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  1. We have this thread every week.
  2. This may seem fairly obvious, but in addition to what's listed above, work on your kiting. With practice, you can walk away from boss fights like Deerclops and Bearger without a scratch.
  3. I have never seen a character so unbelievably, gamebreakingly overpowered that it ruins the entire game, that is until I played "Don't Feel Strave Together" and was introduced to "WESLEY THE CLOWN." Every server I frequent is filled with Wesley players and I'm getting SICK and TIRED of it. There is no company I can think of at the moment that would allow this sort of thing in their games, so why, Clay? Don't you care about the Woodman, Williamson and even Wickersnipper mains like myself? I REFUSE to give into it, I won't play such a disgustingly overpowered character. He needs to be fixed, because at the moment there is no reason to play any other character. I have to literally beg my friends over Stem to get them to play someone other than Wesley. It's sickening how conditioned they are to playing such an easy character. So please, Clay, fix your game and nerf Wesley and whatever you do: DON'T PORT "Wani the Surfer" over if you ever decide to make "Don't Feel Strave: Shrimprekt Together."
  4. You say that as if there was something to destroy to begin with...
  5. Why would you put your guide in Times New Roman and then size it down, I know not everyone will have trouble reading this, but please ... You're hurting my poor dyslexic soul.
  6. Hey, in all fairness everyone was warned. We had to clean out the skeletons on a daily basis.
  7. I hope that didn't mislead anyone into thinking you need multiple night lights, I was just reusing the same setup to show that even with multiple, the radius and strength is just too small to stack (with anyone who isn't Willow.) I'd like to point out here that the glowcap and mushlight are both Toadstool drops, meaning they're your reward for slaying a beast with 50 000HP or Klaus, who is significantly easier, but still may take multiple attempts (meaning multiple winters) to get the intended drops. Still, I agree. Buff the strength of the insanity aura and radius in which players can be affected.
  8. This is the ideal team, you may not like it, but this is what peak team composition looks like.
  9. All joking aside I'm going to have to side with The Curator on this one, the Hamburglar is definitely one of the strongest choices with her signature crockpot burger recipes and lesser known ability to steal burgers from enemies for a bit of health and sanity.
  10. Ahaha... Are you sure that any character would be able to manage this on a daily basis...?
  11. Wes, for he is the best.
  12. Of course! They count as fire source, she gains sanity from fire sources and nightmare fuel is abundant in the ruins. I can confirm this to be false, it also makes for a poor sanity spa in stark contrast to using a row of 4x4 evil flowers, the range and insanity aura is quite small.
  13. As is they make a fine addition to ruins bases when playing as Willow.
  14. You're a monster, pugly. He's actually a pretty nice guy, if a bit stuck up sometimes.