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  1. I mean if you really need some glommer goop badly you can always kill him. 2 goop per kill. As a bonus you summon krampus too if you kill him. He respawns in the next full moon so you can always get him again.
  2. Ancient guardian is respawnable? actual ruins music? YES! Yes all of it!
  3. Well specifically about the ruins: 1. broken clockworks give better items (previously was frazzled wires, now it can be gears, gems, thulecite) 2. If you get a damaged clockwork from the broken clockworks, no lightning will occur 3. You have to traverse though the village biomes to find the military/sacred biomes 4. Many things in the ruins have more HP (damaged clockworks, ancient guardian) 5. Maze biome cannot contain nightmare lights 6. Sacred biome has been reworked, military changed slightly 7. There are more set pieces in the ruins, like 2 damaged bishops next to 8 ancient statues 8. Since dragonfly drops ruins gems, you can renew the ruins items (like thulecite and star callers staffs) much more easily than farming tumbleweeds 9. You are limited to one ancient guardian per world (I want a respawnable guardian Keli, please) 10. Nightmare cycles phases last way longer Thats about all I can think of right now
  4. I haven't seen this mentioned but using a birds of the and sleepy time stories allowes you to farm krampus super fast, giving you a good chance to get a krampus sack if you do it for a few days. Edit: thulecite is also renewable in DST. Craft thulecite suits with the construction amulet and save 1 use for a deconstruction staff to break the suits for a profit to 10 thulecite from 2 green gems.
  5. See, the change I would like to see for the guardian is to make him respawn. Possibly use the shadow atrium to make him respawn, since that also currently has no use
  6. I would like to see some challenges for aquiring rare items like krampus sack, brooding pet, glowcap, etc.
  7. This is absurdly expensive, but wicker can fall asleep if you eat a mandrake.