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  1. Whats the point of miner, chopper, and digger with 50 actions limit if you can do it easily by yourself? In the original game, there's no chops/mines/digs limit, which makes puppets incredibly useful.
  2. theory

    In the Post-metheus trailer, she picks up rose the fuelweaver left. I assume, she made us kill him to activate the gateway. Maxwell's quote on ancient mural: "I know why you led my back here. But it won't work." The fuelweaver does everything he can to deactivate the gate. Charlie doesn't help him, which means, that she probably betrayed him. (Fuelweaver's quote: "Lend me your power, one last time." means that once he was on Charlie's side.) So she led us to the gateway to kill the fuelweaver and activate the portal. I can't believe it was only to respawn the Ruins. It's... it's impossible... There should be something more about the gate. Maybe, she is summoning someone? Maybe we'll get more information about Winona the Fuelweaver?
  3. I live in Los-Angeles, California. I prefer players from US to avoid lags. I'm looking for players who want to have fun and ready to go to the ruins on Day 10 (ex.), not the ones who set up a base of a firepit and a chest next to the spawn point and grow corn/hunt rabbits/shave beefalos till day 300 and only then go underground for the first time. WorldGen: everything I want is no disease. Mods: I don't care, but I'd like to have no rebalance/character mods. Fav. Characters: Woodie, Maxwell, Webber, Wigfrid. Where I want to set main base: Surface: I like to be close to desert, deciduous, and forest. Caves: Blue mushtree forest. Misc about me: I'd like to build the cave base myself coz I have a design for it. Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198313156648/
  4. Thanks guys, I just have a quick question about Cyclum - does the orders of flowers matter?
  5. One stupid question: Do I have to have a tragic torch or not?
  6. Well... the beta branch is close to its end, so I'd switch to the main game.
  7. Not sure about that one though. Maybe it's just Russian translation.
  8. So the 1st question is should we capitalize Atrium and Ruins? I suppose, the Ruins are the name for those specific Ruins, not just any ruins, right? We do not capitalize other biomes/mobs because... um... for ex., werepig is not a name. But if you say the Atrium, it'll mean that this location is unique. Question #2. Do you pronounce Star-sky (Hutch's fishbowl) as [star-skee] or [star-skuy]? I know how to pronounce sky, but, as I know, there was a reference to "Starsky and Hutch" tv show, in which Starsky was pronounced as [starskee].
  9. Yep, it works! Thanks to you, @Electroely!
  10. There's 'windows' tag on the post. Will this work on Mac/Linux?