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  1. I dealt with a Wilson like this. He would constantly pester everyone on the server for rocks, and he never went out to get his own. To add insult to injury, he was the host.
  2. I like playing DST and experiencing many different players. Playing by myself isn't the most fun considering that I've survived a long time by myself, and I have my own play style. Play Styles - explorers: people who go out far and can generally map out a good portion of the game in a few days. These are the people who will bring back the rare items. Don't count on them to build up the base or feed you, since they spend most of their time away. - builders: These are people who stay close to the base, and only explore so far (just enough to get a bulk of supplies). If you need something common like grass/poop/wood, then you can count on them. Don't rely on them to make a bunch of meals though. - hunters/gatherers: These are the people who fight and hunt for food, or gather vegetables/berries. They are the people who you can count on to have supplies for various dishes. They are also the ones who make farms, traps, weapons/armor, etc. They aren't known to get supplies to build up the base, nor do they get the super rare items. I'm more of a base builder. I generally grab a bunch of supplies that the base needs, and improve it while giving them to people. I'm the go to for wood, grass, twigs, etc. I also make the items for the season. I generally don't actively hunt for food (only enough to feed myself until later on), nor do I explore very far (I map out the entire game on day 80-90), so I generally like playing with people who do. It's fun collaborating with people and using your strengths to fill in for the weaknesses of others and vice versa. The different styles of people playing is what makes this a fun game to enjoy for everyone. What is your style?
  3. This is why useless noobs annoy me. I do sound elitist, and I'm actually proud of it now to be honest. I used to try to help people and be engaging to noobs, but I stopped. Especially since most noobs don't want to get better or have a motivation to learn, many of them just want to be parasites that use all your supplies and take your food.
  4. When I host a game, I just make a base by the portal. I make a firepit, alchemy engine, treasure chest full of tools (pickaxes, axes, and torches), a crockpot, and low cost season items (winter hat, thermal stone, straw hat, and umbrella). This is so that they can have their own base and leave me alone. I always check by the base to make sure it's in good condition and to maybe add some stuff to it.
  5. Treeguardians vs anything makes for an interesting and satisfying battle. I don't care whether the treeguard wins or loses because I personally hate them for daring to chase after me.
  6. These were all entertaining. My favorite stories were "What A Ribbiting Trap" and "Beam Me Up -- Wait Don't". The frog trap is what I wish could happen every time they stalk me around the ponds. Though them hitting me just makes it more satisfying when I kill them. I personally like when things fight each other, so I had to like that one. Though I could have seen a more epic one if it weren't for nightfall. Like I was in the Swamp area at Dusk (bad idea I know, but I desperately needed silk). I was going to lay some traps to catch the spiders, but they were already getting whooped by tentacles. Then they caught the attention of Merms, so the Merms, tentacles, and spiders were having an all out brawl. Though I couldn't see the whole thing because it was going to be nightfall soon, and I needed to get back to base. I was able to reap the benefits of the altercation though (silk, glands, monster meat, frog legs, and fish).
  7. I personally think the creators put Varg in the game only to troll. It seems like at my most desperate and hungry moments, I have a better chance of getting a Varg. I thought it was rare because I hardly ever got them before. Though when I got desperately hungry, then I remember 3 occasions where I ran into them early game, and I don't hunt koalefants that much.
  8. It wasn't. The server was normal and everything was going well. All of a sudden, the host decided to burn down and destroy his/her own base like 14 days in. I honestly don't get the point of putting all that hardwork into your base only to burn it down. I also don't get the point of waiting almost 2 hours to troll.
  9. I personally don't see many of the boars, so he isn't getting attack much. Everything else attacks every character as well, so he doesn't get a penalty for that either. You don't have to worry about poisonous spiders also, because they are friends with Webber. He isn't hurt by water, so traveling the ocean isn't so bad for him. Then he grows a silk beard, so you can easily use the silk for a tent, bird trap, bug net, and fishing rod. He also starts off with monster meat, so just make a crock pot and grab some berries in order to make meatballs! He also starts off with a spider egg, so you can plant that somewhere and get capture the spiders. In short, he has the benefits of the regular/Reign of Giants Don't Starve, without many of the penalties.
