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  1. I tried to find a comic I once saw where a Wilson gives a wes that just joined the game stuff to survive (like a spear a football helmet,log suit usw.) and he dies because it's to much weight (i guess)! But it seams to have diapered . If you find it msg me or post it in here! I forgot why I wanted it but I got nothing to do that's why I'm eagerly trying to find it!!!
  2. Editing is actually pretty fun, I mean my editing is crapy but it's fun!!
  3. I started a one man protest where is send **** posts like this in the Maxwell memes sequel discussion until we get the full update (or at least more frequently updates)!
  4. I won't stop uploading stuff like this until I get my Szechuan-McNugget-Sauce ... I mean my a new reign content for the PS4 !
  5. The don't starve together PS4 update log in a nutshell
  6. thats the post I mean
  7. I read on their twitter that they are trying to fix this bug! Not sure if you already knew that.
  8. Well since the Klei shop is being updated I hope to see some new plushes that interest me. What plushes would you guys want !I would love to see slurper plushy.
  9. I don't think so I have lost one of my 3 beefalo and I don't have these graphic glitches anymore since I made a new server . I'm afraid to play in my world I can't feed 3 beefalos every day!!
  10. No, I think he wants to stay quiet and hidden in the shadows so no one can find out the terrible secret of the potato cup!!!!
  11. I once had a problem that was kind of the same way only that it's would load forever and with forever I mean forever! It would never connect and other players where able to join the game it was a glitch that happen because there where items below and above ground corrupting my save file. Had to delete the server . Hope that doesn't happen to you!! Oh and i have seen these kind of map glitches before but they only seem to accrue on longer existing worlds!
  12. While some people are angry or disappointed because of the new skins ,the PS4 community still waits for the full a new reign update. BE HAPPY YOU GET CONTENT SO FAST!!!(I know the drill with the PlayStation update system,please don't try to tell me how that works)
  13. How do you get that lazy explorer skin? Is it just a drop or a new loyal skin?!?!?!
  14. Is that mr skits hiding behind the fire ,or something else maybe?