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  1. Thank you guys for telling me . I appreciate that! c:
  2. Thx mate , no feeding anymore WHOOOO
  3. I played this game quite a bit but I a have a question to domesticated beefalo since I am not so familiar with them! I think you have to still feed your beefalo after it's domesticated but does it still show when it's hungry? Like opening his mouth like he does when you don't feed it? I have my beefalo domesticated for a while now but it never wanted me to feed it and I'm worried I'm doing something wrong and I will lose the domestication status. If you know the answer to my question please tell me
  4. I recently encountered a glitch where the bot of a player who was in the game later on spawns! The bot will stand at the spawn and die eventually and you have to shut the server down and launch it again to make the ghost of the dead bot disappear. I only have encountered it so far on pvp server and it doesn't matter if the guy who joined was banned kicked or left by himself. I have some pictures on my PS4 I will put them up if someone wants me to.
  5. Hm I'll try to find two that are close to each other that's kinda hard Formen sind they are pretty rare in my world . I have no idea why
  6. This bug was fixed a while ago but it seems within the last updates it's impossible for me to find a ewecus . I have a 300 days server but I cant get any ewcuses to spawn. I followed like 10 suspicious dirt piles and I got none! At first I thought I was just unlucky but after 10 tries I don't think it's just me being unlucky.
  7. I managed it to get the update installed but now I can't upload my adventure Journal! This is a big problem for me because I save my data every day on my USB since the last time I lost my server! The weird thing is only don't starve data seems affected by this others work just fine
  8. I tried to install the new update when It came out but then it told me it couldn't download it and restarting wont help! I know someone had some issue like this bevor but I can't find the post and i don't know if it's the exactly the same as my problem ! If anyone knows how to fix it please tell me .
  9. I would rent one too ! Sounds like a good idea
  10. The location and everything was perfect so it would be good to at least have the reseted world
  11. Is there a way I can't restart this world and not reset it because it was a pretty good world.
  12. Aw **** that sucks ! Thanks at least for trying!
  13. You probably Already saw it , but wrote you a privat message with the save data!
  14. But I have to admit, it's a pretty cool skin.