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  1. So they can be used as spider and pig bait.
  2. You can do c_select():AddComponent('edible') on them.
  3. @icantevenname Seems like that's the problem. You could choose whether to add the function or to change this line: if not and IsValidVictim(victim) then ...into just this: if not then
  4. Ah, the problem was you created a new 'master_init' function when you only needed to put the two lines in the existing 'master_postinit' function. Fixed it here: chomper.lua
  5. That would help out.
  6. @icantevenname Where have you placed the code?
  7. Absolutely. R34 told me.
  8. Other "work" actions, like chopping trees or mining rocks, causes seasonal music to play. But fishing in a pond does not.
  9. The game stores information of what skin is being used and what is the UserID of the player that built it.
  10. He should teleport into the abyss when his health is low enough. The only way to kill him will be to use the Unteleportitator, which is given by domesticated Puffy beefalos after 70 days of continuous domestication. Though, these Puffy beefalos will only drop the item if for those 70 days, you only feed them farmplot crops. My suggestion makes sure that items which are barely used will be used. I will throw a hissy fit if Clay doesn't implement this because my suggestion makes perfect sense and should be added into the game.
  11. Thanks, mate! Looks like you've put passion in this, I definitely appreciate this fine piece of art.
  12. Place this line in master_init: inst:ListenForEvent("killed", onkilled) inst.hunger_steal = 0.1 --Percent of the victim's max health that's converted into hunger Then place this function before master_init: local function onkilled(inst, data) local victim = data.victim if not and IsValidVictim(victim) then local total_health = local hunger_steal = inst.hunger_steal or 0.1 inst.components.hunger:DoDelta(hunger_steal*total_health) end end Modified from wathgrithr.lua, but I haven't tested this yet though.
  13. BUG

    Speak american, mate.