looking back on it and I realized I laughed a little too much, so that probably didn't help. Glad to hear it wasn't bad!
  12. Just kinda starting to get back into the groove of YouTube, so it may not be that great. You can watch it here.
  13. I'm agreeing with Arles 100%. You get food for days here, and if you have a Reed Trap, then you can use Bunnymen to clear them out. And you can even eat the remains of the tentacles and the bunnymen!