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  1. Webber is quite literally the most over-powered character in terms of self-sustaining survival, he can camp in his base with multiple nests and never starve. Adding him another excluse feature that boosts his survival makes him even stronger. He already has benefits from Monster Meat, he doesn't lose any health or sanity on consumption, that includes Monster Lasagna too.
  2. That's some nightmare fuel, I can't imagine her thick body being ruined for game play reasons!
  3. This is a nerf? If so the recipe must be expensive, right?
  4. I heavily support this, the removal of permadeath in DST, truly kills the DS aspect of it. However I think that banning is too harsh, it would be more dynamic if once a player died, they would keep being a ghost, but invisible, literally invisible. Close to a "spectator mode". The ghost would only revive through a touchstone otherwise it's permadeath. This can concept can be kind of modded through removing tell-tale hearts, but I think an overhaul would be better.
  5. I was about to say a point but, then quickly realized people aren't taking this thread seriously. Not that it mattered because it will be disregarded and countered with "my different playstyles and blah blah blah", which translates to people saying different play styles have different rewards, regardless if one play-style is clearly superior more than the other, thus I won't even bother. As for @Ressayez, I totally agree to some extent, nerfs shouldn't happen in any game, instead buffs should be implemented to balance an empowering character, because nerfs literally remove the unique aspects of a character.
  6. I can't believe you genuinely took time to mention almost every single person in the klei forums in this thread. I don't think this should be implemented, wes is already over-powered, I think he needs a nerf over wigfrid/wolfgang/wickerbottom. wes is bes.
  7. Wigfrid has 25% passive armour, extremely renewable cheap armor and too easy to play as, best starting early game inventory. I used to think she isn't OP when I started this thread, but by the end of it she clearly is over-powered. I used to think Wolfgang's 25% speed boost wasn't linear, disappointing to find out it actually has to deal with hunger, most of the time you're 10-15% faster which is a minuscule difference to other characters, not to mention even his health decreases if it's below 300 hunger when Mighty which even makes taking track of his health and calculating the damage of being hit by a mob even harder. Then there's his most important perk, the 2x Damage, which only comes into play at less than 2 seconds, because you're dealing 1.25x - 1.99x damage otherwise. My solution is to remove this linear dreadful change in mighty form, and instead make him starve from 3x, to 4x hunger while making his health 300 constant HP and his damage multiplier constant 2x, also his 25% speed, until he reaches 101 hunger in which he changes from mighty to normal, from normal to wimpy. Even make his sanity modifier from 1.1x to 2x considering he has constant 2x damage. A lot of people are going to argue with me that the linear perk is a skill, feeding and keeping him at 299-300 hunger is a skill, but if you ask me, it's clearly bad character design considering Wolfgang allegedly is supposed to be a combat character, not a stuff-a-ton to unlock his abilities, which even then decrease in his buffed state. My solution isn't to make him much more significantly stronger, it's to make him a much more reliable combat character, because that's his character design. This makes me now realize why Wolfgang is one the most under-played characters in the game. Nerfing her isn't the way to go at all, it would take what makes her unique as a character, instead other characters should be buffed/reworked in order to compete with her character design. Why is this thread still going? Let it die.
  8. I would love to play on a big server with my a couple of friends, even if it's semi-vanilla! Say, when will it be up? Do you need my steam community ID? Do you want me to add you?
  9. Can we move on already, how about instead of lurking in this already long over-due dead thread, you give me your opinion on the next one I made? this isn't 4chan stop using implying/qutotation marks
  10. Finally a well thought reply that isn't from Beegezy or FTR with their continuous small detailed debates and rebuttals.
  11. alot of the community must be concerned about the charlie meme
  12. That awkward moment when I realized Smash Smouth had ripped this artist/band off. The pain never ends...
  13. I don't mind, bring in the dnak may mays!
  14. Uploading a bunch of anime parodies of don't starve. Promise to upload a bunch more tommorow!