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  1. That alone makes them superior to a lot of the other biomes to be honest. Those are in the top three best biomes of the game to be honest. The only other biome that will beat them would be the plains/grasslands because they have: berries, carrots, bees, trees, flint on ground, twigs, butterflies, and occasionally other stuff. Rockland have rocks, but that's really it to be honest. They don't have trees, grass, twigs, berries, beefalo, pigs, cats, rabbits, etc. Desert and and swamps are debatable. Most people don't really visit them a lot to be honest. I see quite a few of them set bases there. Even inexperienced players go there for the mushrooms alone to be honest. Many inexperienced players go there for rabbits. Though the more experienced players will go for beefalo wool. Two of them are one of the favorites. Most players camp out in the Savannah, Grassland, or by the Pig King. Also... Most people only go to the rock area early on for rocks and gold to be honest. Those are only specific things they go there for.
  2. ALL of us have been noobs at a certain point. Though some of us are willing to learn to play the game. MY personal noob moments: - "A mandrake? Meh. I'll just skip over it. It can't be that important." - "Oh a mutated pig! Maybe this one will protect me from the hounds!" *proceeds to get chased by the hounds and merms* - "I should totally set the bee box as close to my base as possible." Those were the only mistakes I can think of at the moment. I'm generally cautious, so I don't cause too much trouble. Though my brother has his fair share of troubles. XD!
  3. I generally camp by the portal (so newcomers don't ask "Were iz bas?!" If I don't camp there, then I generally try to be close to a Savannah with Beefalo. Sure the Savannah only really has rabbits (which I don't hunt), grass, and beefalo, but the use they each give is huge. Beefalo gives poop, clothes (wool and horns), and protection from mobs. They are VERY useful to me, and I generally get multiple uses out of them. Grass is very important, and I like to stock up on a lot of grass. Sure the plains give grass, but not as much as the Savannah biome. The Deciduous is one of my favorite biomes. I like the good supply of stuff you can get. Meat (pigs and catcoons) and tails (catcoons), pig skins (pigs), birch nuts (birch trees), mushrooms, gold (pig king and occasional boulder), and glommer. I say that the Deciduous biome is a huge plus and benefit. I generally set up a lesser base there. The mosaic biome is great for graveyards since you get jewels, a chance of gears, and items to trade for gold. Though I generally don't set up a base there. It's okay to have areas that aren't as useful or areas where you wouldn't set up a base. Not every area is going to be as useful as the other.
  4. I've never used the Night Light, but I've never had to. I generally just use torches and Lanterns later on. So much yes to Rain Hat and Rain Coat. My brother used to make rain coats and it would bother me to no end. I'm like, "you know you can just make an umbrella and straw hat right? Like, the umbrella and straw hat would have a double use for Spring AND Summer." Ice cubes and Fashion Melons are horrible. You get wetness, and the coolness points aren't worth it. I generally just use an umbrella and straw hat since it doubles for both spring and summer. I generally just use top hats and cooked green mushrooms for sanity. I also use Siesta Leon-to, straw roll, and tent. Though Dapper Vests aren't so bad. They aren't hard to make, and they do give a lot of sanity. Hibearnation Vest and Insulated Pack is useless since I generally just make a Winter hat and have a thermal stone. Later on, I'll go for a Beefalo hat and thermal stone.
  5. Tips - Make a base a little away from the entrance since it's well lit at morning and dusk. You also need that shining light to have farms and flowers for bee boxes. I also say a little away, because you don't want angry bees in your base when you get their honey. - you need an alchemy engine - firepit - treasure chests - ice box - several crock pots - drying rack - armor and weapons - pig skin helmets (or wigfrid helmets) - telltale hearts (and booster shots) - the usual: silk, twigs, grass, logs, charcoal, rocks, gold, glands, etc. - items for sanity: tent, sleeping rolls, tam o' shanter, dapper vest, and top hat. - food for sanity: cooked green mushrooms, jerky, pumpkin cookies, and taffy are the easy foods to eat. Ice cream, melonsicle, and banana pop are the more challenging ones to get, but they give a lot of sanity. - light sources: torches are a given, lanterns, and miner's hats make easy sources of light. You're now ready to survive in the base! The caves aren't that scary if you prepare for them before hand. I personally am more of a builder of the base instead of an explorer, so I don't really care for them. I just realize that staying in the caves for the summer helps me save on gears. It's better to waste one or two gears on an icebox or two, than wasting four gears (if my brother and I share a base) on two ice flingomatics. Though my brother likes exploring a lot, so the caves are fun for him. TL;DR - make an average base that you would on land - make sure to camp by where there is a constant stream of light - bring armor and weapons - bring sources of light and sanity
  6. Oh Jesus Christ! Could you make it any tinier? There, I fixed it.
  7. I personally have not, though I played on a server with someone who did. It was needed because some random griefer came in and burned the base down.
  8. Yikes! He looks super mean.
  9. I might have to try this. This might convince my brother to play again, since he got bored of doing the same thing over and over again, and he hates playing with other people. Lights out might be a fresh take on Don't Starve Together that will interest him once again.
  10. LMAO! Your hatred to the Ewecus mirrors my brother. I personally thought it was cute, until it spit snot at me and killed me and my brother with relative ease. Then it kept on following and killing us when we tried to get away. Now my brother hates that thing, and he even hates the pet version of it. I said, "aw how cute!", then he replied "**** that thing, it deserves to die!" LOL! I'm actually going to screenshot this and show it to my brother, he'll get a good laugh out of it.
  11. They were most likely just new to the game. I personally don't mind these types because they are willing to learn without following you around like a shadow or shipwrecked monkey (taking the loot from your kills). The only annoying thing with them is that they do die a lot at the beginning, so you have to revive you. Though I will tolerate that because they become useful later on and do contribute.
  12. I would rope them in with explorers.
  13. I would rope them in with explorers.
  14. Just two silk, grass, and twigs so you can catch 10 butterflies. It's not that hard, but some people swear it's the worst thing in the world. Meh. I generally don't build ice flingos. They are a giant waste of resources. I generally camp in the cave for the summer, and use just one gear to build an icebox. 1 or 2 gears (if there are 4+ people camping underground, then use 2 iceboxes) vs 4 is a better use of resources. I never encountered that, but what a prickish move. I generally join a base that's 5 or below days. I personally prefer 3 and less, but I will pick a day 5 one if I have to.