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  1. Skool Tommorow

    why u make me wake up 6:30am?

  2. 'Wilson, in return, gets a punch in the 'place' '
  3. delet this
  4. Ban destros for being right for once in a while
  5. All Wilson did to change growing up is being lonely in a creepy candy house lonely house. And also pretty gullible trusting people on the radio. Like seriously How could Wilson do that? Maxwell was probs all like: "Sup want som nawlge?" Den Wilson be like: 'Life goals achieved'
  6. Looks promising
  7. Oooohhh! I didn't get any hats tho
  8. How'd ya get the prehistinator? How did you manage to get the new prehistinator in so little time?
  9. Maxwell's a bloody stalker 0-0
  10. I done it yesterday under 2 hours :/ Ban Bartholomeow for not meowing
  11. Wilson trying to identify the term 'Hot Women' I'm sorry
  12. Yes I know I said when the Metheus puzzle had its log on button " I won't participate in it " But I completed it

    In an Hour and 30 Minutes. (In AUS time I started it at 6:30 and completed it around 8, ish)

    Here is what me and my good friend MaxDamageAF got for the second part: (I'm not sure you can copy these..)

    His Part:



    Metheus 1.png

    My Part:


    Metheus 2.png

    We did the whole thing under two hours.

  13. Yes, the doof in the weird hair tends to die most and has childish quotes most of the time. Hehe
  14. Wilson can't survive one day. Can he? Let the hate comments roll in. I'm begging you pls no
  15. He'd eat his shirt instead.
  16. It was clearly a joke. Know that this forum has jokes, please..
  17. Wait till Maxwell see's this
  18. I don't think Klei will release Winon- *starts a riot*
  19. I have surfed the weird side of the Klei Entertainment Forums
  20. Shouldn't the torch be the Tragic Torch?
  21. I'm getting my braces in about 45 mins. I'm all excited and worried :/ 

    1. Master Jand

      Master Jand

      *DatShadowJK said; all excited and worried*

      Replace excited with traumatized and replace worried with scarred for life and you got what braces are actually like.

    2. DatShadowJK
  22. Albert is in the Bunny and Charlie is in Egg and Maxwell is still the banana
  23. The only character in my opinion that is good to play with in Shipwrecked is Wilson .-.
  24. Its Easter Monday for me becuz I is in Australia