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  1. This is amazing! Great work! I'd had a few questions about it: How long did it take to build this base? Is the honey enough for all of you through whole winter? And how do you farm reeds? For all those books and darts you need them regularly, right? After building such a good base, I don't think you run the whole swamp every few days.
  2. I also loved to have such a worldgen, it would be perfect for a megabase.
  3. It seems that you're the autocorrector of DS/T.
  4. If you want to get a DST copy, I'd recommend the trading subforum: By the way, the second copy is independent from the steam sale, if you buy the game you'll get it twice even after the sale ends.
  5. This isn't a bug, it's a feature as the new skin has the "loyal" rarity and the old one is "timeless" now.
  6. Fell asleep in the morning? What happened, you ate a mandrake?...
  7. There is an offline mode, after you click "play" on the start screen, click "play offline" (or something like that) before it logs you in without your steam/Klei account. Alternatively, start the game with your wlan switched off.
  8. I believe these are for when you can't catch an enemy. Let's say you pressed F fo attack it but it's far and running away (a gobbler, for example). Your character will chase it, but if it cannot hit it in the next x seconds, it stops ands sais the COMBAT_QUIT quote for that enemy/mob.
  9. Just want to mention that Wendy has 200 sanity, just like (almost) every other character, not more.
  10. Oh yes, I have no doubt that if Klei would decide to make new music, it would require time. But it much better to wait a bit more as to get something not-that-good, as quality does need time. Btw, I use the DST Dusk Music mod, which I also love, so if an enthusiastic moderator would make one for the Caves' EFS, I'm sure I'd use it! Thanks, I actually didn't think of that. Now we got a caves-only boss, but the DS soundtracks were made much before DST and ANR and the appearance of the stalker. But it would deserve an own music.
  11. Hello together, I really love the soundtracks of DS/T, I listen to them quite often during the day and I can safely say that they're are one of the main reasons why I still play a lot DS/T. There is only one thing that disturbs me: why isn't there Caves' EFS??? Well, I guess it's because there is no giant in the caves (as the Guardian is in the ruins), but there are still spider queens and treeguards. It would be great if there were such a soundtrack, and knowing Klei if they made a new music, it would be amazing! So here's my question: what do you think guys, would you like to have Caves' EFS? And do you know the real reason why there isn't such? An other thing: one of my favourites is the Ruins' EFS. The thing with it is that the fight with the shadow clockworks has this too. Not as if I wouldn't listen to it anywhere at anytime, but shouldn't this fight have an own soundtrack? Actually, I think the current one fits to it really well (shadows, clockworks, bosses... clear, that it must be have the Ruins' EFS if any of the old ones), but I feel like it should have a uniqe music too, especially after there were many (great!) ANR soundtrack for new bosses and events. As I wanted this thread to be a suggestion and a discussion, I wasn't sure in which subforum should it belong, so I just put it here, I hope it's right.
  12. this
  13. Actually, it works amazingly well for new players. Until you learn how much sanity it gives, it's the perfect placebo. Btw, my favourite useless item is the divining rod. I still have one in my main base.
  14. Hi! Welcome on the forums! I have bought DS and its DLCs separated, before DST (in the Alone pack) and later I could extend the Bundle with DST for a cheaper price, just like you, and I got a second copy of DST which I could send to my friend. So you should get also two copies if you buy it now
  15. I'm not sure if it was a good idea to have a dislike button. True, I also wished after some posts, but if you think of it, it could be misunderstandable, also could be abused and used for trolling. And even with good intensions, how could you tell if someone has many dislikes because he's agressive and generates hate or just had a suggestion that many people didn't agree with? If there is a decision ("Do you like this idea?") the op can make a poll. If someone isn't behaving as to be expected on the forums, there are other ways to deal with it.