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  1. Hi there! I'm NightWonder7, and I've decided to post some of my Don't Starve fan arts here at the forum. So, uh... this is how you start a thread, right? I am relatively new to the forums, so please tell me if I do anything wrong. I've done some research and read over the rules, so I will follow them the best I can. Now, I'm a huge fan of Don't Starve, and I've done some fan art of it for a while, and now I've finally decided to share it here ^^ I have a DeviantArt account, where I post most of my art. I'll put a link here if you are interested: I do have a Tumblr account too, but I don't usually post art there... so I don't think there's much point in stalking me there in terms of my art work XD I do a bit of everything: art pieces, crappy comic strips, doodles... traditional and digital.... sometimes I like to draw in my style, other times I try to mimic the Don't Starve style. So, here are some of my work: I don't know how far back in time I should go, cause I'm starting to legitimately cringe at some of the things I used to be proud of. But, yeah, that is just some of my stuff. I've got more in store I'm looking forward to share you with Don't want to spew everything out at once, if you get what I mean :3
  2. Thank you so much! ;w; Wotch out! Cause he's evul oAo I'll upload it as soon as it starts existing XD
  3. Alright... so... I couldn't stop thinking about skin designs. (I only managed to get 3,5 hours of sleep the night before last night, but that was probably due to other things ;u; ) And then I sat down to sketch a bit, and I think I might have found a Triumphant skin for Wayne >_>; Here is what I have so far: Rose is coming up eventually.
  4. 1. It took a while before I got the game when I became interested in the fandom, so I watched some let's plays on YouTube ^^; 2. That's could actually work! I will definitely check those out more : D I hope I manage to come up with designs I'll be satisfied with ;u;
  5. Thank you! QwQ 1. I also thought of a Sunday kind of look for him :3 I've watched some tv series that evolves around in the early 1900s and tried to catch some details, but most of the characters there are rich and wealthy. 2. That's a very good point! 3. Yeah, I've noticed this set is quite romantic. I would suspect it's quite moldable in a sense. Hm... And thank you so much for your in-put : D Will definitely help me further ^^ (Also I find it kind of amusing how close your comments were to the quotes I picked for him XD Gonna reveal it with the portraits) On the GoH one? Could be a nice detail :3 I have to see what I'll do. Thank you! ;w; Hehe, yeah, it's a bit hard to see without the colours ^^; It's supposed to be a pengull :B
  6. Okay. I've seen many people design some really awesome skins for their OCs, and eventually I've been gnawing at some ideas for Wayne at the back of my mind. I'm... not really sure why ^^; but it's been haunting me for a couple of months now. Inspiration! I'm planning to make some proper portraits, hopefully this summer. Warning! Under this spoiler lies some very, ultra, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious WIP-induced sketch ideas. So please don't drag them out from there ._. Thanks Let me know what you think!
  7. Wow, this must've been a humongus project! O.O I really like Quoth's sunflower skin designs, and I really like how you recaptured them! OvO Also extra applause for designing a new frame background matching the theme : D
  8. I absolutely love the dupe's descriptions as well as their designs! XD
  9. "Bear with me, Maxwell. This isn't rocket science!"
  10. It was so cute! OuO Hehe, yeah O////O Had to go to school the next day, so didn't catch the stream, but I watched it afterwards ^^ Thank you! : D
  11. Well hi there! I'm NightWonder7. I usually stay in the Don't Starve corner of this forum, and you can find my main art thread here Recently I have found myself sketching stuff from Oxygen Not Included several times. I don't own the game yet and have never played it, but I've seen some videos on You Tube and I've added it in my Steam wish list ^^; The duplicants are just adorable and I fell in love with them ^_^ Just imagine having an ant farm with them and watch them through the glass; working day in and day out OwO *ahem* Anyways, as I was saying, I've done some fan art sketches and tried to get more used to the style and colour schemes (still working on it ^^; I don't think I will get away so easily with the sketchy lines like in DS) Ideas started piling up too, and eventually I thought I might as well start an art thread for this game XD I'm opening this thread with a simple drawing of a dupe. My first digital ONI fan art in fact >_> I hope you like it, and that you also will like my future content ^^
  12. Oh glob, I thought I already had given this a like >_> It looks amazing and it's so fun to see something you've seen WIPs of on streams complete OwO I've witnessed the effort you put in these animatics, and it's really impressive. Love the sound effects and lovely setting ^^ And as always, awesome work! 8D Absolutely love the setting in this piece as well (especially the stuff he has drawn on the walls) OvO The depressive mood in this scene is captured wonderfully with the subtle lighting : )
  13. Well, I watched the new trailer OwO Congratulations on releasing the game to early access, Klei! : D
  14. Happy 17th of May everyone! : D It's Norway's Independence day :3 I couldn't make anything new for the occasion, so I'm contributing with a piece I did for last year. It's Wilson and Willow celebrating in the traditional outfit bunad ^^ I won't be able to celebrate a lot today, but I'll make sure to eat a lot of ice cream : )
  15. Yup. Struggle is real T_T Only problem with letting my brain go is that there is a chance that something like this will happen:
  16. What do people usually do when they have NO CLUE of what to draw a weekday evening?
  17. oh

    This looks absolutely stunning! OwO Just love the atmosphere : D
  18. Hehe XD it kinda reminds me of Two and a Half Men XD
  19. I think she could hear that =.= What if the survivors could catch radio waves from the real world; and since time moves differently, they could discover music closer to our time period?
  20. Heh, it's fun drawing him, it just feels so strange since I'm used to only draw fan characters ^^; Well, I try to stay under a healthy limit >u> Yeah, you're right. gotta work more on anatomy ^^
  21. minespatch

    Oh, so that's how he was going to combine those! XD From putting a helmet on a dead frog to thermodynamics went fast XD Also, happy (late) forum anniversary! : DDD
  22. *Breathes in*

    *Breathes out*

    Can't wait for this month to end. Finals always makes me feel like this:


    Knock knock.jpg


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      Thank you @DragonMage156 ;u;

      @Arlesienne, I don't think anyone can help much with this ;_; But thank you for the offer :3

  23. These look absolutely gorgeous! OwO
  24. Are they solving the Metheus puzzle? ',: ) Love the atmosphere here! : D
  25. These turned out so different from each other, oh my guard >_< and sorry for posting only OCs lately ;_; Made a dump of Wayne as a child. He is supposed to be < 7 years old here, but eh. I hardly ever draw children, so apologize in advance if he doesn't look very young here :I He lived in an orphanage the first part of his life. Took some inspiration from Willow's young skin. And references cause I like those :3 Maybe I should make skins for him one day?