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  1. Everytime I log in on here, you've got a new profile pic.




    I'm just teasing you, please don't hurt me. I just got a title after all! And I'm just making a valid statement! :wilson_dorky:



  2. FIFY. You're welcome. *Grammar Nazi...AWAAAAY!!*
  3. What about the whiteboard drawing at the start of the stream? And what about Mei's drawing? Are we not going to get some Keytar-Man love? :3
  4. I've gone on the record saying it should've been the Codex Umbra, now here we are.
  5. Love how they list Mountain time over more civilized time zones like the Atlantic. For my East coast pals, that's 7:30 PM.
  6. Ban ManMailFire for lack of foresight. I saw an opportunity, and I took it.
  7. Why isn't he ALWAYS using the books though?
  8. Ban Xedgy the Hedgie for not including an Inception BWAAA!!
  9. Ban Xedlord because I can't.... I just can't.
  10. Ban Xedgelord for being a failure of a human being.
  11. Ban Xedgelord for not succumbing to peer pressure, and general morbid curiosity.
  12. Ban Pyro for: 1. Assuming 2. Thinking I don't already know it's a dead meme 3. Not seeing the irony of using a dead meme 4, For thinking I'm being unironic 5. For not knowing I was being ironic 6. Making me list this long ass list of why you should ban his ass.
  13. Ban Pyro because I ain't arguin with you on that one! But! It is a meme, and one must be informed of all teh mehmeys.
  14. Ban pyro for mehmey censorship. Also, @Xedlord, Rebecca Black is the Friday girl. If you don't know who THAT is, whale, I'ma link ya to it! :3
  15. Ban Xedgelawdy for not taking the opportunity to use a Rebecca Black reference.