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  1. Yeah, you're probably right : ) I'll see what I'll do.
  2. The thing is that I will be away from my computer for a few weeks at the beginning of July. And after that I have no idea how much time I have to spare for making comics and digital art because of school preparations and such. I will be around, but I don't know how much time I will have to actually sit down and draw with good conscience. I really really want to put my ideas on paper and show you guys, but I just don't have the energy this week.
  3. I mean pieces that I feel are too rough to post in comparison to how I really want to present them. Alice Madness Returns. This scene
  4. Normally I wouldn't colour a sketch without cleaning up the lines first, but this time I couldn't be bothered. I'm too tired. I've been tired this whole week! Besides I need to learn to get used to posting stuff that are "indecent" or stuff that I'm not totally pleased with how turned out. So a couple of triumphant Wayne sketches I held back before releasing the portrait set; one of them being a reference to AMR. And one I did just now cause I'm too tired to get on to something properly : P It might not seem like it (or maybe it does?), but I'm having a bit of a... I wouldn't call it an art block. More like not feeling up to draw the things I planned to draw this summer.
  5. Oh, pleasure is on my side, Mr Carter c: And you're very welcome ^w^
  6. Hi, Milo! You sound cool!
  7. No idea XD That... actually makes sense XD
  8. This still amazes me! OuO
  9. No one's strong as Wolfgang No one's long as Wolfgang No one's mustache's as incredibly drawn as Wolfgang For there's no man in town half as manly _____________ Sorry
  10. I apparently left a few sketches at work from last year, and this was one of them. I dunno.
  11. Happy anniversary! : D
  12. Don't worry, it's just some harmful squeeze ; )
  13. You can see what I wrote with my left hand :B
  14. Fudge, now I can't unsee it! XD
  15. Floof is the cure for sadness.