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  1. All of the guns are referred to as a Multitool according to the "Fetching Water" tip. I don't see how all of those guns can be compacted into one, not mentioning the different appearences.
  2. I used a thermo-regulator to cool oxygen to almost absolute zero, but the frame before it read -273.15 it crashed.
  3. I tried the same thing with oxygen, and the frame before it went to absolute zero it crashed. Steps to reproduce: Make a vacuum. Place a thermo-regulator in the vacuum, not touching any walls. Make a connection from the gas input to the gas output, and a gas output to the gas input. Make a pipe that picks up any type of gas (i used oxygen). Pump it into the input of the thermo-regulator. Apply power Wait EDIT: I'll go post this in a new topic.