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  1. The sheer arrogance out of you is truly stunning. You've done nothing but belittle and insult people in this topic and speak as if you are representative of the playerbase of a multiplayer game. You're not. At all. I'm basically a solo player myself and I think you couldn't be further from the truth. Please get off of your high beefalo. Offering a mod as a solution to a problem that will otherwise not be solved is the definition of polite. It's a "here, this can solve the problem you are having" instead of "tch. nothin personnell kid" and saying you're SOL. When a person makes an unreasonable demand, the options are either to use a mod or to deal with it.
  2. Nothing to be concerned about, it's just me (this time). (Disclaimer: Not my art. Someone I know drew it)
  3. I think the page is just being hammered by the lurkers, i.e nothing wrong on your end.
  4. You can make an argument that datamining is cheating, but ultimately if a dev wants to do something that won't be datamined, the only real solution is not to leave it lying around to be found. Either that or have some real convoluted code stuff to scramble/split up the data, but once the real hackers enter the scene, they'll find that too. Sadly, the age of secrets was left behind in the early 2000s.
  5. Oh, whoops. Added the click cursor
  6. This guy has you covered.
  7. No more FRAPS!
  8. Interesting. I use the minimap HUD and the gesture wheel but haven't encountered bugs yet. I'll keep an eye on that mod in future.
  9. Really? What kind of bugs? Any reference topic handy? I've never had problems with it, but now I'm curious.
  10. He's about as durable as wet tissue. - A former Maxwell player. I'm considering trying him again now that I know how to not die and that non-duelist minions are worthwhile. Playing Wigfrid is fun but kind of low-hanging fruit, as other posters have mentioned. I mostly play WX these days.
  11. Don't forget re-sorting the inventories that people de-sort when they take and/or add items. I think that one is the most frustrating. I personally see stumps as free logs, even if they're an ugly sight to behold.
  12. On the note of crockpot recipes, OP, this mod is a tremendous help in case you're ever not-quite-sure what a recipe is.
  13. A small tip for future troubleshooting - You can use Alt and the "Prt Sc" (print screen/Sys Rq, next to F12 and Insert, usually) key to take a screencap of only the active window. Then you can host it on a site like imgur and paste it into a post. Example:
  14. I play exclusively with at least 1 friend. Typically one of two, rarely both at once. My other friends don't play DST anymore, which sucks. I've considered joining public servers that aren't hosted by my friends or I, but I am wary of extremely bad (unwilling to learn) players and/or griefers. Had a few of those when we hosted a public one time. I don't mind people new to the game if they'll at least listen. Those people usually turn out to make things far more enjoyable once they've learned the basics. Overall, I'm not sure I'd have bothered with Don't Starve in general if it weren't multiplayer, so I consider it a good thing.
  15. 1. Only harvest carrots and berries when you need them, especially juicy berries. They rot quickly and take longer to regenerate. If you do pick them, eat and/or cook them in a crockpot ASAP. If you're going to eat them as-is, consider cooking them over a fire as they restore more health that way, if I recall correctly. 2. You seem to have this one down, but rush gold for a science machine, then an alchemy engine. You can hammer the science machine once the engine is up to recover resources. Prototype a shovel and dig up a few bushes (and grass/saplings for that matter) that are a distance away from either the spawn portal or your chosen base location. Replant them at your base - more on this, in point 8. 3. Carry a logsuit and a spear on you at all times. Always equip them if you're fighting something - that damage reduction is no joke. Ideally, carry a backpack with half a stack or more of the following: Rocks, flint, logs, twigs, grass. Then you can usually make basic supplies on-demand. This is more of a preference thing for me than a general tip, however. 3. Meatballs, meatballs, METABALLS MEATBALLS. One of your main earlygame goals (Especially if playing as Wigfrid) should be to secure enough charcoal (see Arlesienne's post above) and cut stone for a minimum of one crockpot. From there, you can use 1 monster meat and 3 filler (berries during most of the year, ice during winter) to make meatballs, which are basically a starver's staple food, and why a number of mods on the workshop single them out to nerf :B Ideally you should make about 4 crockpots - 2 on the left, 2 on the right, with a small gap in the middle for a pair of fridges when you obtain gears. If you place the fridges first, you won't be able to squeeze the crockpots together properly and this can interfere with quickly cooking large quantities of food. If you secure regular meat and morsels, you could also make meaty stew from 1 monster meat (spiders/hounds), 1 meat (pigs?) and 2 morsels (moleworms/rabbits). Usually not very efficient unless you play as Wolfgang or an upgraded WX, but the option still exists. 