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  • Biography Hello~! It's me! Angel, Angel Octoling! I am the first splatoon modder to create a mod for Don't starve together! And I'm working on my own little fan book too! I look forward to meeting every one of you and become one with this Community! I hope you have the best day you can!
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  1. @SuperDavid Wow! Thank you so much! It's super cool~! wanna work on the sprites for me? SSSSsssshhhhh.....
  2. Have not tried this yet. Looks very helpful. But I'd like to point out that it says wardrobe_1 Is that the changing animation?
  3. How would one do that? DST just does it for me. I add the sprites and when I go ingame it's already done and in there. Mind you I'm New-ish to modding and know nothing about those animations.
  4. Hello! I'ts me, Angel~! Today I have a question. (Again) Would anyone of you fine folks know how to make a mod character mute? Not like Wes. No. I was thinking of having my character just use her thoughts. In the way that She would face what you click on and (This would show up) without her using the talking animation and voice. And if it's possible could you only make it show up on one person's screen? Not sure if this is possible or not but it's fine with me. Thanks as always! -Angel
  5. Wait, Please don't tell me I started something! Noooo!~
  6. Okay now I'm not sure if anybody has pointed this out yet, but Wilson over here has the right idea! I'm not sure if it's just me but how come every time I see this new armor I think it's just going to close and hurt kill you? It's kind of creepy if you think about it. Also! I'd like to point out how we never "KILL" this Fuel Weaver. I think iit's impossible to kill and we get help. Take a look.
  7. His death animation is amazing! and it Drops the
  8. Dang it! Seeing all these wonderful skins makes me wan't to push Out our mod even quicker now! But in order for it to be a big one we need to spend our time working on it. I hope it grows as big as Erik, Star, and even playable pets! Only time will tell...
  9. Oh wouldn't you like to know?
  10. Now after Checking out the talk about Pengulls and Rotting eggs not stalking at all. I'm not 100% sure if anyone has thought of this, and it may sound like a death wish to some of you, I do believe there is a way to get rotten eggs at a super fast rate. Have you tried getting a large number of fresh eggs and then heading underground to the Toadstool, then waking him from his sleep to get him to do his gas cloud Farts and then tossing the eggs into it? His gas cloud fart can rot almost anything that can rot in seconds!
  11. Well I had used That as an Idea of one of a few Mobs that Might Make it in, So the plan was to whip up a crab like build with sounds and make it like another spider type mob, I've got my squid one in the works and It might make it in. Although I'll try and grab the build for the crab and make it work, Then again I'm fairly new at this!
  12. Hello! I'm Angel, Angel Octoling! I'm going to go ahead and talk about a new mod I'm working on! I have most basic code done and One of my friends are working on the Art for her! I'm putting this here for those of YOU Who would like to help out! It can be anything from simple Voice lines to even helping me with the new creature(s) and items I'll be adding! Those of you who do help will get a co-author spot on the workshop mod when it is done and I'll give you credits in the mod Bio! If you'd like you could also help out with the creature's and item's art sprites as well. If you'd like any info on any of this please say so or even add me on steam! (Please note that this crab will not have these animations unless someone can rip them out of Shipwrecked's files)
  13. A gate! For what?! To get to somewhere or even spawn something?!