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  1. Webber is quite literally the most over-powered character in terms of self-sustaining survival, he can camp in his base with multiple nests and never starve. Adding him another excluse feature that boosts his survival makes him even stronger. He already has benefits from Monster Meat, he doesn't lose any health or sanity on consumption, that includes Monster Lasagna too.
  2. That's some nightmare fuel, I can't imagine her thick body being ruined for game play reasons!
  3. This is a nerf? If so the recipe must be expensive, right?
  4. I heavily support this, the removal of permadeath in DST, truly kills the DS aspect of it. However I think that banning is too harsh, it would be more dynamic if once a player died, they would keep being a ghost, but invisible, literally invisible. Close to a "spectator mode". The ghost would only revive through a touchstone otherwise it's permadeath. This can concept can be kind of modded through removing tell-tale hearts, but I think an overhaul would be better.
  5. I was about to say a point but, then quickly realized people aren't taking this thread seriously. Not that it mattered because it will be disregarded and countered with "my different playstyles and blah blah blah", which translates to people saying different play styles have different rewards, regardless if one play-style is clearly superior more than the other, thus I won't even bother. As for @Ressayez, I totally agree to some extent, nerfs shouldn't happen in any game, instead buffs should be implemented to balance an empowering character, because nerfs literally remove the unique aspects of a character.
  6. At i At first I was skeptical thinking this is a troll thread, but Pingu himself actually came. So much win.
  7. I can't believe you genuinely took time to mention almost every single person in the klei forums in this thread. I don't think this should be implemented, wes is already over-powered, I think he needs a nerf over wigfrid/wolfgang/wickerbottom. wes is bes.
  8. Well, there's beta, but it's only on for a few days before they update it to the live version. Adding more servers would cost them more expenses, if anything they should be adding moderators or admins to their current servers, official employees!
  9. Yes! Exactly! Maybe cut the health of the person reviving by 1%~5%. This would make Veteran players suffer more while newer players suffer less. Even possibly they should tweak the booster shot too, make death penalties more intimidating.
  10. This would prove rather extremely useful, maybe it could be Alchemy technology and a tad expensive to craft to make it somewhat compensating for the player being able to detect disease? If you ask me, disease isn't hard to come by, it only requires more bushes and manure which only makes the game more "farm-like" which is one of the reasons I disable it most of the game. I do agree on "check-disease-o-matic" .
  11. I'm not a big fan of telltale hearts, they remove the aspect of perma-death way too much. Don't Starve is arguably harder than Don't Starve Together, because one mistake and it costs your life. In Don't Starve Together, if you make one mistake, it's negligible as there's telltale hearts. If you ask me, telltale hearts should be completely removed, they remove the whole aspect of trying to "Survive" and will make the game a lot harder and fun, at least as a challenge. Telltale hearts should be at least tweaked the crafting recipe to be harder to craft, or the health penalty being much bigger. As for the 'everyone is dead' countdown, it's supposed to reflect DS world regeneration upon death. I do however strongly agree with you, about the telltale customization options, as well for the sanity drain of a ghost, even perhaps it's speed.
  12. The unique Tim Burton art style has got to be one of the biggest selling points that differences Don't Starve / Don't Starve Together to all survival games.
  13. The lyrics and the soundtrack are phenomenal compared to the aesthetic presentation.
  14. You're all, All Stars. I genuinely enjoyed this song un-ironically as a kid.
  15. Why? The game is nowhere based around PvP, you said it yourself in a previous post If anything they should be adding PvE or Co - Op game mechanics that aim to make the game more team oriented. Funnily enough, Klei added four game modes, but none of them actually change the mechanics of the game. Seriously, I was expecting " Competitive" mode to have PvP changes and such. This would be an amazing suggestion if Klei implemented the game modes to actually have an effect on the game, specially competitive mode..