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  1. i've made a mock-up on how a flat earth could work

    the ultimate goal is to have everyone be in the same timezone, or roughly at least, so that everyone can play online games together


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  3. sometimes all it takes to make someone happy is seeing a klei stream, what makes you happy?


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      vore, uh, i mean bible study

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  5. when your mum leaves the house and you start worrying and thinking about her so you hope she comes back home safely


  6. tfw you're walking down the pavement and you wave at someone and they smile then you smile back and everyone's happy


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  8. And? The reason I didn't include ice was because obviously nobody eats it for hunger. 6.25 hunger is 40 seconds of food while 15.625 is 100 seconds of food. You're wasting your time on meatballs for an extra 40-100 seconds of food. Just eat the ingredients raw. Food is not even that hard to obtain. Again, kill a beefalo for 15 seconds and get 32 minutes of food. Meatballs are a measly 6.67 minutes of food yet people think it's worth spawning pengulls and running around the map to mine ice for meatballs. The only reason people think meatballs were ever an issue is because they've never tried any other food and insist on wasting unnecessary amounts of time on a rubbish food item that spoils in ten days and barely restores any health or sanity. Mining ice for the sole purpose of meatballs is drivel and a waste of time. Farming monster meat for the sole purpose of meatballs is even more drivel and more of a waste of time. Not to mention that most people farm monster meat by committing all their time and resources into making and placing traps around spider dens. Ridiculous waste of time. Again, meatballs are only good for turning rubbish ingredients (monster meat, ice, red caps) into something edible. And even then, I consider baconeggs as a better alternative as it lasts twice as long, restores a good chunk of health, and only needs four monster meat.
  9. It's not. You can punch a butterfly for 9.375 hunger. Butterflies can be found everywhere. That's 2 seconds of punching a butterfly for 1 minute of food. Are butterfly wings an issue too? Or you can save the monster meat for bacon eggs, a much more useful recipe than meatballs and doesn't require any filler. Every 4 monster meat you have is a 50% chance of 20 health and 8 minutes of food. You can also kill a beefalo, which takes around 10-20 seconds, and you receive 4 meat. That's 10-20 seconds of work for 10.67 minutes of food or 32 minutes of food if you use a crock pot. It's not overpowered. It was never overpowered. Here's meatballs compared to common food you can find off the ground: Meatballs = 62.5 hunger 7 Honey = 65.625 hunger 5 Carrots = 62.5 hunger 7 Butterfly Wings = 65.625 hunger 5 Lichen = 62.5 hunger 5 Cooked Cacti = 62.5 hunger 7 Berries = 65.625 hunger 5 Roasted Berries = 62.5 hunger 7 Roasted Birchnuts = 65.625 hunger 5 Juicy Berries = 62.5 hunger 4 Roasted Juicy Berries = 75 hunger The only thing meatballs are good for is converting monster meat and ice or redcaps into something edible. It's basically just for recycling food that's useless anyway. If you used the time you wasted on trapping spiders and spawning pengulls instead on something useful like building a honey farm or getting meat for jerky, then food would be even less of a worry. Tell them that meatballs are rubbish and to start eating proper food. Hide your ice in a bundle wrap in the middle of four berry bushes.
  10. Don't do anything. Non-problem solved.
  11. @alainmcd I used dofile("../mods/"..self.modname.."/scripts/Player Scoreboard List.lua") and it worked terrifically. Thanks for the help!