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  1. Well, what's interesting then? Die other RoG giants can be simply kited, Dragonfly too once the walls are built, you only have to use the pan flute some times, Klaus can be kited plus you just have to run away when he is spelling... So running so that you end near enough to hit once or twice the AG and then avoid its ramming is quite interesting and challenging, I think. It sounds interesting for me at least. Again, I haven't tried this yet, so I'll see how it works out. Maybe it's great, maybe it's terrible and boring? The lag can destroy even the best plans, that's true, but when you solo there's usually not (that) much lag. Btw, I just checked, the owner deleted that video. Really pity, I don't understand why...
  2. "Whose bright idea was it to fix this thing?" - Woodie I haven't come yet to use this bug... but oh well, that's the order of things. I'll have to find another way to get many Shroom Skins. Anyways, it's always good to see that the developers are still actively work on DST, good job!
  3. Actually, I saw a video in the last days where the player soloed the AG with a helm, a weapon changing with a walking cane and a magiluminescence. This way he could defeat it with minimal damage as he could outrun it. As I cannot kill it without gunpowder or some cheese, so I definitely will try this method and hopefully learn to do it properly. So what I wanted to say is that there is a legal and interesing way to kill the Guardian other than tanking it.
  4. When pengulls decide to do suicide squad...
  5. I thing it's not that spoiling that these cheesy methods exist in-game, because you can just avoid using them if you'd like so, but they are good for not that experienced players. I know the game could be "you get the guardian horn only if you can kill it properly", which would be more challenging and rewarding, but it seems Klei also doesn't want to make DST less uncompromising than DS. Maybe the AG could be a little bit changed to make it more interesting, but in general I'm pleased with both bosses, they are not impossible to kill (even solo). With gunpowder, if not else, and that's a fully legit way to kill bosses, further more, it has been recently nerfed to spice it up a bit. Dragonfly is hard, of course, but it isn't that hard (just time consuming) to learn how to kill it without dying. I use an ornery beefalo, for example, and need only a few dragonpies for the fight. There are other ways too for the most of the bosses, like gunpowder (which I used quite a lot earlier) or bringing followers to help the fight, or even more in some special cases like running to a Goose/Goose in a frog rain.
  6. There were more than 160k players already? That's amazing! I would have never thought that there were so many... and that was only the alpha! Great job!
  7. I think too that you don't have to kill the clockworks for their sketches, just mine the marble statues. So you mean that if we mine the (naturally spawning) marble statues on a new moon, they spawn the shadow clockworks (too)? I believe that mining these should give their corresponding head part, right? Or I'm just confusing something?
  8. Are you sure? Or I just misunderstood something? You mean wrecked walls where they have 0hp? Because I play with movement prediction enabled (as always) and have no trouble walking on 0-level walls.
  9. Reading the speech files I realised that now there is only one quote for chesspiece_muse, aka the queen figure. Earlier there were the "generic" and the "struggling" quote, but the latter disappeared (it was to tell that the knight, bishop and rook figures are ready to spawn their shadow mobs). Seemingly we won't fight the queen in the near future, will we?
  10. I believe this thread should be called "What commons did you get this week megathread", it means the same I'll play today, let's see if I get something better!
  11. Actually, I know about this method, however I still couldn't perfect my skills to kite it well enough (even with this cheese). So till I learn how to do it properly, I still use this method some now and then
  12. Actually, I use them to solo the Ancient Guardian. I usually catch around 40-60 bees, make a few bee mines and let them free in the Guardian's area. It's quite effective, fast and safe (for me at least, as I can't kite the it yet). But beside this it is true that bee mines aren't often used.
  13. The best things are the new music and that the ruins' music is back! I could listen to them all day. Thinking of a long lasting world I really like the bundling wraps and the ruins' regeneration.
  14. True, that's why I use it only for fuel farming or if I'm insane anyways, like against Deerclops. It can be also handy when raiding the ruins early.
  15. Rain coat is great if one needs light (miner hat) and a walking cane in rain. I often use bat bats during nightmare fuel farming as I don't need to waste time for healing and it keeps me insane. Of course I use this and another weapon for the fight, it has quite a low damage so I change them as needed.