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  1. .../data/scripts/consolecommands.lua
  2. You might have come across a set piece with loads of reeds and tentacles before. That set piece is called a Reed Trap. You must prioritise killing all of the tentacles there because they might be the cause of your death later. There is a very easy way to clear the tentacles from a Reed Trap setpiece. The best way is to just set fire to the reeds which damages and kills the tentacles in the process. I've made it to day 600 so I don't want anybody telling me my advice is bad. Who should bother with how new players learn anyway? I just have a different line of thinking. So go on and burn those tentacles for me.
  3. Bee Boxes still produce Honey when unloaded. At a rate of one stage every day, if I remember well. It stays at the same rate regardless of flowers and winter as long as they're unloaded. A good amount of Bee Boxes can already feed Wolfgang at that rate. Nothing's wrong with having flowers around though. But usually it should be a luxury because of the amount of time it takes just to get a bit more honey production when Bee Boxes are loaded.
  4. Instead of waiting forever to catch a rabbit, just dig up the hole with a shovel. The earlier you can get magic, the better.
  5. I guess that means it's overpowered and that Klei should remove Kebab in order to maintain game balance.
  6. To be frank, I have been unreasonably hostile towards Mantas. Do know that I still hold respect towards Mantas, I merely believed that he didn't know what he was talking about until he proved that it works. I must admit that I should have tested this in-game first before calling it out very harshly. I've said before that I hate nobody and that I can be convinced. So, I apologise for being so hostile and I hope I may never make the same mistake again. About the tip itself, it worked better than I actually expected. I still don't think it's worth making though. However, this maybe could be used as a luxury late-game, with increased efficiency the more players you have. It may be a good late-game alternative if you have no combat characters like Wigfrid or Wolfgang on the team.
  7. I must admit, it was less rubbish than I expected. It may not be the best way to farm nightmare fuel, but it does work, so I believe I should apologise for saying it won't work. However, I still think that just learning how to kite the shadows is a better way to farm them as you don't need to spend so much time crafting bernies and shadows are already easy enough.
  8. You seem to have forgotten that his idea doesn't work at all. It's just a rubbish idea and the only people who think it's effective are people with a lack of understanding of game mechanics regarding Shadow Creatures. Oh, and thanks for quoting only one sentence to make it look like I never explained anything. If a stupid idea doesn't work, then it is a stupid idea that doesn't work. Fixed that for you.
  9. Why do I have to bother "looking beyond"? If you look too far ahead, then you won't see what's in your way. None of what you said made any sense. Saying vague statements is not going to convince me of anything, I know those are just because you have nothing else to say. All I'm saying is that Mantas's tip is rubbish. Just that. It's rubbish and it doesn't work.
  10. I literally just explained why Mantas's "tip" doesn't work. Frankly, I have to say that he absolutely has no idea what he's talking about. First, it's easy enough to just learn how to kite the shadows. Their attacks are so slow and have a very short range. They also deal very little damage if you wear armour. Second, one bernie or ten bernies won't make any difference. You only get up to two shadows at the same time anyway. Even if you get a hundred shadows, there will still be no difference between having one bernie and having ten bernies when it comes to farming them. Third, bernie only distracts shadows that aren't aggro to you. Shadows that are already aggro will just attack you normally, so having bernie around has zero benefit. So what is even the point? Just get a bunch of players to go insane and hold down their F key. No bernie needed. Last, I believe that every one should first have a good understanding of game mechanics before sharing a "tip" or claiming that a tip is "effective". Just because it's a new and original strategy doesn't mean that it's automatically good.
  11. You will almost never get more than two shadows from being insane. No point in having one Bernie, let alone ten Bernies. As for shadows in the ruins, Bernie doesn't attract them. Again, no point in having Bernie.
  12. If I know what I'm doing, then I would just learn how to kite to farm nightmare fuel instead of making 10 Bernies that won't even help much.
  13. Unfortunately wouldn't achieve that much. Meatballs are only good if you've got lots of monster meat and fillers lying around or if it's the only recipe you could make at the moment. I still prefer eating ingredients outright instead of turning them into meatballs.
  14. The best nightmare farming tip is to stop playing Willow and learn how to kite. Nightmares spawn slowly enough that you would almost never get 2 at the same time if you know how to fight them. You don't need Bernie at all because he only distracts nightmares that aren't already aggro to you. Not to mention that playing as Willow has that stupid freeze when insane downside, so you can't even farm during Winter, Spring, and Late Autumn. In my Bernie video, I kited the Nightmares in the laziest and sloppiest way possible. You could kite nightmares literally just by running at them, pressing F, dodging, then repeat. No baiting needed, just cancel your attack right as you hit then dodge.