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  • Biography Hello~! I'm Angel, Angel Octoling! I currently have my very own mod In the works and any advice or Help is welcome by all means! I also seem to be one of Very few splatoon players on this frourms page and I hope to be the first to make my own splatoon mod at that!
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  1. Hello again! I'm in need of an artist for a mod I'm working on! While I may not have much to give I will be granting as much thanks as I can give out and pass out Co-owner Ship to whoever can help me out! And for those who would Like to help me out I'd like if you can keep it to the Don't starve style. Like this --------------> (note this is an example) So please post here if your open to help! Or add me on my steam account here!---------------> The more people on board the faster we can get this out to the public! I'm also taking people who can Code Mobs/NPCS as I'll be adding my own creature to the game! I've got most basic code done like the character's run speed health sanity and so forth! Anyways, Have a great day/night!
  2. Could I ask you a question? Do you think you could explain how you made the snow/ice spiders in your reskin mod? I'm making a mod of my own and would Like to add a new creature that acts Like the spiders! but would only be friendly towards my character. (like webber) 

    1. PanAzej


      Are you asking about coding or graphics?

      If graphics then you'll need a package called "ktools".

      I posted a whole guide about it in some thread, I can't find it at the moment though... Crap.

      Alright, so you can download it here:


      You need to open animation + graphics of the specific creature you'd like to reskin. All of these files can be found in: Steam/SteamApps/common/Don't Starve Together/data/anim folder.

      Note that you'll need anim.bin, build.bin and atlas-0.tex files to unpack animation symbols properly. Some animation files in data/anim are split into several packages, e.g. has only anim.bin file inside, but the build.bin and anim.bin files are located in (or other spiders, they all use this animation file, they just switch graphics and use different anims from the animation file).

      Okay, let's say you got your anim.bin, build.bin and atlas-0.tex files.

      Place anim.bin, build.bin and atlas-0.tex files in the ktools folder.

      Now you need to open the Windows command console (type "cmd" into the start bar search thingie, it should pop up).

      Navigate into the folder of ktools. 

      cd .. - goes up one level

      cd foldername - goes into a folder

      krane anim.bin build.bin foldername - the command you need to use to unpack the anims when you're in the ktools folder.

      After unpacking, you'll get all your symbols ready to be edited, in their own folders, in *.png format.

      Place the folder in your "exported" folder.

      Rename the *.scml file inside it.

      You can check how the anims look (Note: It may not be accurate.) by opening them in a program called Spriter (Download Don't Starve Mod Tools on Steam to get it. It's in Steam's "Tools" Tab.)

      At last, run autocompiler to compile the animation. You'll get your own *.zip file in your mod_name/anim folder. Open the .zip, delete anim.bin inside (you only need build and symbols).

      Next, you need to switch those graphics, so your creature looks differently. In your modmain.lua do this:


      function SomeCreaturePostInit(inst)
            if GLOBAL.TheWorld.ismastersim then
      AddPrefabPostInit("somecreature_prefab_name", SomeCreaturePostInit)

      Oh, also you need to load the assets.

      Put this in your assets table in modmain (otherwise, with no graphics loaded, the creature will just appear invisible).


      Asset("ANIM", "anim/"),

      Done! This should work.


      And about coding, you'd need to inspect the creature's files and stuff, you'll need at least basic modding knowledge to do anything.


      Hope this helps.

  3. Okay, so will this "re-skin" it or add a new creature? as in will this replace it or just add another one? also will this work for DST?
  4. Well in that case! How about the almighty Kiwi? (bird) I'd love to see these guys in the game. You could make it sort of like the Doy Doys in the fact that they'll walk around doing pretty much nothing and will "mate" every so often, Then the egg will hatch and reveal a kiwi baby It would look like both the fruit and bird together! They'll grow up and repeat OR you could make 3 eggs and put them in a crockpot to get Sliced kiwi it would give some health hunger and sanity. (not much sanity Though) I hope you like the idea I had another one but I forgot it... I'll post it once I find it again!
  5. How come all of my made profile images look so blurry?! 

  6. Question: is anyone here open to suggestions?
  7. Hello! I'm going to head straight to the point here to not waste anyone's time. You see, I'm making a mod and It's pretty close to being done and all I really NEED are the remaining art sprites and to add the new creature and by "new creature" It's really just a re-skin and stats changed cave spider (hider) so if anyone can please explain how to not only add this creature but how to change the stats the model, (sprites) it's spawn, what it does ,and eats and drops and so forth That be wonderful! Have a great day/night~!
  8. Can't up sound?

    As of now my sound has been working fine. But for some reason it just stopped. I wen't into my settings and everything was at 0% so once I put them all back a 10 (100%) and click save it does not save and resets back to 0% does anyone know how I could fix this?
  9. You Know? It was quite simple! There is a mod called the Multi-lands mod and It adds a bunch of Crazy cool biomes but sadly it would crash the game if you set it to load in. So in order to do something like this you can go in game and dig up the land you want to cover then use the Consle to spawn in the sandy turf, Fill up and Viola! I could Possibly put some links down in here later on. I hope this helped!
  10. How's this for palm trees?
  11. Well Wilson calls her a she in some of his lines as in "that should calm her down for now" and "she seems mad" so maybe that's where people are getting it from?
  12. Soon enough once we get things on track and get our mod out there on the workshop I'll add some skins and I could post them here. She's almost done though! (this is just a rough sketch at the moment.)