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  1. Nice thread Love the beef!!
  2. Nah that's too much rush. Just for Klaus you will need a lot of books. Four, five or more. You don't need tentacles for Goose, it's pretty quick to kill it yourself or just bring a few pigs with you so it is even faster. Best way to rush Dragonfly is frogs rain. It's not so easy to do that one with tentacles because of the way it moves. For Klaus, Bee Queen and Dragonfly you need special shapes and positioning of your tentacles, which takes some time and preparation, and I can say it's not easy to succed at first tries (Bee Queen is easy tho). Chill out, the best way to start the bosses-on-tentacles tour is Deerclops, so if you already know how that one goes there is not much more to say.
  3. Long times running around the ancient machine in the ruins until the shadows go off so I can craft my thulecite stuff. Damn them. Ewecus must be the best. A rude ewe performing karate kicks can't get any better. And it lets you get the most fluffy pet on earth.
  4. I used to main Wicker. On my first visit to the swamp I always tried to fight some tentacles until I get the material. It's a bit risky, but it can be done. You hit once, kite back, hit once, kite back and repeat. Of course after you can craft a spear and a wooden armor in case they hit you. Also, make sure there is only one tentacle on range while you fight it, any other around will give you hard problems. The other way, which normally is less risky, is to scout the swamp area during the evening. Merms will fight them and kill some tentacles while you run around. Then you can farm the drops, which also include tentacle spikes, a very nice weapon. If you want to minimize the risk, you can farm the drops during the morning, because merms will not be around. If you prepare your book before the first deerclops visit (day 30), look for a safe place far enough from your base to cast all the tentacles. I also recommend to build a stone fire close (but safe) to your tentacles area. This way you can locate it easily, you'll have a place to wait for deerclops that night without cold damage. Also, it helps you to make deerclops go where you want after spawning, as he will focus structures and he will go to your fire. After deerclops fight and next bosses you will farm all the book materials you want, and will also have AMAZING free infinite weapons. Wicker is awesome, enjoy!
  5. I posted right after having a look on that thread because I understood nothing . That link is in OP, so it was the first thing I saw.
  6. Is this puzzle thing related to DST? Or just a game you guys found? You get any DST item for making the puzzle? It's been some time I don't play and I'm a bit lost here
  7. Noooo!! How did that happen
  8. Wrong quote there, mate. No use can excuse the animal abuse. I'm not sure that grammar makes sense, but it kinda rhymed Free the Beef! Love the Beef!!
  9. Pudgy all day all time. YOU MONSTER.
  10. Btw I have this old screenshot from the day I domesticated my first (and only) beef that I love to show up everywhere I can and under every excuse possible, and it happens to relate to both these things... so here it is!! Wes + Pudgy, such a lovely combo. At the moment he has an ewelet friend instead of the brodling, for even higher cuteness levels.
  11. Wow @Amanda Pikachu your cave looks more confy than my bedroom. Both my Wicker base and the only cave base I made would scare away any kind of tidy human being. xD
  12. Great, mate!! I'm very happy to know you finally found the good part. Enjoy your fluffy friend
  13. My life was way easier when I got my beef, even when it is the pudgy one (less speed, less atack). Not only I cover distances way faster around the world, its speed is amazing for kitting all kind of enemies with no % loss on your weapons. Super good to run in circles during creatures fights such as wolf waves (damn I already forgot how are these called) against wild beefalos. I used to give him 1-2 salt licks in summer when I wanted to spend it in the caves, and when I returned on autumn the beef was still there and happy to see me Love the beefalo, it's an awesome creature. He will love you too!
  14. In a world where pigs walk on two legs and live in houses that could only fit them standind still the whole time, ewes perform karate kicks and there is a man who run faster right after having his dinner, yes why not.