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  1. A veteran will still be affected by character choice. An experienced player will always and objectively play better as Wickerbottom than as Wes. That has nothing to do with the topic, anyway. Again, you're trying to balance the stats, not the entirety of the game. That's not how game balance works. It's game balance, not stat balance. If you actually analyse Wilson, you would discover that he has one of the biggest downsides ever: He's not a better character. Because of this very huge downside and because his only upside is underwhelming, he is therefore not the middle-ground of the characters. As I said, Wilson cannot be the basis of character balance for he is not balanced to begin with. Not only is he unbalanced, he is also one of the most uninteresting and boring to play characters because of how bland his perks (or lack thereof) are. Wolfgang doesn't make the game easier, he does things faster. You could achieve what Wolfgang does as other characters if you just use your F key. If any character needs nerfing, it would be Wickerbottom and WX-78, not Wolfgang.
  2. During a full-moon, scarecrows should wake up and start wandering around. A sentient scarecrow would eat every food he sees, even ones inside ice boxes, much like the Bearger. A scarecrow could attempt to build structures by itself if there's enough resources lying around.
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  4. Four boards is 6 full-sized trees. 4 full-sized trees and 4 four stumps if you have a shovel.
  5. Bunny Hutches.
  6. Wolfgang isn't the best character. And if you honestly think that Wilson is the neutral middle-ground character, then you are clearly trying to balance merely around character stats, not around the game in its entirely. Wilson may look like the middle-ground when it comes to stats, but when you factor in the entire game and all other characters, he is undoubtedly one of the worst characters. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that Wilson is not balanced and therefore should not be the basis for balance. I could agree with this, but I believe the 'Gameplay > Lore' rule. I would still be fine with standard nerfs to his sanity if it doesn't affect his fighting ability. It's not like sanity nerfs matter anyway.
  7. Wolfgang means I get to hold F for a shorter period of time, which lets me do more things in my game other than staring at the screen and doing nothing but mashing the F key.
  8. We could say the the open beta, when it was available to the public, is Don't Starve Together's birth (11th of December) if it was just gestating during the closed beta and alpha stages. Open beta stage was when it was learning to talk and taking its first steps.
  9. Don't Starve Together's birthday is around the eleventh of December. Maybe earlier if you consider the closed beta.
  10. Most modders that make characters don't know how to balance. Hence why they think that speed boosts are just a small minor perk.
  11. Wolfgang is already a balanced and interesting character to play. It's just that most other characters are underpowered and have either boring or poorly-implemented mechanics. In my opinion, Wolfgang should be the basis for balance. Not Wickerbottom, not Wigfrid, and definitely not Wilson.
  12. And this, mates, is why speed boosts are underrated. Gobblers will walk towards 'vegetables' on the ground and are unresponsive to being attacked while doing so. Rabbits can be killed with melee. Tumbleweeds are actually polite enough to stop and let you open them. Opening a tumbleweed takes mere seconds of chasing. @DarkXero Anything that is a least a distance of 76 metres away from a player is unloaded and does not severely consume resources.