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  1. I've tried to give my mod character a custom sound set but I can't hear a thing. I doubt the problem is volume since I got the sounds from the Sound Resource. The character I'm working on is the Sunflower from Plants Vs. Zombies for reference's sake. More specifically, the Garden Warfare kind. I have the feeling that I used too many sound clips per category, but this is my first time trying this out, so I dunno. What are some common mistakes people do when trying this? That might help me find the problem.
  2. I did. I must be missing something. The Taunt and Spawn sounds are the Talking sounds. Also, I haven't done the Emote, Ghost, Pose, and Yawn sounds. Sunny.zip
  3. Now I feel like the problem is that I didn't include all possible categories into the mod.
  4. Thanks for the help!
  5. A character I'm working on is a plant. So it doesn't make sense if she loses sanity from rain. How do I make it so she gains sanity instead?
  6. I did something wrong, and I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do. Line 40 is the inst.components.sanity.custom_rate_fn = function(inst) part. What does it mean by it isn't declared?
  7. I want to say yes. I'm not exactly sure, still new to this. Is it the files in the anim zip folder? Do I fix the problem by copy and pasting those files from the template and into the mod's? And would this tool help move sprites? The character I'm working on has a wide grin, so the default cheek placement looks off when eating.
  8. I still want the item slip chance, so which doesn't affect that?
  9. In a previous character mod, I shifted the hair sprite to the far back since it's originally between the torso and head. Now I'm working on a new one, and can't get the hair sprite to go back to normal. Since I've asked that question, my character won't even show up now...
  10. I'm having trouble with layers, will this help?
  11. I have an idea for a mod, a character that produces a custom item at regular intervals. Though I have no idea how to do that. Or where to even begin.
  12. No, reorder as in place the hair sprite at the far behind while facing the screen, and then the far front when facing away from the screen.
  13. Does anyone know how to have changes made in the spriter reflect the character in game? I'm using the pigtail sprites to make it look like my character has long hair that moves as she does. It looks fine from the front, but not from behind. So in the spriter, I moved the right pigtail to match the head's outline. But it doesn't show up in game. How do I make it do that?
  14. It works, but it's trying my patience. Anyway to reorder the sprites? I wanna try to use the hair sprites again, but as previously mentioned, the hair is between torso and head.
  15. The pigtails 0 and 1 are used for both the front and the back.
  16. Tried it, it seems to be on a layer behind the head, but in front of the torso.
  17. That's the problem, if I did move it so it's aligned from the back, it won't be for the front.
  18. Thanks for the tip!
  19. I'm working on a new mod, a demon lady. I want to give her the perk of not feeling hot or cold, but I have no idea how to. Can someone help me?
  20. Remember when I couldn't figure out how to give my character a custom item? Good news: I figured it out! Bad news: It won't show up... At all. Heck, it doesn't show up when I drop it. Also it can't be described and when the mouse is hovering over it, it says MISSING NAME. Can I get help with this? If not, at least tell me how to make an item craftable? Toonakie with Tail.zip
  21. I guess I can jus' drop the idea for now, maybe try it again from scratch some other time.
  22. I found a very simple wand mod on these forums. By very simple, I mean it only had graphics and the ability to equip it. I looked through files to figure out how to use it as a tool, weapon, ect. And I replaced the images with the tail. Though the strange thing is that I do have the ANIMs inputted into the prefab, which what I didn't do when my character wouldn't show up.
  23. Would this also work with speech scripts? I'm taking a shot in the dark as I say all this, could one be able to make a speech script along side the original (Say that the original is "speech_disguy" and the skin speech is "speech_disguy_formal") and under that CurrentModdedSkin thing, you specify to use "speech_disguy_formal" instead of "speech_disguy"?
  24. A thought occurred to me, any highly skilled modders out there, think it's possible to change stats and perks based on the skin being used?
  25. I'm still working on the same mod I keep running into problems with. I've recently found out about the .png to .tex conversion program. I'm glad I did, because I had no idea why the various character icons wouldn't change for weeks, though there's still something I don't understand. I convert the .pngs and stick the oval portrait and name .texs into their respective files. When I get to my character's loadout screen, the game crashes. Yes, I did change the name and oval portrait .xmls like I was instructed to. I must be missing something, but don't know what.