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  1. try to switch off all mods that adds boss icons on the map, like where is my beefalo, giant map or something. It's a known bug with these mods
  2. just create map scroll and then learn it after you changed character. ez
  3. i think nothing can stop regrowth if you didn't disable it
  4. they can eat things now from last updates
  5. don't forget about sanity. Catcoon hat is ****ty Tam o' Shanter
  6. it's easiest way to refill lamps with fresh spores from fun caps, so, it's not only decoration
  7. playing DST without caves it's like playing demo. I don't know why you like it
  8. There is mine:
  9. look at it from the cave. it's obviously the chest
  10. Wait wait! Look on the second tablet! it's chest on him! You need to fill chest with combination of items you get from the puzzle!
  11. obviously it's thulecite and tragic tourch