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      On this week's Rhymes with Play episode, our team will be playing and discussing content that we are currently developing for the upcoming Oxygen Not Included update. As always the live stream will be going live on Thursday (July 27) at 3:30 PM Pacific / 10:30 PM UTC only on the Rhymes with Play Dev Cast on Twitch. NOTE: As Oxygen Not Included is still in active development, content shown on Rhymes with Play streams may change before going live on Steam Early Access. Where is it?
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  1. I prefer a passive aggressive style of fighting in general. The only time I don't is with bosses since they slaughter everything. Though I did have a passive aggressive style a few times. The best case I had was when my brother and I had a world with a reed trap. We lead every giant, except the Goose since it wouldn't move , to that trap.
  2. I saw an advertisement on Nintendo Wii U. At first I didn't care for it and dismissed it. During this time, I had a favorite YouTuber. I go through phrases of my favorite YouTubers depending on my mood. That time, GhostRobo was my favorite YouTuber and I used to watch every new video that he had. I saw that he was playing Don't Starve and decided to give it a watch. I was pleasantly surprised at how fun it looked, and I eventually bought a copy for myself. I was eagerly anticipating Don't Starve Together as well since I wanted to play with my brother. After Don't Starve Together came out, my brother got interested in it as well.
  3. Frog rain is the worst when you first encounter it. I was playing with my brother and it started raining. I had prepared for it during Winter so I just got my umbrella, straw hat, and went about my day for a few seconds. Then frogs appeared out of nowhere while I was far from a pond. I got confused, but thought it was a bug. Then 20 started coming and went into attack mode. Luckily I got away, but man was it intense. Now I make a lot of rabbit traps for Spring in hopes of frog rain. I don't run from it, I anticipate it!
  4. I've always thought we should be able to do that. Especially since we cook on a wild camp fire anyway.
  5. I didn't ask a question (well I did technically, but it was rhetorical), I replied to the original comment like everyone else. Then I replied to people quoting me. I didn't say they didn't have feelings. I even said that even if they do have a change of heart, it doesn't mean they aren't trolls (implying that they can change their mind and they are complex). At the same time, I said that their niceness coming in is an illusion for their trolling scheme. If you come in someone's base with an intent to annoy and destroy, then you're a troll. That doesn't mean you aren't a complex person, but I'm calling you what you are. I guess you can be a nice person outside of the game. Though if you do things to annoy someone or make them angry on purpose, then you can't be all that nice. Especially if you add the layer of manipulating them and gaining their trust, only for you to destroy something they worked on. It has come to this. I'm closed minded and stupid for calling people a troll and saying they don't care about how beautiful a base is if they destroy it.
  6. I can't believe I'm in a debate about why trolls do things. I thought it would be obvious in 2017, but whatever. Thing is, I don't count revenge as trolling. If someone treats them bad or isn't welcoming and they burn the base down in retaliation, that isn't trolling, that is someone seeking revenge. They are seeking revenge for a petty reason, but they are seeking it. For me, trolling is coming in with the intent to annoy people. If they come in with the intent to troll, then it's most likely just an illusion for their scheme. Having a change of heart does not mean you're not a troll. They still came in with the intent to annoy the person. Now if they form a real connection in the middle of their scheme, then good on the victim because they aren't getting their base destroyed. Though that does not mean trolls in general aren't destructive. They come in to destroy the base, part of annoying the person, and use manipulation as a means to gain trust.
  7. That seems like revenge if anything. A troll just does things to get a reaction and annoy people. A person wanting revenge does things in reaction to what you did.
  8. Trolls don't care about you being nice. Thing is, most trolls aren't good at the game at all. Like you said, they don't care about learning how to survive or even lasting. They only care about burning down a base, annoying people for a bit, and then leaving.
  9. Are you serious right now? Trolls don't care about beauty and organization. They are the OPPOSITE of that. Trolls want destruction and disorder. That's why they burn bases down and mess things up.
  10. Too much work on both of them to be honest. The beefalo is a pain to domesticate, and the Koalephant even more so since they run from you. If they were to domesticate them, make sure it's easier to do: like with the salt lick being guaranteed to domesticate them when them for a whole season while away from it.
  11. Is this normal?

    This is normal. I've lost drumsticks to this glitch, and I've seen a tree grow while floating in the air because of this glitch. It was very amusing.
  12. I was. Anything else is not my point at all. I was only discussing MILD strategy with Willow because one guy brought up why she was better for new players over Wicker. I simply said that Willow has more ways of gaining sanity, and you don't need to gain as much for Willow compared to Wicker. Other than that, I haven't discussed strategy. So you admit that this debate is pointless since I WAS talking about character choice. Glad we can come to an agreement.
  13. He cares so much about players that he doesn't even know, that he's willing to argue with someone over the Internet for them. Yeah, and the best way is to play with a balanced character. That's what the discussion is about. Balanced characters mean you can focus more on the mechanics of the game and find out your own style since they do decent in each style. Get a Wilson when you start off, but once you learn your play style (aggressive fighter vs passive fighter, hunter/gatherer, explorer, base builder, etc). Wilson can do all of those decently, but I'm sure they'll eventually pick a Wigfrid/Wolfgang when they have a more aggressive fighting style. My advice was the characters to play with and why. You're mad that Wicker didn't make the list when I've explained it several times why. You're the one with the pride. I simply said pick Wilson and Willow because they are balanced with very few downsides for new players. You wrote a paragraph about why spider traps are bad when I only mentioned them once as an example of what I didn't know. Am I really supposed to believe that you care about people you've never met (new players)?
  14. I never said that. I said that they should have a balanced player to learn the mechanics of the game, and then pick the character that best suits their playing style.
  15. You come in with the lighter, you don't make it. I'll pick 100 flowers, thank you. 500 sanity for me. Seriously though, picking a few flowers is not the end of the world, especially in when you get to an area that has 200 flowers. No, I'm saying that they are learning the game. Most won't know the "pro strategies", and it would be dumb to suggest a character where you'll have to work harder and know the game more. It's best to be a balanced character, and then pick different characters when you find out your playing style. Take in mind that I just mentioned a trap and got this rant...