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  1. Not all servers are kept up and running 100% of the time. Especially if someone is hosting a server themselves and not a dedicated one.
  2. Well, yeah, I kinda do have a bit of an issue with butterfly wings, but that's not what this thread is about. 27 ice = 62.1 hunger You forgot ice. Showing how many pieces of food it takes to be the equivalent of meatballs is fairly pointless unless you show the gain/loss of hunger when that food is used to make meatballs. Now here's a proper list showing the gain or loss of 1 monster meat + 3 ingredients (can't use honey due to this recipe resulting in an even worse food then meatballs): 1mm, 3 carrots = gain of 6.25 hunger 1mm, 3 butterfly wings = gain of 15.625 hunger 1mm, 3 lichen = gain of 6.25 hunger (and no sanity loss) 1mm, 3 cacti = gain of 6.25 hunger 1mm, 3 cooked berries = gain of 6.25 hunger 1mm, 3 cooked birchnuts = gain of 15.625 hunger 1mm, 3 cooked juicy berries = loss of 12.5 hunger 1mm, 3 ice = gain of 36.85 hunger Now it should be obvious that the only ingredient better not in meatballs is the cooked juicy berries. But I think a lot of people knew that already...
  3. Well you have to admit that the 3 ice and 1 monster meat recipe is a bit of an issue. It's possibly the most ridiculously efficient, and easy recipe for any food in the game. Sure, there are much better foods out there then meatballs, but I think the reason everyone finds meatballs overpowered is due to this very recipe. (Not to mention that randoms tend to use up all the ice on meatballs and don't leave much, if any, for flingos)
  4. It would save a bit of clicking when trying to take a certain amount of items out of a chest. You could just use items directly inside the chest for crafting instead of having to click X amount of times to pull out a specific amount of items you need.
  5. Maximum of 1 ice as filler and requires at least 1 meat ingredient that is not a monster food. Problem solved.
  6. Personally I'd prefer to see some kind of new weapon, armor, item, ect. that gives them a consumable use. Although I would be fine with being able to burn them. Just anything to get rid of these things...
  7. Jump into the abyss.
  8. That's a lot of stereotyping going on in that post...
  9. Yeah, there's no cloud saves for DST. So if you got a new computer you'll have to move your saves manually. By default the saves are located in C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether
  10. All I'm seeing is Reign of Giants and A New Reign (this has to be the unlabeled one as it's the only other "dlc" for DST). There's nothing new here.
  11. Now don't get me wrong, we DO need some kind of disease prevention or cure, but the method you suggested seemed a bit out of place. First of all, green gems have no relation to plants. Each gem has their own element or aspects. The green gem seems to be about labor and work. Items using green gems never once involved plants or nature. Secondly, each gem also only has one staff and amulet (excluding the unusual iridescent gem) so adding another amulet that uses green gems would feel a bit out of place based on long standing design choices.
  12. That would be really cool. I hope someone with the ability to actually do that sees this.
  13. Think we could return to the dank maymays instead of maybe starting a flame war? I'd hate to see such a glorious thread get locked...
  14. That has happened to me so many times. I facepalmed when a friend suggested using hard turfs. It seemed like an obvious thing to to, but it just never crossed my mind for some reason. You could always add an ice flingo if you can spare the gears. I like to keep one at my trap fields so fire hounds are even less of an issue.
  15. There really should be some mention of when a post is merged similar to how it shows if a post was edited. Could clear up some confusions like this. Oh well.