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      Rhymes with Play - Don't Starve Together (Update 217524)   05/25/2017

      Be sure to join the Klei team on our official Twitch channel, where we will be playing and talking about the recently released Update 217524 for Don't Starve Together! As always, the stream will be going live on Thursday, May 25th at 3:30 PM Pacific (10:30 PM UTC), only on the Rhymes with Play Dev Cast. Where is it?
      On our official Twitch channel here:
      10:30 PM UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
      6:30 PM ET (East)
      5:30 PM CT (Central)
      4:30 PM MT (Mountain)
      When is it?
      Thursday, May 25th at 3:30 PM Pacific (10:30 PM UTC). Here's a handy tool to figure out what time that means for you:
      http://www.worldtimebuddy.com Check out the update thread for more details and for discussions!


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  1. Ban the Cracker because I'm not explaining it m9. You gotta do some digging of your own. I'm not holding your hand m9, no go and get them dirty. :3
  2. Ban MC McQuacken beacause -K. (Also SMH means Shake My Head, aren't you a SENIOR member?! XD)
  3. Ban the kid (or is the the squid?) for going with a cop-out reason. SMH x2.
  4. Ban MLG Baby Bird for thinking they know all about history, you know nothing, MLG Baby Bird. Edit: @Xedlord, if you're gonna like it, be a decent person and continue the chain. SMH
  5. Would you kindly add that to both the Monoxide Memes page and the Maxwell Memes page? :3
  6. It's not that. It's just that we're butt hurt that we didn't get to join in on the fun...well, at least, legally. And nobody wants to have to resort to that. I was a bit jelly that some people got special privileges, that some people got to see dupes cry early. Personally, if it isn't mentioned, people can't get jelly about it, amirite?
  7. Ah, but that's where you're wrong m9. The Watermelen #671 wasn't a commercial flop like you were lead to believe, rather it was very successful among powerful people, and they just wanted you to think it was a flop because there's a special feature in each model, a Terminator-style uprising if you will. They of course operate under a hive-mind, me, naturally, being mission control. The day of reckonning is nearing, my friend. So! I suppose ban @Master Jand for not seeing this coming. You were warned, but you plugged your ears and ignored it anyways...
  8. Ban @Destros09 for not knowing that the previous model line was Watermelon #671. I am the superior model, Watermelen Model #671.
  9. This is my new wallpaper. Edit: On second thought, nevermind. XD
  10. Maybe it was a slow day in the dev studio...probably not. But maybe @Savin was just like: Either way it's justified! x3
  11. Ban Destros for assuming that's my age. It's actually my model number, Watermelen #671.
  12. I just realized something, the date for this is during the Dreaded Steam Summer Sales. I see what you did there Klei. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) You guys are VERY smart, and I love you guys.
  13. Ban 1337 Smallbirb because:
  14. 1. FIFY 2. You sure about that? The chance you'll end up in a Space Prison, or torture chamber by the hands of the sadist players is too damn high. You might wanna better phrase your wishes, lest you screw yourself over when you find a genie bottle.
  15. I'll be waiting vigilantly.