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  1. I just use water balloons whenever something is starting out of range of my two flingos.
  2. Ancient guardian is very easy, I just let it charge then hit it with blow darts but a few armor and a tentacle spike works as well. You'll know the maze when you see it, getting to the AC is a pretty short path after that.
  3. Hi guys, thanks for advice. Yeah I used nightmare amulets and tried again with weather pains (of course I had lazy explorer). Brought in another player who is intermediate and even the two of us couldn't get the job done. It goes fine until it spawns hands and between moving out of the bone cages while dodging shadow creatures it was hard to kill all the hands. We did get that done twice, hit it with 60 more darts after that but that still wasn't enough. The enemy health mod doesn't work on Fuelweaver which makes it harder as we have no idea at what strength it is.
  4. I watched a video where someone used 40 blow darts and 40 gunpowder. Brought down a ton of supplies, life giving amulets, booster shots, gears, etc. Made six attempts and got him below 10,000 health each time but dealing with the hands and running all the luck, died or got very close to dying each time. The darts + gunpowder didn't kill him, only weakened. Oh well, I'll try again when summer/autumn comes in 40-60 days.
  5. Sent you a friend invite.
  6. No, unless they are burning entire forests.
  7. The objective should not be to kill Deerclops but to use it to farm wood. It usually lasts 1-2 days before it is taken down by treeguards, you get 60-120 wood and a dead Deerclops, all you have to do is keep it interested.
  8. I just join for a short term experience since long term is usually out of the question, it is more about doing stuff with other players than the missions themselves. Even though I'm a very experienced player I prefer playing with people new to the game or at most at an intermediate level. Playing with advanced players is boring, the world gets mapped in record time, they are harvesting the ruins within 20 days and killing the ancient guardian, the only thing left is the atrium. More fun to work in a challenging situation and being with beginners is like taking a friend to a favorite movie, you get to enjoy the game on their level all over again.
  9. Sure, why not? I have walls and fountains galore, it is nice to return to a base with atmosphere, like coming home after a day at work to a tidy house.
  10. I play exclusively now as WX-78, the 400 health and 300 sanity is such a time saver. Never saw the need to camp in the desert, I get my full stock of gears and a reserve of 30 and I'm set. Prefer to camp near swamp and grassy areas near the center of the map.
  11. What a great idea, I'd love to play in such a challenging environment.
  12. Have two sources of light, in the ruins you can easily lose one. Ruins aren't bad but the shadow monkeys are so numerous that your only option is to run so always have enough food/light in case of a prolonged chase.
  13. I can but won't be available until early june
  14. Oh, I thought the key was required to get to fuelweaver.