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  1. A new problem arose :c The second image shows what my metheus puzzle was reset to. The first one is what my friend had when we did the puzzle. The symbols do not match, and thus making the puzzle completely unsolvable.
  2. Here is my steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Siersha/ and attached is my client_log.txt, though I'm not sure what kind of information you can extrapolate from there about the Metheus puzzle bug (?). client_log.txt
  3. I have the same problem. And, forcing a refresh of the page did not do anything. The pieces are still missing -causing the puzzle to be nearly impossible without massive amounts of guesswork.
  4. If you build a tile, the item should automatically jump up to the surface of that tile. If not, then the item will be buried and you will have to destroy the tile, sweep what's buried, and then rebuild the tile. If that's what you meant?
  5. Use a series of air locks in order to trap the atmosphere in your base. Doing so will make sure that the atmosphere inside of your air-locked region. A second, or third air lock just guarantees minimum pressure loss. Additionally, you can use a pump to diffuse the oxygen generated from the source to corners of your base that tend to take a while for oxygen to diffuse to.
  6. It is an extremely rare occurrence.
  7. Yes. They are actually tiles that are supposed to exist outside of the neutronium blocks. They are essentially black holes. From time to time, your world will have "void" tiles generated from within the neutronium barrier. It is suspected that this is a bug.
  8. You've already asked me that via message. to re-iterate, use an air deodorizer. Or, you can pump it outside of your base. Or, worse yet, purify it by super cooling it down to liquid form.
  9. Click here for the answer:
  10. Yes, there is. A dupe's decor level will rise up to the decor value of the tile they are on at a constant rate. While the decor level is above their expectation, they get a stress relief buff of -.2% per second. If they are under the expectation, it is +.2% per second. A higher decor value in certain locations ensures that the decor level is at its highest. This means that they can spend more time outside of that decor value before they, again, obtain the stress debuff.
  11. Yes, you can't have the night dupes only be awake at night, and the morning dupes only work in the morning. Either way, the increased effect isn't worth the half of a cycle's loss in productivity.
  12. To wake dupes up early, you can simply double click red alert. This also works on dupes with narcolepsy *hint hint*. Dupes do not have a schedule. As for the early bird buff, it works as they wake up from the sleep cycle. For the night owl, just before the sleep cycle. Also, the best way to completely remove the "interrupted sleep" debuff at this current moment is to never make beds in the first place. If they don't go to bed, they don't get the interrupted sleep debuff. They only get the "sore back" debuff. Which, in my opinion, is a million times less hazardous to your dupes.
  13. Temperature convections do not seem to be working correctly. Its gasses or other liquids that tend to heat up liquids. Direct block contact tends to bug out. For example, having water at the other side of igneous rock with magma on the other side of that, will not evaporate the water in some cases.
  14. Generally speaking, with just the algae in the starting location, and only 4-6 dupes, you can make the algae de-oxidizer last 50 whole cycles. The thing is though, getting all the research done takes only 20-25 cycles at most.
  15. It's all relative to their mass. Considering that, usually, at most, the average density of a gas in room temperature is 1kg/tile, and the densities of objects can reach levels of thousands of kilograms, it will take a very long while for the resources you want to cool down to actually cool down. With the recent hotfix though, that's not a problem since you can just super cool oxygen to absolute zero