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  1. When someone leaves the supply of gears unattended.
  2. Wet goop can be useful because you can make it with just twigs and it turns into rot, fertilizer. Trail mix nets a lot less hunger than its ingredients, but the 20 health is extremely useful. Froggle bunwich is also great with healing, you can get 20 health back, and you can make it with just one frog legs, one veggie, and two twigs. The perfect food item to make after getting your butt kicked by frog rain. Meaty Stew is useful, all you need to do is use it just as you're about to starve. I agree guacomole and chilli are both kind of useless (the first being really weird to make), but at least you can summon two types critters with them.
  3. If I were you I would read the words of the gods themselves, the developer's logs.
  4. But what about Koalephant rights? Do you stand with me in my belief that blue Koalephants are inherently better than red Koalephants and therefore should be the masters of their sub-pachydermic red subordinates?
  5. You'll find the ancient guardian in a labyrinth, which is often filled with dingling depth dwellers, so watch out and walk on the very edges if their sticky webbing to avoid them (unless you're webber). Sanity can be an issue, so bring cooked green caps or taffy. Use the large indestructable pillars as cover if you need to. Also bring a life giving amulet or two and store it on your person, not in a backpack. You can haunt them as a ghost to revive instantly with no resurrection penalty. Or, if you're using the more equip slots mod, you can just wear it without having to take off your armor. Hope this helped.
  6. To me, the whole world of Don't Starve is kind of like a "show". You got a magician, a strong man, a mime, etc. There's stagehands and an observer/director enjoying the whole thing on their throne. I think Wigfrid was tricked like Wilson was by being promised a chance to be in the best play ever. This may be why she only breaks character when she's in darkness and no one can see her. Maybe she thinks she's getting a reward, like a pleated shirt?
  7. Did you also bring a nightmare amulet or two? Those are very important for the hands. Also, the weather pain is good for dealing with the tiny lil shadow creatures he spawns to heal himself due to their 1hp.
  8. This doesn't really belong there because the pictures don't have DS characters in them. Some easy photoshop (or ms.paint) should fix them.
  9. What if they're trying to get a wargling? Maybe? Fistful of jam and ratatouille make me more angery than monster lasagna any day.
  10. June 13th is my birthday so I'll be happy no matter what.
  11. This will be the good twin to my other thread. List things players do that you think everyone can learn something from. Here's my list: Making one of those gem sockets and then putting a gem in them to show the base on the map. It's really great if you want to help guide players to your base without them wasting time. Helping new players. It's always a pain, but I have respect for those people that explain good methods during the actual game. Enhanced learning for those players. Those downright saints that leave flint next to the portal. How can one person be that compassionate? Makes those newcomers much less crippled when joining an older world.
  12. Let's avoid the word HATE in this thread as best we can. What do you dislike the most that other players do? Lists reasons. Here's my personal list: Players that pick all flowers they come across and destroy any spider dens. This one is well known among these forums. The thing that infuriates me the most in on multiple occasions I have set up a bee box with flowers and put up a sign that said specifically NOT to pick the flowers. The flowers got picked anyway. Heck. Also, I've had it happen where a player walks away from my base with their brand new top hat. When I go to check, my spider den is nowhere to be found. Players that lack vital information about resources. The type of people that don't understand that digging up an unfertilized berry bush destroys it. The type of person that plants birch trees really close to the base. People that don't have any experience with the sort of thing, in other words. Rookie mistakes with huge consequences. Hey, it was all of us at one point, but in high levels it's overwhelming. Haunt-happy ghosts. I've had it happen on multiple occasions. Hound attack. It's before the first winter, so no worry about elemental hounds. Suddenly, a player dies and goes about haunting things out of bordom. They haunt a hound, it turns red. Goodbye pre-ice-flingomatic base. People that leave for good with lots of resources. At least drop your backpack! Then there's the thing I dislike the MOST. Idiots that make lists of things they dislike as if anyone cares.
  13. Honestly, I think it's better to be kicked immediately than to try to live in winter and just dying. It's always a pain when it's winter and a player joins and starts using up my saved resources. Even if the player is competant, there's not too much they can do confined to a base if there's not backup resources ready.