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  1. The people of the Klei forums sure are "pretty freakin' awesome." In-game, considering the fairly large player base, you're bound to run into a variety of players. You'll be banned on sight with some, because unfortunately someone didn't set their server to "friends only," you'll meet long-term friends, standoffish folk, people in the middle of "tests" (spawning in one thousand Deerclops' just for the sake of it), and yes, you'll run into the occasional troll or griefer looking to wreck havoc on a dedicated server. I've had some pretty nasty experiences myself with DST, one such experience recounted in a now deleted thread when a member of these very forums told me to eat lead, however, I still wouldn't decry the DST community and its player base as being a toxic or even subpar, competitive FPS games definitely take the cake. Thank you for the self-criticism.
  2. You only need to defeat the Bee Queen to get this item! Only the Bee Queen! Please nerf, Klei, and nerf all other raid boss drops while you're at it, I don't want any payoff for my troubles.
  3. It doesn't make sense because it's unrelated and a
  4. Don't feed him, he's bringing over his drama from another thread into this one unnecessarily, without bothering to skim through the single page of replies.
  5. Nah, mate, it really isn't, I don't think somebody read through the thread
  6. Oh yes, quite clearly. This is the equivalent of calling the Scaled Furnace overpowered for giving the player a small, infinite heat/light source as a reward for beating DST's Dragonfly. Let's just make it into a fire pit with a slightly longer duration, because this item is breaking the game as we know it. Snark aside, I don't think it's overpowered, especially considering you now need to defeat the Bee Queen to obtain it. This is no longer an item that will let you glide through your first winter with the ability to hoard four stacks of jerky and cactus per parcel, this is an item the player will likely receive well into their playthrough, likely beyond the first year, at which point a player and their team has seen the worst the game can throw at them, minus the raid bosses. Is an item that makes trips across the map a little easier all that bad? The nerfs the item needed, it has gotten. Now the player has to work hard to obtain it, what more do you want and why?
  7. There's a server side mod for this, I use it on my PvP servers. Torches, along with tools.
  8. First off, have you explored the entire world? It could be that you've missed a patch, the Gigantic Beehive always spawns in the grasslands surrounded by two killer beehives and about a dozen regular beehives, look for this on your map. If you have explored everything and you still can't find it, you might just want to spawn it in using the prefab "beequeenhivegrown" or generate a new world if you aren't too far into this one.
  9. Dlc

    Golly, I wish you'd given us a bit more information here! If you're looking for a multiplayer experience, buy Don't Starve Together as opposed to Don't Starve or its respective DLC. You get an additional copy upon purchasing Don't Starve Together for a friend of your choice.
  10. Guess you don't utilize world hopping or the deconstruction staff, or the wiki 24/7, like I did, and still do. I hated Adventure Mode in Don't Starve. I like to have a place to come back to after a journey across the world for the resource of the week. Can't really comment on what you're talking about there, though. I'm still on the fence about buying the game, I loved Don't Starve, but I don't love simulation games, especially those that are grid-based, they drive me up the wall because my brain demands symmetry, patterns, and essentially perfection.
  11. I think I see what you're saying. You know, if I had it my way, I think I'd just remove Abigail entirely, we need to teach these Wendy mains how to survive like men. What is this, a baby game? A game for little babies who need their minions to fight the big bad Deerclops for them? Real Don't Starve players know the only true way to play Wendy is without Abigail and without weapons. That's right, Wendy, in actuality should be restricted to beating mobs to a pulp with her bare fists.
  12. The characters all already hold things in both hands, that's what happens when you just flip your animations to cut corners.
  13. Not an issue in DS, as Wilson is the first character the player has access to, but in DST... I've run into a few people in their first few hours of play, a couple of them had unknowingly chosen the challenge character. Regardless, I can't say I feel as though any character ruins the survival experience. To get WX's max stats requires over a dozen gears and surviving until you can get those gears, and then once obtained... be permitted to use those gears by the server host and company, the best of luck with that if there is multiple WX players.
  14. Don't Starve is eventually sustainable, it's not a fair comparison. Still, it takes a long time to get to the point where you've completely run out of things to do, and even when all the monsters are slain, there's still a base in need of remodeling, my favourite. I'd like to know if the resources will or will not eventually cease to exist. Even if it means you need to work your ass off from beginning to end to have a colony that doesn't implode, I'd be willing to do just that.
  15. Alas, an infrequent return from Ressayez to see "what's up" with DST updates and the users of this very forum. Here's a thought: We don't need any more nerfs, and no character in this game as of the time of writing this is "overpowered." Why advocate for nerfing characters when no character is clearly game-breaking or overpowered? A quick review of who I've seen decried as overpowered recently: Wendy, Wigfrid, Maxwell, Wolfgang, Wickerbottom, Webber, WX-78, (DS) Willow, (DS) Woodie, this is nearly every character excluding Wilson and Wes. I repeat, this is nearly every character excluding Wilson and Wes. This game and its single player counterpart are tough, or at least they can be when a player is first starting out. Eventually the player will learn the ropes, and eventually if they stick around they can learn how to bend the world to their will through use of fire farms (that may I put a reminder here, a good fire farm in DST requires a Star Caller's Staff, a late game item from The Ruins, not to mention the many gears) or mass production of Wickerbottom's "On Tentacles," ect. However this is only after many hours spent of trial and error and/or the occasional reading over at the Don't Starve wiki. In addition to the prior experience needed for the player to enjoy DST's equivalent of fully automated gay luxury space communism, it requires time and patience. Though I've never personally built a fabled "mega base" with dozens of bunny hutches situated next to spider dens, I can't imagine feats like these were done within an hour. Complaining and asking the development team to nerf a character because they have different stats, items or powers, is just plain silly. A character and their perks making a task such as slaying weak enemies, chopping wood, creating torches for the night or management of their various stats easier, does not make a character overpowered, it makes them plain old empowered. Yes, that's right, Woodie gets an axe that eliminates the need for worrying about the tool's durability or the costly ingredients (a whole piece of flint and a stick) needed for construction of axes and an alternate form that in DST makes for a good nightmare farmer and gatherer of berry bushes. A character that requires the player to be of high skill to properly use them should not be considered overpowered, and neither should a character like Wigfrid with her alternative resource armour and her x1.25 damage modifier. On top of that, balancing of this game's cast is not a huge issue to begin with as it's not a competitive game. Nerfing every character that isn't Wilson or Wes because they could potentially be "overpowered" when in the right hands is not only ridiculous, but is taking the fun out of these characters, and this is coming from a guy who takes the fun out of everything. In conclusion, Wes is overpowered and needs to be nerfed. His ability to go insane ON THE FLY, RIGHT AS HE SPAWNS IS BREAKING THE META GAME.