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  1. Remember, early game you have 3 duplicants, and you require a large amount of blood to make the slush. It's actually better for late game: 1. Spread out blood collection across multiple people 2. Likely have a klickchick, and the eggs can be eaten whilst the body fed into the machine 3. Grows faster than crops
  2. Multitool art would be fun, gotta say.
  3. I'm not quite sure where this would fit, perhaps a seperate tree? First tech: Test-Tube Cloning Allows for the following to be constructed: Cloning Dish Incubator Protien Harvester Blood Extractinator (Deliberatly spelt such.) The process starts with the blood extractinator. This takes blood from a clone, leaving them 'dizzy' for a certain amount of time. This is a temporary debuff that lowers their strength, digging and medicine for a period of time. Dizzy clones cannot be harvested for blood. Another way to kickstart this process is to feed bodies or other creatures (created later,) to the protein harvester. This mushes down bodies, using the cooking skill, to create a large amount of protein mash. Blood can also be fed into this device. The device, once it has gained enough protein mash, produces a protease slush, using the tinkering skill. The protease slush can then be taken to the cloning dish, where it is fed in. Using the tinkering skill, it creates a cloning bud, which can be taken to the incubator. After a single cycle, the incubator will create a cloned patty, worth 2000 kcals. This can be cooked to add a further 500 kcals. Second tech: Animal Cloning Allows for the following to be constructed: Cloning Bay Large Incubator Once again, the process starts with a large amount of Protease Slush. When carried to the Cloning Bay, instead of a cloned bud, it instead creates a cloned embryo, which must be taken to the incubator. After two cycles, an immature baby klickchick (chicken) can be taken out. This can be fed to the musher, but it is better to place it in the large incubator, where it will mature into a baby klickchick. The klickchick will lay eggs once it matures, but has an accelerated lifespan and neumerous defects from being cloned, so only lives for seven cycles after it matures, producing one egg a cycle. It takes three days for a baby klickchick to mature, where it will not produce eggs. When it dies, it's body can be harvested for a klickchick breast, worth 3000 calories, or fed back into the protein harvester. Opinions?
  4. Ok. That's insanity over. Two weeks of holiday, so I should be active. Ish.
  5. Dammit, away over the weekend and I have no clue where I left off...
  6. Aaaannd the Sharx was sniffing her. "Please tell me this is friendly?"
  7. "Hello Famen. I'm Candy. Not sure who she is however..." Candy sheepishly scratched the back of her neck, before continuing.
  8. Candy looked around, before facepalming profusely.
  9. Candy raised her hands. "Second that, or is this an autonomous collective?" She said, resisting the urge to shout 'help, help, I'm being repressed' for some bizzare reason.
  10. "So, you have two boat-eating Leviathan, a Sharx, whatever that thing is," she pointed to Noctimus as she said this, "a number of... GAH! Is anything normal around here?!"
  11. Well then... This was... Interesting...
  12. Well, this was a new experience. It was like an elevator, except more nauseating, gave her more vertigo, less safe and certainly less steady. So actually, not really like an elevator that much.
  13. "You know what? I'll come along as well. it gets lonley all by myself." She clicked her fingers, before adding; "Casper, here!"
  14. "You... Swallowed... Someone and hope they're alright?" "Did the enitre rules of logic, common sense and sanity magically change whilst I was stuck on this island? Or is it just you?"