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  1. You poor fool. @nome shall take the mantle when no one remains. For he is the true ruler of THEM. All shall bend to the glory of @nome and the potato cup. (Just so you know, I spent an ungodly amount of time swimming through the horrors that is the Maxwell Memes topic to find that photo of @nome, so y'all better appreciate my effort! Some things just cannot be unseen, even with bleach.)
  2. Ban Thieverpedia for being 2 hours too late.
  3. But what will THEY do about it? I elect that we throw the Codex Umbra into a void... and then it'll end up becoming the portal that makes Dupes in ONI...huh. Well at least THEY will no longer be in control, right? RIGHT?! ...Maybe not. Yeah, I know my editing skills are sloppy at best, hush. :3
  4. Ban Destros because Geese/Meese are MASSIVE Yanderes, and you are their senpai. (Yes, ALL of them)
  5. Ban Maslak for giving me the ultimate cosmic power: The special ban hammer for those failing to ban others.
  6. Ban Maslak for answering my question: When has DatShadowJK EVER responded to ANYBODY's question?!
  7. Gan BiddyGuy because I can't even.
  8. Ban GiddyGuy for not following me.
  9. Well, he's missing the rest of the steering wheel, so he's not gonna get very far with that then! XD ...Unless he somehow hooks up his chassis with the steering mechanism to provide himself a way to steer it automatically, WITH HIS MIND.
  10. Ban DatShadowJK because that joke was already made, within the recent week even. Come on dude, be more creative.
  11. Ban DimWhat because DAMMIT! THEY'RE RIGHT!! BAN THEIR ASS!! (*Photoshops a banhammer onto a @Donke60*)
  12. Ban dark_hunter for being passive aggressive and not name dropping like a real forumer. And it used to be an inbread cat, shamawn bruh. Now it's just a visual aid of me navigating the forums.
  13. Ban DimWhat because he's Melone in the Dark.
  14. Ban DatShadowJK for not using an automatic window washer. :3
  15. The literal personification of faffing about with the console commands. XD
  16. Ban DimWhat for maidal disputes.
  17. Ban Master Jand for not asking me which character I was playing with in Don't Starve. >:( R00d much?
  18. Ban Master Jand for taking the bait again. I warned you that I'm a master baiter. :3
  19. It just makes me feel special...
  20. Is it possible to make a derailing thread thread? (Maybe a forum game? :3) How do I make a signature? And how do I get Klei-senpai to notice me? I dunno, feel free to add more questions below, maybe someone will answer them...or not. Doesn't matter in the end, right?
  21. Ban Pyro for thinking memes can die. (My poor computer's crying atm, I have Don't Starve open, RIP my GPA. :3) I know it's CPU, I'm not stupid.
  22. Here's to hoping I become the Unofficial Hype Train, amirite? ...Yeah, I'll just let myself out now.
  23. Very. The last one was a more of a joke than a serious question. I just want Klei-senpai to notice me, maybe give me a kewl title. X3
  24. Ban Gamertron because: