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  1. i cant do the puzzle but here is my contribution
  2. Now I will become a little ball and I will cry
  3. **** you klei i dont have the tragic torch sorry but but............................... WHYYYYYYYYYYY
  4. wulzon pliz

    the hair of wilson wulzon is hairless
  5. maybe the antlion is more important than we thought
  6. blink more in the green thing
  7. if you click twice and hold in the second the screen start to blink ,i think i'm going crazy
  8. i like the use for the word STILL
  9. slurper definitely they are so cute I SAID CUTE
  10. realmente no pense que nadie fuera a responder mas bien fue de broma pero de verdad nuestro grupo murio. ¿por cierto eres de mexico?
  11. when someone say that wilson is an OP character