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  1. I've actually had a really rude person take a meatball off the crockpot from me right after I put the ingredients in and it finished cooking. This would be better suited in the "How to be Courteous to Other Players" thread, but I don't think I should explain how rude that was. Especially since I was a wimpy Wolfgang when she took it. Luckily I had three monster meat and 9 berries, but that still isn't an excuse. I actually don't even make Ice Fling-os and would personally advise against it. It's better to just make a camp underground and use 1 gear versus using 2+ gears for one or multiple base(s). Though I still say ask and get an understanding instead of eating them all. Everything else you said is just solid advice that everyone needs to follow. I wish we could have this read to every new player as soon as they enter.
  2. Exactly. I made this list because many new players die (sometimes multiple times) before Winter, heck even before day 12. They die to simple things that could be avoided, like making a trap before a torch. Though I guess another thread could be made for the more experienced players on what strategies they personally use to last a long time.
  3. Never said rabbits were essential. I just said that you need to make a Prestihatitator down the line anyway and they aren't that hard to catch. I even said that I understood why people prefer spiders and frogs, and that I myself tend to go after spiders (for meat, SILK, AND GLANDS) and frogs (they come to you). Though I still understand that many new players don't really think to catch spider for food or frogs in a net (many just go after them with a pickax), so I can understand how rabbits in a crockpot could be important for them.
  4. I actually agree with a lot of what Captain is saying. I see nothing wrong with using the traps for rabbits to get food and besides, you're going need them to build the Prestihatitator anyway so why not? I also do build walls (more for organization) and they can be used to protect and box things in (like the Walrus people or beefalo packs) and I also rely on the beefalo a lot (poop, fur, protection, etc.). Though I also think fighting for yourself should be a must have, even if you tend to have a more passive style of letting others fight for you.
  5. I tend to explore one way for a day, and then go in another direction. That way I have a pretty big circle for the most part and I usually find them. I've played with new people who literally starve because they can't be bothered to get food, or they decide exploring is more important than eating. Rabbits are pretty easy to hunt and you have to hunt them for the Prestihatitator anyway. Though I do understand why some people prefer Spiders (you get meat AND silk/glands) and frogs over rabbits since they will gladly hop right into your trap. Though it really isn't hard to hunt rabbits since you can just put the trap right over it in the evening/night and pick it up in the morning. True that, it's why I didn't mention other things or strategies to play. I encourage exploring and hunting (even when I hardly hunt and only explore just to get a great location) when I don't really do all that stuff. Players have a different style so I took that in mind, while also noting that no matter your style you should do this.
  6. I generally see them kill and plant like 30 trees. We don't have problems with treeguards for the most part, unless they forget to plant the pinecones and next thing you know we'll have like 3 of them wanting to kill that person. A guy did this and caused several players to die. Then some new people thought it would be a genius idea to open the 2nd sinkhole near our base. I think the problem is many are either really eager to explore the caves, or they'll mine it for flint.
  7. I generally don't either. I usually just make the rabbit traps to get spiders so I can get silk, glands, and meat or go after frogs since they actually chase me. Though many new players usually make them to catch rabbits, and they'll do it when they don't have a torch.
  8. I hardly ever have this problem since I make it my mission to look for beefalo and prioritize it. Though you are right about the beefalo hats. Beefalo hats require killing several beefalo before you're able to get the horn. Much more efficient to just shave them for a Winter hat.
  9. There is nothing worse than having to stop your progress just to collect the much needed items to revive a player, for dying to darkness on day 2 no less. This really sheds time and days that could be used to build up the base and/or prepare for Winter. On the flip side, it isn't very fun to have to wait to be revived when you could be playing the game. To solve this problem, somewhat, I've come up with basic survival strategies needed to survive the first few days. Make the basic necessities Believe it or not, this is one of the biggest reasons new players die. I can't tell you how many times players have died from darkness on day 3, when there are plenty of grass and twigs around the area. So the strategy would be to collect 4 twigs, 2 grass, and 2 flint for a torch and pickax. Sure it's nice to have an ax as soon as you get 1 flint, but that means you'll have to look for 2 more pieces to make a pickax. It's more efficient to make a pickax, then mine rocks to get more flint. That means you pick up 2 flint off the ground vs 3 flint off the ground. Only grab enough twigs around the portal to make a torch, and then grab more twigs, grass and 2 flint when you go further out. This means that new players joining the game still have some grass and twigs around the portal so they can make their own torch. Don't explore weird territory I think you should explore the game, don't get me wrong, but don't explore an area that looks dangerous if you're new to the game Don't Starve in general. Many people have died by caves (on day 2-5) and by the Dragonfly before Winter even starts. That's ridiculous at that point. Don't explore a new and dangerous area if you don't have the tools and you don't even know what they are. Now, I can see the excuse for caves because many new players will mine it for flint and accidentally enter when they are picking up the flint, but you have to pass dangerous looking pools of lava to get to the Dragonfly, so there is no excuse there. Prioritize What good is a rabbit trap when you don't even have a torch? This whole list seems hard to believe, but some people have literally died because they felt a rabbit trap was more important than a torch. I just... Sure a rabbit trap is very much needed, especially if you have Wigfrid, but I think a rabbit trap is pretty useless if you can't even survive past the night. If you have limited resources then, as stated above, make the necessities and constantly picks twigs and grass far away from the portal. Shout out to the people who make bee boxes yet don't catch butterflies. I literally have to waste 2 days to make the net and catch the butterflies. Shout out to the people who make rabbit earmuffs, wasting 2 rabbits, instead of using the razor in the chest to shave the beefalo. Those two rabbits would have made great kabobs/meatballs, but a useless pair of earmuffs are nice I guess. I don't remember other mistakes, but anyone else is free to add anymore mistakes that have people dying in the first few days.
  10. Never said it would solve anything. I actually feel better insulting griefers and making fun of them. Thanks for the concern though. Now which game do you troll in your spare time?
  11. At BEST griefers are dumb, at worst they are bad. If you willfully do things to annoy people and make them angry, then you're pretty bad man. Calling out bad or stupid behavior doesn't make the person who's calling out the behavior as bad as them, unless they're a hypocrite, it just means they're complaining. Or... You're just ranting. Seriously, what kind of apologist BS is this? "You see that person over there trolling? Just ignore them. Maybe they'll pick another target."
  12. True. You have to have experience at EVERY game before you truly troll. You need to know what's hard to do, what really sucks and makes people angry, etc. Honestly, I didn't even build the base. The host actually built it, but I just added some items in the chest like 2 silks, axes/pickaxes, and Nitre. Those items didn't even burn anyway and we went back to normal.
  13. That one has a better effect of annoying people than burning an alchemy and science machine. Though even then, the players that are on the server can just knock it down, though it will effect more people.
  14. Not really. It was just confusing and I had to ask. It was literally day 5. I just hammered the burnt things and spent like 2 or 3 minutes rebuilding. Everyone else on the server didn't even notice and barely flinched to be honest.
  15. I agree. The only time a griefer would really piss me off would be during the Winter when I'm trying to prepare for the Deerclops and keeping warm, and during the Spring when my base is super big. Summer would kind of affect me, but I'm usually in the caves to avoid overheating so I probably won't know until Summer is over. At any rate, trolling on day 5 is just dumb. They burned down a Science Machine and Alchemy Engine that the host made. I literally just hammered them and spent like 2 minutes gathering supplies to rebuild them.