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  1. What a great idea, I'd love to play in such a challenging environment.
  2. Have two sources of light, in the ruins you can easily lose one. Ruins aren't bad but the shadow monkeys are so numerous that your only option is to run so always have enough food/light in case of a prolonged chase.
  3. I can but won't be available until early june
  4. Oh, I thought the key was required to get to fuelweaver.
  5. It will be a bit longer before I'm ready as I am going on vacation soon, but in early June I'll be back. I'm playing a solo game and am not sure I can tackle this beast alone especially since my fighting skills are not the best. I will have all the equipment to outfit a team in quantity as I've accumulated a fair amount of stuff (at day 900+). Need to reset ruins as I've farmed pretty much everything out of them.
  6. Hmm. So with the nightmare amulet I can cross barriers, excellent. What do you mean by tossing source of light so I don't have use the key?
  7. So I finally got around to finding this biome and getting around seems to use a lot of the lazy explorer (did read something about going insane?). I have 5 of these but I don't know how many jumps will be required yet. Anyways, given how far away this entrance is I thought it might be expedient to build a mini base (can you sleep here?) at the beginning of the labyrinth where there is nothing hostile. 2-3 tents, ice box, crock pot, fire pit, chests and a mushroom planter perhaps. Then again once I use the key it's nonstop nightmare mode so sleeping may not be possible? In which case I will make the base where the big tentacle is on the level above. thoughts?
  8. Nothing compared to the amazing bases on here but this is my solo base. My favorite spot is in the back of the base where I can see two different biomes, sometimes I just stand there for a minute contemplating.
  9. Sorry to hear that, I hate losing time so I do a file backup every time I play.
  10. It's weird but the annoying aspects of the game (pengulls, shaking screen) don't bother me any more, I'm so used to it that it is like background white noise.
  11. Herding the Bunnymen into such a small enclosure is almost impossible, I had to make a bigger enclosure. With that it takes practice getting the dragonfly in the right position, make one mistake and he focuses only on the Bunnymen. I'll get there.
  12. So we can modify it on the client side? I have 32gb ram so I might be able to handle more.
  13. I always use the largest setting but figuring out an entire world in just 8-12 days makes it less interesting, I like the idea of longer journeys and undiscovered lands, the element of mystery. Larger caves might make it difficult to find ruins though. On the client end is it processing power that is the bottleneck or your internet connection speeds?
  14. Curator, The ability to make games interesting is an unappreciated quality and the over emphasis on killing skills does make the experience rather dry. Was in a game recently in which players were shouting out their accomplishments in speed runs, "got 13 orange gems", "killed ancient guardian", all in the first few seasons. Great, but there is so much more to it than just this, every day I come up with new ideas, yesterday I made stone "mile markers" with each set at a screen length.
  15. Most people come up with beginner, intermediate and advanced, I think there is room for one more, maybe expert. Just off the top of my head.. Beginner - A player who is still struggling to survive winter, knows a few basics but a lot of the world is still new to them. Intermediate - Can survive all four seasons and is learning how to deal with giants and the ruins. Advanced - Can handle any giant solo (with the exception of Fuelweaver), is very adept at exploring the ruins and has an in depth knowledge of crafting. Expert - This is a player who has advanced farming techniques, has developed significant exploits in dealing with the giants and can execute speed runs. How do you rate players, what do you look for in determining their proficiency?