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  1. Ban Codex Umbra for failing to notice that I, like Shia LeBeouf, do take jokes. Literally.
  2. Ban Mr. T for failing to do their research. MITS Altair 8800 was the first personal-use computer. And it neither Windows nor Mac. So suck it. And them for sparking the Master Race war all over again. (I mean, you DID say some simple GIFs were eating all of your storage, so... )
  3. Ban Mr. Skitz for not upgrading from an original MITS Altair 8800 to something more modern.
  4. *Defeats the Boss* "Alright! Now who gets the new God Armor-" Everyone:
  5. Ban DatShadowJK because- *Beats the ever living crap outta them*
  6. Ban DatShadowJK for waiting for their pension to kick in. And you can't honestly tell me you wouldn't want a title like that. :3 You can't. YOU CANNOT. OKAY?! YOU CAN'T!! XD
  7. Speaking of Shipwrecked (mind going off on a tangent? :D) Maxwell's dialog when examining the White Whale is: "We meet again." Key word there, AGAIN. So that means he's already been to the world of Shipwrecked, most likely before he gained his freedom. So what does that mean? Did he just create a pocket dimension for him to escape to when the dreariness of Rain (*ba-dum-splat*) of Giants gets the better of him? A 'lil vaycay in Fiji to relax while Wilson is going through Hell in a handbasket? ...I am now imagining Maxwell wearing a tacky floral shirt reclining on a bright fold-out chair, sipping from a coconut with an umbrella in it, with some tacky shades on, in the world of shipwrecked. And next to him, almost out of the frame, you can see Sealnado, Quacken, the White Whale, TigerShark, and all the other bosses, just...I dunno, faffing about with Wilson, with the same face as he had at the end of the Shipwrecked video. (Someone PLEASE make a visual aid for that. XD)
  8. MFW most people haven't voted for Wes. (Aw God, I'm gonna have to wade through the Maxwell Memes once again in order to find the photo I'm looking for, pray for me people...pray for me)
  9. Ban Pyro and DatShadow for assuming it was about race. Shadows are black by nature, since it is the absence of light. Light being needed to create the stimuli for our brain to view colors. And black being the absence of light, since it absorbs all light waves, makes it a shadow. DatShadow is a Shadow by name, therefore he is black, the absence of light, or the absorption of all light. I hope I have tickled your brain with enough SCIENCE! for you to finally absorb some of this forbidden knowledge I have parted with you. But just in case, here's a gif of Wilson preparing to tickle your brain s'more. (Also, @Klei-Bot, or I dunno, @nome please give @DatShadowJK the title of "The Absorption of All Light". That'd be so awesome. XD)
  10. It pulled out your soul. Now your empty vessel shall be filled with the essence of potato cups and you shall become another potential Maxwell Shadow Puppet. Here's to hoping you don't get one shot by a Giant, or anything for that matter. XD
  11. Ban the literal black guy for commenting on my previous comment with a specific time, and thus dating said comment within the hour. (LOL, dating, time, puns. :3)
  12. Why was I reminded of this?
  13. Shhh.... our lord and saviour @nome will answer all our questions, we just need to leave a potato cup full of potato cups in his image in order to achieve those answers. (Think you could make an image of that? Like a photo of a hooded figure dropping off a basket, then @nome opening the door to find a potato cup basket and inside the basket is potato nome with the white blouse. Post it on teh dank mehmeys topic if you do. X3)
  14. Have you ever noticed that the poofing animation is near identical to Lucy changing back into a regular axe when Woodie either leaves a server, or "makes a new Lucy"? What do you think it means for ol' Woods, eh? Maybe he was cursed by Charlie, because of his obsession with chopping trees. Also, to answer why the Shadow Thurible smells the way it does can be summed up with one simple photo. :3 Er, I dunno, maybe this one makes more sense.