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  1. Hey thats my mum
  2. Ban mobbstar for making discord lit
  3. Maybe because they're current game they are in is shortened to a server limit of 'One Player'? Ask them if they are playing one like this
  4. Ban watermelowns for making me revive this thread
  5. Wow I'm starting to get inactive.. Sorry 'bout that..

    1. Master Jand

      Master Jand

      Happens to the best of us. Don't worry.

  6. No, I have had this problem, Number two is most likely. 'Disabled for us'
  7. I'd see that movie
  8. I wonder if Wilson is thinking about making Maxwell a Rabbit
  9. Ban watermelen coz its underground you baffoon
  10. What. No? Dinem Dinem Dinem (Or, Mario Underground Theme) Ban LadyD for maymays
  11. Ban that fox above me for not being in the denim denim denim
  12. We do not tolerate those swear words
  13. @ImDaMisterL too much profile pic boi Is that the forbidden skin?