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  1. I haven't had time to fully develop my theory and will edit my post when I have but, assuming the ancients became the Shadow creatures, the Shadow Atrium is- in effect, their soul/being/essence of what they are. This would mean when you summon the Fuel Weaver it is not an ancient but rather a host for the Ancients to protect the Atrium. This would also suggest that when you drop below a certain amount of sanity you see the world as it truly is. (Glömmer means forget which is interesting because it gives you sanity) On the assumption that you see the 'real' world at low sanity the Shadows (or Ancients) try to kill you to prevent you from getting access to the 'portal' in the Atrium area. This- 'real' world theory is also supported by the requirement of being at low sanity to pass through the Atrium and destroy the shadow hands in the Fuel Weaver boss fight.
  2. I would like to join you. I can play as almost anyone but preferably Webber, Woodie or Wicker. Just message me and we can talk about it.
  3. This is an amazing idea and I would be interested in seeing how it will develop- I just wish I had people to play it with. I have a few questions: Do you 'hire' players? e.g Hiring a Wicker to use their books. How are the transactions made? Do you have a currency? If you do- what is it and what prevents one player from mass producing it and becoming rich while de-valuing it?
  4. The problem with basing in the oasis is that it can rain in summer which, still, prevents smoldering however there is a period of time where the rain has stopped and the sandstorm hasn't started yet so your base still can and probably will burn down so flingos still will be required. If something was done to prevent this from happening basing in the oasis in summer would be viable and allow you to save on a ton of resources (apart from fishing rods)
  5. I ask where base is because it is Don't Starve Together not Don't Starve. I play this game to play it with other people otherwise I would play the original. And just asking where base is doesn't mean I don't want to play- it means I don't want to wander aimlessly to look for the base or play the really slow and boring start. Due to the reasons above I will always take someone to my base and I have never encountered a griefer yet and, if I do I will kick them and deal with it because for every one griefer you get loads of nice people who just want to play the game with other people instead of making a base on their own.
  6. <3

    And if this is the case that means all the survivors must use Maxwell's actual name: William because the cards were all signed with -W.
  7. It would be great but most people wouldn't trade something which they could sell and just buy 2-3 of what is being offered originally. It would be great but the market gives people something to compare the "values" of items. However if it were different and there wasn't a market more people would trade and just use the in-game rarity system so 1:1 for Elegants instead of people basically selling their souls for the Wendy heads.
  8. I believe that Wolfagang is actually very intelligent but just not good at speaking English. This is shown by some of his quotes like: "I confuse... Is dragonfly, or dragon-fly?" Of course he loves food- and even there is no basis or evidence for it I think he is good friends with Wes possibly meeting him in France (Wolfgang has a quote about frog legs being a delicacy where he comes from). What I believe to be how Wolfgang got to where his is now below: (Mostly speculation and stuff I made up backed up with actual in-game quotes)
  9. Does this work in DS single player as well?
  10. I'm so sorry. I misread the original post. I thought it was strange you wanted to get rid of all your backpack skins even an elegant and that's why I asked. I'm so stupid
  11. @AFatCat It's a great thing you are doing but why would you give one to me?
  12. Plus he can farm nightmare fuel easily.
  13. I have the Canadian Boots which I will happily give to you for free. Just post or PM me your trade link
  14. Wes. Wes is the best character by far (Klei pls nerf)