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  1. well... I guess I should of been more clear with what the reader interaction ment. I was trying to set up a poll but I couldn't figure it out. I'll put a straw-poll link in the next post. I plan on continuing the story in a way that the readers choose that may or may not lead to wallace's untimely demise. However I will take your choice,@DragonMage156, and write along with it! (also wallace has hidden stats like sanity, health, and hunger so keep that in mind when making his actions. I will put subtle warnings for when each of them are getting low)
  2. I have a feeling that this should be in the don't starve section of the forums, rather than the Oxygen not included section.
  3. ((I kinda forgot about this for a bit, so I made a extra big chapter and decided to give wallace some stats and reader interaction! Chapter 3 get to work! Wallace was about to fall asleep when the morning sun finally rose. He had learned one important lesson that night: be afraid of the dark. This time, he would need to be more prepared. Since fire seemed to scare the unseen threat away, maybe he should build a proper lamp or portable light; maybe he could construct a basic building as well, with a bed. A quick search through his multi-tool’s blueprints revealed that he could build a simple lamp with some stone, some adhesive, and...oh... some conductive metal and a power source. Nearly everything needed power and conductive metal. Wallace could easily dig up some stones, and use tree sap as improvised glue, but he hadn’t seen anything that could be used to conduct electricity, except if the sharp rocks could, but he doubted that. Looks like electric lights are out of the question. Wallace would need to try something else. He walked while he looked for some recipes that didn’t require anything that was unavailable to him. After about an hour of searching, and fiddling with the blueprint sorting system, he found something that could provide light for when night came! It was…a campfire. Wallace hated the fact that he needed to use such outdated technology when there was a treasure trove of information he simply couldn’t use. He grumbled off as he began to gather the basic things required to build. (time passes) The sun was beginning to set, and wallace had all his supplies to be ready for the night creature. He started the fire and set his multi tool to attack mode; however the beast never came. But something had to be done. The colony moto echoed in his head “Stay busy to survive”, sure it didn’t rhyme and nobody really cared if you slacked off, but it was drilled into his head, a code he lived by. But he was still injured and some rest would do him good. (( now for some reader interactivity Should wallace: Get busy and make a shelter (Wallace gets a shelter shelter) Get some rest (+health, -sanity)
  4. 3) be a hero and try to charge the batteries herself. Mi-Ma came to the conclusion that if she found Meep, she would probably beat the snot of him for interrupting her shower. Besides it was too dark to find the lazy dupe. She stepped out of the bathroom and walked down the hall. She *mostly* knew her way to the generator room, it was just a few floors above...or was it below? After a brief moment of thinking Mi-Ma decides to... 1) go up the ladder 2) go down the ladder 3) Shout and try to get someone else to run the generator.
  5. I have to say that my favorite mob is chester. They are so useful to have and I just love Them. I despise frogs. I'm just fishing peacefully and then stupid frogs show up and try to kill me, and I drop all my items and everything is horrible.
  6. I agree that wetness damage, while it does stack up over time, is basically a non-issue if you play carefully. Just eat some fish-sticks or other hp restoring foods every couple days and you are good to go. Besides, once you eat a few gears your hp is high enough for you to not worry about it.
  7. I kept forgetting that food was a thing and always ran around at less than 50 hunger, without any food or any plan to gather food. Since I was allways so hungry, my character wouldn't alert me of their low hunger. I starved many a time.
  8. @bloopbloo My code changed, so here you go
  9. we need more people, if anyone doesn't have a puzzle partner for the second, can you input one of our codes into your tablet? It seems that 6 people need to put in one person's code. for us to progress.
  10. this is what is on my tablet
  11. I will. I put in black, you put in gold
  12. I'll do it here's mine. I'll put in your black, while you put in my yellow
  13. I refreshed my page and I'm able to do it without the tragic torch, but I did the cyclum puzzle just a moment a go, so I don't know If that did anything