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  1. i once done this (well, opposite of this) and laughed really hard because of how easy everything becomes with no ping and low mob's health anyway, a friend of mine gifted me game (think it was before RoG), after a couple of hours and obligatory gruesome deaths i complained "wtf this game is not fair at all, i attacked pig and they ganked me". and then i spent a lot of time trying to complete adventure (best way to learn how to play) why neighborhood? because others' bases were burnt?
  2. do you actually know how to use console? do you know that you supposed to press "ctrl" key if you pressed "ctrl+v" to send remote queries? read through the topic i linked, it has another version, but if you fail to copy paste, nothing will work
  3. 9/10 modded servers have extra equip slots, that's the reason
  4. i believe server log has connection between KU_ and names, if i recall correctly, they both show up in low when person shows enters\quits
  5. for willow mains
  6. wrong: you'll drop honey upon death
  7. i do love the great work on examination (except one char) in this game, maxwell is kinda most interesting though, since there's a lot of new knowledge to us but my absolute favorite is still basalt:
  8. i don't see maxwell here
  9. you didn't say strictly enough, so i had to look up by myself it was werepig
  10. can we see a screenshot?
  11. if you play solo, you are the host then, i suppose, that means 0 ping and that means you can do 3 hits on knights before dodging for tanking bishops it's best to use snurtle shell and hide millisecond before shot comes out yes, killing bishops is a good idea, say you come to area, you see 2 bishops, knight and a rook, i'd suggest to run to any bishop, hide in shell whenever you hear shots, dodge knight attacks and run away when rook charges, that move also gives chance to deal damage to bishops (rooks are best known for friendly fire)