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  1. Ban watermelen for complaining about changing profile pictures when they changed theirs like 1000 times
  2. Ban Pyromailmann the guy from Thomas the Tank Engine for being an Anthropomorphic Train.
  3. *Shiver* Whats that black th- IS THAT A HOUND I SEE?
  4. Ban Master Jand for making it hard to read. But there is a thing called Copy and Paste, y'know? I probably increased lag opening this thread
  5. Happy Birthday

    didn't know it was today until I saw minespatch's post.


    Happy Birthday! :wilson_celebrate:

  6. Ban Giddy for having no badge for that.
  7. I tell you how you kill it solo.. One Hit Mode
  8. Ban the guy that is giddy for lying in their rank name. (I actually got fooled there once xD)
  9. 'Grabs out popcorn'
  10. Hey I said that! I know I did double post please don't kill me
  11. I did a thing.. Its a very weird thing
  12. Ban everyone for not mentioning the potato cup yet
  13. Ban watermelen for having a nome emoticon (How do you get that??)
  14. Favourite TV Show is Ending soon (Its a Disney Channel One) Don't Judge Me.

    So Sad. Literally the best show ever :wilson_cry:

    1. DragonMage156


      We haven't had Sky in years so I wouldn't know about that one, sorry :/

  15. Ban wolomoolon (this name is just going to keep morphing) for not taking jokes and swimming in the horrifying pool of Maxwell Memes (Don't lie I saw that post with @nome on the chair.)