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  1. ban watermelloooown for getting a rank .. thank you for your purchase?
  2. hmm.. If only it was webber.. 'PLAYTIME WITH BOBBIE AND FRIENDS'
  3. Ban watermeloooooownnn for not knowing what I intented and for being a meme
  4. frog
  5. ..Inappropriate, or funny? Funny
  6. Band Mr Jand (let the triggering begin) for not having Master Bate instead of Master Jand You gotta admit, your a master at baiting
  7. Ban Destro/melon/Jand for making this all about history
  8. Called It! ... Wait.. Somethings not right... Alberts cheating on Charlie..! "CHARLIEEEE!"
  9. Because she is 'touching' him. Pls no ban
  10. No it was Willow. She wanted to know how Wilson felt like ... Willowson intensifies
  11. Nah wilson was dead before he went underwater. (I wonder who pushed him in) Lucky little brat scientist
  12. Aww just make up and kiss already OC FIGHT
  13. "Speak Willy, I wanna hear your voice" Run