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  1. XD If only there was
  2. 1. It's an OC I'm currently working on, but I can't seem to find a distinguished shape I'm satisfied with ^^; 2. That's... no one really ._.
  3. Me: *asks my dad for help for my home works* Dad: *flips a sheet of paper around to scribble on and reveals this:* Me: *grabs paper and tosses it on the floor before he can make out what it is* *Silence between us* *Proceeds with the home works* ______________________________ So that happened a few months ago XD I panic every time irl people see my fan arts without my permission >_>; Was a bit hesitant about uploading this since not all of it is DS related, but in the end I didn't mind. I have fine liners in my school bag in addition to my four coloured pencils QwQ Also I should probably get a sketch book instead of using used paper.
  4. No worries, the Carters have also gotten this treatment ; )
  5. I really like this scenery and the idea of it OvO Also I've just started reading that comic. Really like it so far ^w^
  6. He has a very smashing style ^v^ The colours fit perfectly!
  7. Glad you like him! ;u; Even after half a year of creating OCs I still think it's weird to display and talk about them ^^; No, it's just a dilemma I face every now and then, and it's sometimes annoying u_u I come up with short "funny" scenes that can occure in a story, but I can't come up with the rest of the story ( ._.) And without the rest of the story, the scene may seem confusing. It's not only for DS, but other stuff too. Just wanted to check if it was only me ^^; Probably overthinking this. But thanks for the offer anyway : )
  8. Dark Swords give headaches. You should just have known how many sketches there are of him floating around in my house and school books :/ A question that is not related to this pic: Have you ever wanted to illustrate or narrate a certain scene you've come up with yourself, but couldn't because you'd be needing more context, and adding more context would mean more work you're either not willing to do or have the skill to make? Like, you think of a scene in a story, but it would hang out as a loose end without the rest of the story. No? Okay ._.
  9. They are adorable ^v^ First time encountering them I thought they were hostile XD Many things on that sheet was pure copying from a reference XD But glad you like them :') Wow O.o That's a lot!
  10. Strangebury looks awesome! XD It turned out really well! : D
  11. Organic processes:
  12. Btw I really like Don't Starve in case you didn't know...