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  1. How could you not include WOLFGREG AND WIGFRIDGE?!
  2. Agreed, OP comes off as a pretty inexperienced player. Nightmare fuel is ridiculously easy to come by once you've learned to kite crawling horrors and terrorbeaks and Maxwell can utilize his minions for perpetual unending insanity. I don't see how the ability to level an entire forest for logs/living logs in one fell swoop is negated by you not wanting to dispel your minions when you're finished. Same goes for quarries and marble forests, go and get stacks of rocks/nitre/flint/gold/marble and dispel your minions, I'd say that the four nightmare fuel it costs for the maximum amount of minions (this is considering you get back four from dispelling them on your own accord) makes these tasks worth it. I'm sorry that you think Wickerbottom is an underutilized character from being on pubs/setting your server to public, I assure you, she is not. Try asking some of your friends if they are willing to come on and craft you some books and if you don't have any friends with the game or who are unwilling to help out, make some who have the game and won't mind lending a hand. Hell, I'd be willing to do this simple task for anyone if they can provide me with the materials and crafting stations. This video by @JohnWatson might help you, though he uses Wolfgang, kiting nightmares is possible with any character, no speed boost is needed.
  3. It's correcting Goose/Goose to Goose/Goose, why...
  4. No, in fact most of the characters used "it" in reference to the giants, specifically these ones. In regards to the rest of the giants, feminine pronouns/titles are used for: Goose/M oose (despite having antlers), Dragonfly, Antlion (despite having a large mane) and Bee Queen. It's really hard to say something like "the Ancient Guardian looks very male" with something like the Goose/M oose both having antlers, being part m oose and laying gigantic Goose eggs. It should be noted that no characters seem to contradict each other when referring to a giant's gender. And also the Deerclops has a giant set of antlers, too...? Female deer and m oose do not normally have antlers.
  5. Yes, the characters refer to these giants as "he." I left out Bearger because it's not specified, if I'm correct.
  6. Errr... This doesn't take into account the Deerclops, the Ancient Guardian or Klaus.
  7. Yaranaika?
  8. Oh good lord, do you take me for an idiot? I know.
  9. But he's suggesting that you use a command, in the suggestions section, so I think it all balances out.
  10. Actually, I think all of you masochists would just adore this.
  11. Time to beg Sir Jackenstire to bring Wrath of the Giants to DST.
  12. All you need to know is this: DST: Spat can breed. DS: Spat can't breed.
  13. wtf is point to playing warly? why use any recipe but metbal any character that punish u for eating metbal is a bad character and certainly not op