4. Once you have a stable supply of metaballs meatballs secured, make your way to the caves (assuming that you added caves on worldgen - you should!) and harvest minimum 2 lightbulbs, but ideally around 10 or so. Then go back to your alchemy engine and make a lantern, or maybe two. Use the rest of the lightbulbs for refueling. Try to aim for a mining hat (Capture a firefly - secure silk from spiders) at your earliest convenience. 5. To fight (single) hounds effectively, run from it until it bites, then run in, smack it and immediately run out again as it bites, then run back in. Repeat until dead. With 2 hounds, you might be best facetanking until one is dead, then return to the kiting technique for the survivor. With 3+ hounds, I hope you have tooth traps set up or a cave entrance/beefalo nearby. Fighting them could be deadly otherwise. The cave entrance is for an obvious fleeing tactic (zig-zag as you run. The hounds will remain at the entrance until killed, so make sure to take care of them at some point or use a different entrance next time) and the beefalo are to be circled until the hounds lose interest you and attack a beefalo, at which point they get destroyed by the herd. This tactic can be used for giants with AoE attacks, or single-target giants if the beefalo are in heat, but I wouldn't normally recommend it unless you want the meat/fur/horns, and beefalo in heat are dangerous to you if you don't use a beefalo hat. Giants can quickly devastate small herds, and herds large enough to solo the giants for you don't exist for quite some time unless you have beefalo set to more on worldgen. 5. Craft a razor and thermal stone, then go to some beefalo during the night and shave them. You'll need the materials for a winter hat along with a thermal stone to stave off freezing. On this note, pre-craft a campfire but don't place it. This will be an emergency source of heat in the event you stay in the wilderness too long during winter. If you've used your emergency campfire and lack the materials for another, head straight back to the base. Don't get greedy. 6. When fighting giants like the Deerclops, try to lure it to a road to give you an extra boost in speed to avoid their AoE attacks. Run in, smack 1-3 times (depending on latency) and run back out. Repeat until dead. Try to bring 2-3 logsuits and spears to a fight with a giant and be advised that the Deerclops will home in on structures to destroy, if you abort the fight. 7. Try to catch 4 rabbits with traps to make a prestihatitator before spring comes, because the burrows will close at that point and you need to destroy them with a shovel to get rabbits (unless you hang out in the caves like I do). You'll need one to make a shadow manipulator later, which is important for emergency items like life-giving amulets (mentioned above). 8. Never use manure to fertilize anything, as it can be used to craft farms and mushroom planters (planters are currently ANR beta iirc). Use guano only to accelerate crop growth in farms. Use rot to fertilize withered plants like berry bushes and grass, and optionally to accelerate farm growth if you've got piles of the stuff. Essentially, rot has a small fertilization value and it's enough to restore bushes and grass, but manure (and especially guano) has a far higher fertilization value and it wouldn't be nearly as efficient to use for this purpose. Easy sources of rot are wet goop left on the ground in the early game (4 twigs in a crockpot) or light bulbs later on. You can harvest a tremendous amount of lightbulbs from the fields in caves and they rot relatively quickly. I could probably write a small novel on little tips and tricks, but I'd consider these some of the more important ones for the first autumn and winter. I'd recommend making a caves base for the summer. Surviving down there is far easier as you don't need to worry about wildfires or sinkholes - but you DO need to worry about falling rocks if you don't appease or kill the Antlion in the desert. Just make sure you don't stand near structures when you see dust falling from the roof, and keep running until the boulders fall. Oh and combat tip for worms; To fight worms, run around them in circles until their ground-tremor things bunch up. Then run in to bait their attack simultaneously, run out and quickly run back in to smack them around 5 times before running back out again. Wait for around 4-5 seconds, then repeat - they have a cycling attack pattern and the second cycle doesn't allow you to get many hits in. You can skip it by waiting 4-5 seconds before baiting again. Oh! One more thing. Try to find a walrus camp in the winter. If you run into Mactusk and his hounds, kill the hounds first. I typically facetank since time is important, as Mactusk is pelting you with blowdarts all the while. After that, simply chase Mactusk (holding F) until he stops running, at which point you can stunlock him to death. He respawns every 2 and a half days and can drop a tusk for the walking cane, or the Tam O' Shanter which is basically one of THE sanity-restoring headwear items. It trivializes sanity management in the caves.