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  1. Ban DatShadowJK because that joke was already made, within the recent week even. Come on dude, be more creative.
  2. Ban DimWhat because DAMMIT! THEY'RE RIGHT!! BAN THEIR ASS!! (*Photoshops a banhammer onto a @Donke60*)
  3. Ban dark_hunter for being passive aggressive and not name dropping like a real forumer. And it used to be an inbread cat, shamawn bruh. Now it's just a visual aid of me navigating the forums.
  4. Ban DimWhat because he's Melone in the Dark.
  5. Ban DatShadowJK for not using an automatic window washer. :3
  6. The literal personification of faffing about with the console commands. XD
  7. Ban DimWhat for maidal disputes.
  8. Ban Master Jand for not asking me which character I was playing with in Don't Starve. >:( R00d much?
  9. Ban Master Jand for taking the bait again. I warned you that I'm a master baiter. :3
  10. It just makes me feel special...
  11. Ban Pyro for thinking memes can die. (My poor computer's crying atm, I have Don't Starve open, RIP my GPA. :3) I know it's CPU, I'm not stupid.
  12. Here's to hoping I become the Unofficial Hype Train, amirite? ...Yeah, I'll just let myself out now.
  13. Very. The last one was a more of a joke than a serious question. I just want Klei-senpai to notice me, maybe give me a kewl title. X3
  14. Ban Gamertron because: