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  1. Of course not. Klei should get rid of the cheesing strats as soon as possible. Let them design the game similar to Dark Souls franchise so everyone must learn how to ''git gud'' on day 1 from installing the game. NO beginners allowed. Don't you dare to have fun and find solutions to beat a mob/boss easier, it's cheating. C'mon Klei, the game is too ''ez''.
  2. What a lovely day, again a whiny post. This becomes like a tradition on Klei forums. @EuedeAdodooedoe Mate, you should take a long pause from posting these kind of topics over and over. Maybe don't visit the forums for some time, it will help you a lot. You've got several topics about how you complain about the game. At this point this is getting ridiculous and no one will take you serious anymore. How about taking a long pause from the game itself too ? Okay, Klei is making bad decision about what to add in the game. What about making your own Don't Starve Together ? I'm pretty sure you are able to develop a better game. Sorry if I sound harsh but I don't enjoy reading same whiny posts from the same user almost every week.
  3. In my opinion the Water Beefalos are more suited for a bigger lake/sea. For example, having 3 beefalos swimming in that small Oasis doesn't make sense for me. Also we are supposed to fish in that tiny lake. I'm not against this possible update but I rather want the whole Shipwrecked integrated in DST than small pieces from it. Something tells me that SW is a exclusive DLC for Don't Starve single-player...
  4. I recommend you to use Steam Support. This link might help you: Edit: if you will recover your Steam account, next time enable Family View. Enablling this option will secure your account stronger. The hacker will not be able to play your games since he must put the 4 pins in order to access your games and your account. Article for Family View:
  5. As far as I know, Klei is making events which are taken from real life like Christmas, Halloween, Year of the Gobbler. Since no important or worldwide events are upcoming, I think there's not gonna be an event sooner in the game.
  6. Guess Klei already made the tumbleweeds go off the edge as some players wanted that feature... What a lovely day. (incoming ''you're noob'' because flower hat)
  7. I'd rather want bug fixes and some actual useful changes for many items/mobs even some characters (yes, Wilson is a scientist). For example Gloomer wings etc. I'm still hoping that portal is hiding something. Yes, reseting the cave with it, it's a good thing, many resources are revived but since Charlie herself was there at the portal, picking the rose from the ground might mean the portal will have something more attached to it ? In the end, I don't really want a new character. There are more existing things which don't have a purpose now. I really hope Klei will pay some attention to them. Some updates from the past feel kinda unfinished.
  8. That is exactly the reason I don't make 1,000 topics. Nevermind, stay in your endless war about who is the best character because this matters so much.
  9. I was expecting this kind of unuseful topic. These kind of discussions about who is the best character in the game make players in the end to take part to an endless forums wars. Again I'm asking, why do we really need these things to be discussed ? Does it really matter that much who is the best or not ? Me personally I play this game just because is fun, it has wonderful artworks and it's a co-op game. I don't care who is the best character. I even enjoy playing the boring Wilson. Please, can these topics stop once ?
  10. This title is totally wrong. To put a title like this, you have to have all the community supporting you, which this may not be the case. Some of your ideas might sound good on paper, but in reality are hard to implement them in the game. I don't agree with some changes like using Wickerbottom's book On Tentacles only on swamp turfs or tumbleweeds appearing only in summer which this could be a unbalanced and unfair thing for new players since they will have to go in the ruins to get some gears or pray for some clockworks on the surface. You can't force Klei to take only your suggestions in consideration just because you make the best decisions for the game or your name is ''EuedeAdodooedoe''. We are a community and you have to understand you are not the only one who suggest things. Also I've been noticing if someone is not having the same opinion as you, you immediately get upset which this shows a lack of maturity. Please, next time put a better title and don't pretend you have better ideas and suggestions than everyone else. This topic shows exactly this. Sorry if I sound like I want to fight with you but I don't agree with most of the changes.
  11. Is this topic really useful ? What's the point of rating players abilities ? Is Don't Starve Together a competitive game where players abilities matters so much ? Do I have to kill Toadstool on Day 2 to be a ''pro player'' ? Why so many unuseful topics are made ?
  12. Everyone can play the game how he/she wants. I can't judge someone if its using the rollback or not. Even if the rollback is used when you do a small mistake. I don't consider it cheating. It's your decision if you use it or not. Yes, I use this command on my server from time to time, it's very helpful.
  13. I do play solo from time to time when my friends are busy or they play other games etc. I don't mind playing solo since I like some challenges while I play a game. Since Klei fixed the voting system, I play a bit more on their public servers, just to meet new players, possibly make new friends etc. Surviving a whole year feels so refreshing in Klei servers.
  14. Go to your profile, click on ''Friends'' then click on ''Blocked Users''. You will find it on top.
  15. Reporting his Steam account will not resolve anything anyway. I'm using Steam for a little long time, I've been reporting players from other games in the past years and nothing has been resolved. Avoiding and blocking their profiles are the only solutions. Blocking their profiles will allow you to check his profile easly in case he changes his name etc.