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  1. forum game

    Keep this up and this forum page might get locked, along with both of us getting warning points. Or worse off, banned. And while you might think of me as a nihilist, you are quite mistaken. I am merely a person looking into all forms of psychology, from Existentialism, to Jungian, to Freudian, to other branching paths. Either way, let's call it a quits for now, and take a bit of a break from this page, give it some time to recover from this. Maybe even hide some of the more....angry comments. This is supposed to be a kind forum game after all. So, word is that @watermelen671's taking a bit of a break from the forums. See you in September.
  2. Ban Pyro for lack of understanding the question being asked. As well as for failing to take a deeper look into why you're losing hope for the forums. You're letting this affect you on a personal level that truly isn't healthy. Nobody should take the internet so seriously such as to walk away feeling emotions provoked from it in such a personal way that lingers.
  3. forum game

    I am emotionally apathetic to what others think of me. You can desire to hurt me all you want. But at the end of the day, you are the one harboring all of these malicious emotions, and I'm the one walking away feeling rather lacking in emotions as to whatever had transpired. Some may call that signs of a sociopath, but both the DSM-5 and myself agree to the fact that it isn't true, moreover it's simply that I don't care. To paraphrase from Jungian psychology: "a persona is a mask used to create an identity for an individual to fit into their social surroundings." As such this being the internet, the most likely persona that'd carry the highest chance of blending in to one's social environment on the internet is to adapt and take from what is most common. Because what's most common is more relevant to the society as a whole. And it worked, did it not? I appeared to have somewhat of a sense of pseudo-humanity for however long I decided to wear the mask, if be it as one-dimensional as it may be. To keep on topic, rumor has it that Donke honestly doesn't know how easy it is to slip into a mask of a being that is, not someone you are, rather what everyone else wants you to be. And how it's seemingly impossible to break from that mask, without facing the very denial of a part of our being, and as such bringing turmoil into our lives.
  4. forum game

    Now I believe the real question remains, which is more obnoxious. The internet persona's way of speech. Or my overly formal and rather quite stiff mannerisms.
  5. forum game

    Word on the street is that this is all a persona. Quite titillating, is it not?
  6. forum game

    Meh. I'm about as tactful as a wet fart when it comes to humor. And it appears that SOME people seem to like it...although it could just be pity...
  7. Ok, I'm either REALLY tired, or misremembering. Perhaps both. But I swear I remember that gold can be found laying on the ground near the florid postern. Also, it could just be my 2518+ hours I've put into this game, and the fact that I know of the RNG worldgen table pseudo-off by heart talking. x3
  8. forum game

    Has Pyro heard the fantastic rumor that it's SUMMER VACATION!! Also, feel free to tell me off, I'm a good sponge.
  9. forum game

    Also, rumor has it that I'm going to be shooting these freaking birds that won't stop chirping outside my window. That rumor is true.
  10. Ban Pyro for not telling me which joke it was that they're giving me uncharacteristic praise for.
  11. forum game

    I heard that Pyro is going to be receiving mandatory therapy for that issue. It's not okay to keep your emotions bottled up inside you. Someone should make a ranting topic, solely dedicated to releasing all the toxic pent up anger inside, put inside spoilers, naturally. Wouldn't want that toxicity spreading onto others like some malicious STD. A FTD. Forum Transmitted Disease(?)
  12. Not what I meant. What I meant was that the worldgen's designed to have flint, rocks, wood, grass and twigs nearby the florid postern at worldgen. I believe the reason behind that is quite obvious. And if that isn't the case that means that something bugged out during the worldgen sequence, which is why I recommended blue balling it and pulling a regen.
  13. The gimp line, yes. Donke's comment, no.
  14. forum game

    And you were still too slow. Word on the street is that some chump named @watermelen671 fixed it for you. Bloody Grammar Nazis