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  1. Ban Destros for taking it personally, even though it's true. :3 And for once again, not obeying the rules.
  2. Ban BOTH of y'all because well EEEEEEEXCUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSE ME PRINCESS!!! I have a life too y'know. I got school to attend, homework to do, exams to worry about, fapping to do. I can't spend all my time here.
  3. Ban Batholomeow for emitting high-decibel infrasonic waves via their meowing. You're slowly killing us all, and we won't even know it. You devious dapper pug.
  4. You are crazy. It never said that. Um...I dunno? Worship @nome? Maybe all you have to do is occasionally use spoonerisms? I'm not good at starting cults religions.
  5. But...what about the spoon-based religion I was proposing? Wanna join the cult religion?
  6. You know damn well that I did that on purpose. Google Spoonerism, my friend. It's not a spoon based religion, promise.
  7. Because not everyone has time to remember ONI stuff. We already wasted all our brain cells on memorizing how many chops it takes to chop down a fully grown tree in Don't Starve (15 for regular/gold axe, 8 swings for Woodie, and 12 swings for Pick/Axe), and how many swipes to kite a treeguard (3, 4 if you're lucky), how many swipes it takes to mine a boulder (6), and what the damage output is for a walking cane (17), how many stacks of wood you can achieve in the standard run of the werebeaver form (2 if you're gud, like me.), the sanity aura for Glommer, Sham O Tanter, Deerclops, and Music Box Hutch. (+6.25/min, +6.70/min, -400/min, +2.5/min respectively), and you got my point a LONG time ago. I don't have a problem. Promise.
  8. By datamine I meant looking through the game's files to see what's different. And more often than not steam auto-updates the games on us whether we want it to or not. So we most likely wouldn't even know if the game updated or not! But I'm rambling on a topic that most likely has already been answered multiple times over, so I see no point in continuing this discussion any further. Because like I said, I've devolved into a rambling rainbow coloured dinosaur with lasers shooting out of its nipples. (It's late where I am, can ya tell? )
  9. You definitely phrased it better than I could've. 'Grats.
  10. Not everybody's a dataminer. Some people don't even know how to do that. And others simply don't have the time nor the patience.
  11. Am I the only one who didn't find it satisfying? Like when me and my buddy, Donald Trump (@Escaped), both of our reactions were: "Wait. That was it?" Aside from Morgan Freeman himself noticing me (or maybe Klei-senpai finally noticed me ), which was amusing, the reward didn't feel satisfying enough to make the struggle worth it. I can't be the only one though, right? ...that and the cane skin clashes with all of my skins. And I can't have that. Simply impossibru.
  12. *Talks to @Silvercide from the void* (YES YOU DUMMY! NOW IT'S SHOWTIME!) *Shoves Silvercide over to Skeletonious*
  13. *Poofs back into existence* *Slaps Skeletonious out of his flashback* Oi! This is no time for exposition! You're leaving yourself open to attacks you dummy! ...*coughs* uh... @Silvercide, that's your queue. *Poofs back into the void via an explosion. Skeletonious' lair is in ruins...again*
  14. Ban DatShadow for not suffering finding out like the rest of us. Edit: Wow...it seems that every time I make a post here, the topic goes into prolonged periods of cardiac death. But luckily for us that people can be revived from cardiac death, it's brain death that's impossible to come back from.
  15. *Attempts to kick open door only to find it's a pull door* Ack! Shiet! *Clears Throat Dramatically* Ahem! It is I! Your OTN! (One True Nemesis) Nemesis 8! *Le Gasp* My skills include pyrotechnics (as shown in the Lair Explosion of 2016), 133t m3m31ng, professional derailer of threads, and possessing a profound knowledge of the fourth wall and all of the multiverse! My prowess even extends outside of the very fabric of reality itself! It's really a wonder why I'm even your nemesis now that I think about it, it would never be a fair fight. But then again if I were your minion then I'd give you an unfair advantage above your other nemesi(?). Mayhaps I shall remain neutral...for now. *Poofs out of existence and leaves Skeletonious' lair brand new with all self-destruct buttons removed*