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  1. Is your profile picture from the Muggy guy from the Old World Blues DLC in Fallout: New Vegas ?

  2. This is either a bug or you just don't have it activated. If you are positive it is activated you should report the bug on the bug tracker.
  3. I second that
  4. Maxwell for smash oni
  5. patiently waits for somebody to solo misery toadstool
  6. I don't have enough salt in my diet to be mad :3 bonus transparent!
  7. I have no comment
  8. You guys put the last post's desktop art in the FAQ. You get an F for plagiarism Kappa
  9. Rip page 100
  10. Why did you look that up?
  11. Is there a specific number of skins you will receive from the gift box?
  12. Can I get a Hot Lava key instead? No?....okay