  10. You did read that right. This is the tale of a person who hosted their own server only to burn it down to the ground. Here is the tale from MY end. Another girl and I joined at the same time as the host did. I actually had to wait a few seconds to select my character in order to wait for the host. I decided to make a base by the portal, while the host went off somewhere else. I had Wickerbottom, the girl had Wigfrid, and the host had Wickerbottom. I was annoyed initially but didn't dwell too long on it. I set out to get gold and rocks to make a firepit, alchemy engine, and a crock pot (the game started off with 3 treasure chests, one of which had a lot of food). I made a pickax and started breaking the rocks, and I made a torch for the night and to get charcoal. I also went on a hunt for more twigs to actually make the crockpot and make a shovel/regular ax in order to chop down the trees and dig the logs up. I got seeds from the chest, and I found beefalo, so I got the poop to make the agriculture book. I found a Rhino chess piece and decided to get more grass and logs to make a spear and logsuit. By the time I made the firepit, alchemy engine, and crockpot, the Rhino chess piece had been killed by the Wigfrid. A Webber and Wendy entered entered the game. I asked the Wigfrid where the gears were, and she replied "I put them in the chest." I looked in the chest and did not find them. I realized that the Webber might have gotten them because he planted a spider nest near the portal and got a pitch fork to dig up the grass by the portal. Side note: I have YET to meet a Webber I like on Don't Starve Together. They are generally either trolls, incompetent, or all over the place to the point that they're unreliable. Nothing against Webber's because I LIKE his character, but a lot of Webber users fit that description above. Anyway, this Webber was just holding on to the gears and stealing/using up all the resources. It was annoying. The Wendy wasn't any better, but they at least went out to get SOME stuff (like 10 cutting boards, 6 cutstones and 22 pigskins). I decided to let it go and went on a hunt for silk (since the Webber planted a spider nest only to destroy it soon after). Wigfrid came with me and just attacked a 3 tier spider nest (WTF?!). She got hurt and decided to run away, so I used some of my rabbit traps and captured some of them (not before I lost a lot of health though). I brought the silk and glands back home, and made meatballs with the monster meat. I went out to get more silk in order to make a tent, only for the previous silk to be gone along with the spider glands and pigskins. I was getting annoyed at this point. Eventually Webber died, but Wigfrid got the gears back and went somewhere else with them. Eventually, Wendy left as well, so I was alone at the base with Wigfrid and the other Wickerbottom gone. Later on, a Willow entered with another, completely different, Wendy. Willow and Wendy entered the game and immediately went to collect twigs and grass for torches and various items. I eventually got the silk and finally made a tent. It ended up being used 2 times by both Willow and Wendy hopping in and out of the tent instantly for no reason at all. Eventually Willow asked for the other base and left. It was just me and a Wendy even more useless than the last; the last Wendy at least got cutting boards, cutstones, and pigskins (even if I didn't get to use the pigskins). This Wendy did nothing but sit at the base and wait for me to bring food back. I decided to hunt for rabbits and more silk, so I could use the cutting boards to make a Prestihatitator. I aslo had a bunch of mushrooms, berries, and monster meat, but not icebox to put it in, so I eventually set out to hunt for gear people with Wendy trailing behind. On my way there, I found Wigfrid and decided to follow her back to the main base. I went there and saw three crockpots, tent, icebox, rows of grass/sticks, improved farms, firepit, alchemy engine, and treasure chests. I immediately set out to make meatballs and made one meaty stew. The time was night 13, so the hounds were coming. I had an unused logsuit, and a slightly used spear. I made the Wendy a spear so she could defend herself, and we all beat up the hounds. In the middle of the hound fight, a random pig came out to join the fray, but Wigfrid killed it instantly and got the meat. It was day 14 by the end of the fight, so I decided to make more meatballs. The next part was just confusing. The host, Wickerbottom, set a tree on fire, next to the row of grass, and the fire spread to the rest of the base. I thought it was an accident, and that she only did it to get charcoal but miscalculated how much the fire would spread (I've burned down a forest thinking that the tree was far enough away to only burn on its on). I started getting burned in order to try to put out the fires, and Wigfrid helped me with this. The host decided to set the row of sticks on fire and went around setting every thing on fire. She couldn't set the icebox on fire, so she decided to hammer that one down. Everyone was confused at this point. I even said, "wtf?! What's going on? Why are you doing this?" Wigfrid started hammering the burnt things down to salvage some of the stuff. The host decided to leave the game, forcing the rest of us to leave. Too Long; Didn't Read I just don't get it. She waited 14 days to troll and each game lasts 8 minutes. She literally wasted an hour and 52 minutes, about 2 hours, just to host a game and troll. I just don't understand the logic of going that far and wasting that much time.
  11. Very impatient and entitled people. My brother and I have dealt with a guy like this. He came in after we defeated the deerclops and put the meat in the icebox and eyeball in the chest. He randomly takes the eyeball and wouldn't give it back. We decided to disconnect and join again, but we lost our eyeball. I never get people like that. "No use in asking or waiting to use it! We have to use it NOW!"
  12. I call them parasite or clingers, but they come in many forms. Parasites: the ones that take your items and reap the benefits without any gain on your side. It's a one-sided affair of one person gathering all the resources and doing all the work while the other person(s) just stay at the base and eat your food. Clingers: these are a different type of leech. They are the type to follow you around and let you kill things while you feed them. They are basically a parasite that acts as your shadow. :/ Generally they are noobs who don't know much about the game, so they either just sit at the base or follow an experienced player around.
  13. Girl, they are protective of nests with no egg. I asked my brother, "why is she coming after us? There is nothing to protect!"
  14. I hate when they do that... I had one walk into my base, which freaked me out at first since they generally run from me, then I realized he came in to pick my berry bushes and eat them. It's actually why I generally try not to get too close to the pigmen.
  15. I've actually had a really rude person take a meatball off the crockpot from me right after I put the ingredients in and it finished cooking. This would be better suited in the "How to be Courteous to Other Players" thread, but I don't think I should explain how rude that was. Especially since I was a wimpy Wolfgang when she took it. Luckily I had three monster meat and 9 berries, but that still isn't an excuse. I actually don't even make Ice Fling-os and would personally advise against it. It's better to just make a camp underground and use 1 gear versus using 2+ gears for one or multiple base(s). Though I still say ask and get an understanding instead of eating them all. Everything else you said is just solid advice that everyone needs to follow. I wish we could have this read to every new player as soon as they enter.