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  1. next step: during full-moon meat effigies resurrect into your body, so you die and watch them live inside your flesh but scaring away creatures (koalefant, gobbler, gekko, piggy) like it's a player would be cool though
  2. i see no connection between name in game code and confirmations of
  3. yes, and a lot of players don't know both what the charge is and what to do with it, it's kinda fun watching them at least
  4. yeah, fun times, you can run 8-layered world fine and yet can't spawn 1000 poop with no huge lag happening
  5. it's not that op, it's not commonly used and pretty hard to get in the first place hounds do attack you if you are hidden, since they spawn aggroed on you, you'll also overheat from your green tower of flame even at winter if you hide close enough to be covered by radiated light, moreover the deerclops will come to you and break it, but even not counting that all, who tells you not to live your life like crestfallen snails? about the forest: it's not setpiece like reed\fire\winter trap, it was biome connection, like savanna inside desert (in fact, i can't name any other examples that are: not specific mob spawn [mactusk greenland inside forest, toadstool spawn locations] and present in most of the world [beefalo savanna at the end of forest or greenland with frogs at the edge of desert])
  6. floppy miner hat and bush hat next?
  7. it seems it lacks something, more specifically, somebody
  8. in the single player game, you always had a forest area inside a large swamp, it had some closely placed evergreens, occasional saplings, some free area and a sinkhole, but the dst biomes don't have it, i know, there's such thing as choosing preset, it's not the viable solution it seems. secondly, i'd like to talk about snurtle shell armour: i know, they it's best armor for some cases and it saves from freezing caused by mobs and so on, but maybe it should in addition give you full rain protection while hidden? that'd be cool to make a bonfire and hide close to it, letting yourself to dry, wouldn't it?
  9. didn't you know about this? there is an invisibility in game
  10. you can't consume rock, rock doesn't burn, but can be eaten by some mobs, do you call flammable\items with durability\rotting destructible and other indestructible? then i'll tell you that every item can be consumed by lureplant. what i want to say is yes, it is logical to destruct item, made of indestructible ingredients. however i wouldn't mind that change - the miner hat gave you back a straw hat when reached 0% long ago. what i do like is that you specifically pointed the way with lowest probability of getting gem and ignored 2 other regular ways (in fact, you need to get average 100 tumbleweed to get 2 gems)
  11. so is all skins you are not using at the moment because you use different, that's not a valid argument and yes, as @Sinister_Fang said, they'd have to be at least distinguishable from each other so you could say (not only hear) what other people are wearing
  12. get a stone and you are good for winter
  13. first, you can use deconstruction staff to get your cane back second, you can get infinite amount of gems with killing dragonfly, finding in tumbleweed, mining rocks in caves (not infinite, but still), collecting drop from earthquakes, mining statues\resetting ruins is that not enough for you?