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  1. A new problem arose :c The second image shows what my metheus puzzle was reset to. The first one is what my friend had when we did the puzzle. The symbols do not match, and thus making the puzzle completely unsolvable.
  2. Here is my steam profile: and attached is my client_log.txt, though I'm not sure what kind of information you can extrapolate from there about the Metheus puzzle bug (?). client_log.txt
  3. I have the same problem. And, forcing a refresh of the page did not do anything. The pieces are still missing -causing the puzzle to be nearly impossible without massive amounts of guesswork.
  4. oh man oh man, getting my hyped up sir noodog!
  5. Nice! Gas pumps working more like how they're supposed to; Small update, but a great one! Keep up the good work
  6. You can technically create water by making a giant vat of vomit at the bottom of your base.
  7. Here's my cycle 36 base. Currently, it is extremely efficient. However, I've been having problems with keeping my dupes busy. They all tend to go idle if I don't always try to work them to death. Yikes. Also, gas pressure was pretty trashy since I was using an air scrubber at the bottom of my base. It completely removes the CO2, and therefore decrease gas pressure. I replaced them with algae terrarium instead.
  8. Not sure if this is a bug or if it's intended, but whenever my dupe is on a massage table and it's time to sleep, they stay on the massage table instead. Additionally, dupes seem to never be rid of "interupted sleeping" debuff
  9. The carbon dioxide on the center right have stuck together since Cycle 30 or so, and have been accumulating on the side instead of diffusing evenly across the surface of the water.
  10. My dupe just happened to throw up into my main water source, and this happened. The contaminated water does not mix properly with the water. It neither spreads nor stays at equilibrium height with the water. It acts as it's own entity separate from water.
  11. I just realized it with the random suffocation notice. It's so random.
  12. In the picture shown, my Dupe is shown to be idle and is pacing back and forth when she's right on top of the job I ask her to do.
  13. So we get to reroll our stats on dupe creation over and over. But, we don't get to reroll our dupe's appearance once we get our optimal stats. It seems like a decent quality of life improvement. And, while we're on the topic of aesthetic, adding in a branch of research off of decor for Dupe clothing could be nice to differentiate your favourite dupe vs the dupes you would want to dump in a vat of toxic farts. Could also give them a passive stress alleviation buff.
  14. When can I throw my wallet at this game?