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  1. So many nice drawings! And the stream was really good! Aaah! This is what I had time for: Summerbreak, soon, soon, soon. Don't Starve Together and icecream. Only a few more days.
  2. Shipwrecked Together confirmed?! Atleast this is an awesome start.
  3. 'Quick Draw Webber'. After reading the title I expected a new Wild West cowboy skin set for Webber. Feeling disappointed.
  4. Actually, the chest skins make organizing items in chests a bit easier. If you have more than one chest skin you can color code your stashes. Atleast it's helpful for daydreaming players such as myself. :v
  5. I ordered a Calico Chester together with some other items when the sale of the reopeningen of the Klei Store took place. All of the items were supposed to come with a redeemable code, but the card for the Calico Chester was missing. After e-mailing the customer support at Indiebox ([email protected]) I got a reply with a code by e-mail for said item. It didn't take long for them to reply. Technically I received my code, but it would have been alot nicer to have the card for collecting as well. Not all Klei merchandise come with redeemable in-game codes but it is always written on the item description on the store page if the item comes with a code or not.
  6. Is it possible for her to join any other game? Can you join if she hosts a game?
  7. But yeah, a fire Vargling would be nice. As would a few more pet skins in general. I am sure that Klei won't disappoint us.
  8. We need the Crabbit from Shipwrecked as a pet (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).
  9. @MenaAthena Your art is super cool! Well done! Also, thanks @ImDaMisterL or whoever is the the kind person behind the curtain who added the link in my profile. And thanks to Klei for being awesome! ONI is coming along nicely. In my dreams the developers of Klei have ten arms each and a magic bucket full of extra hours and simultaneously work on Don't Starve Together updates, a new Invisible, Inc. DLC and Oxygen Not Included. If only...............
  10. I tried to visit but it just throws a 404. T__T It was my best take on guessing the next part of the Metheus puzzle but since it didn't work I feel resigned.
  11. Nice that you tried changing the core affinities in practice. Too bad it didn't have any impact on CPU utilitization. I don't have anything to back up my claims, sorry. Once you start a new world on a dedicated server, without any players, the CPU usage shouldn't be extremely high. I also find that a bit strange. I was thinking that maybe the server is still populating the game with different things, even once it has loaded (like world regrowth), but 23% CPU usage does indeed sound hefty for a freshly started and uninhabitated game. When I start a non-dedicated game on my poor laptop, it actually runs smooth for the first few minutes, but as time goes on and the world gets populated with different entities my laptop succumbs. The amount of "junk", like cezarica wrote, seems to have a big impact (even things off-screen). With that said, DST runs way better now though, in comparison to a few months ago, on the same machine. Kudos to Klei.
  12. We can always hope for a slip of the tongue or subtle hints to appear the ONI stream.
  13. Oh. Thanks for the correction!
  14. Nice, thanks! Edit the title and add a "[CLOSED]" at the beginning. That's usually how people do it. I wish you happy adventuring with the Snowkit.