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  1. I agree, if you want to play the game as Wilson, and NOT Wolfgang, and complain about Wolfgang needing a nerf, you DO NOT understand that every character has a downside. Some may be a bit, not harsh, but those are characters probably for those who just start the game...
  2. Sure.. Steam is DatShadowJK
  3. I finished metheus. I did it in an hour thirty Nowilsun4me Also those links gave me a heart attack xD I thought Wilson actually had words
  5. Aww..
  6. I switch too. Since I play wendo this is literally my thing Builder: Nah, I just nom food at base Hunter: When abigail has been summoned, I just destroy every spooder I see Explorers: When I want to find a rock den/ run away from a boss. I need to up my style. I think I am the Home Mama of the game. I'll only explore if I start at Day 1- Day 10. If I join Day 11+ I am literally just chillin' at base, cooking food (and eating it) and making things. NO ONE GIVES ME JOBS
  7. Me suffering the first two days of braces. Except the dog is my mouth and Bobbie is me.
  8. Skool Tommorow

    why u make me wake up 6:30am?

    1. DragonMage156


      That's even worse than 7am >_<

  9. 'Wilson, in return, gets a punch in the 'place' '
  10. delet this
  11. Ban destros for being right for once in a while
  12. All Wilson did to change growing up is being lonely in a creepy candy house lonely house. And also pretty gullible trusting people on the radio. Like seriously How could Wilson do that? Maxwell was probs all like: "Sup want som nawlge?" Den Wilson be like: 'Life goals achieved'
  13. Looks promising