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  1. So, the Entire World is Fake

    I didn't know that stealing a campfire's light was an "exceptionally important task". But all joking aside, there's quite a lot to think about here. It's a pretty interesting theory...
  2. screen shot show case

    This is meme-worthy material here. @minespatch, you might want to crop out that beefalo face for future use.
  3. Random Topic Starter

    I do. But I never find servers with decent mods like yours. *High-fives* Possibly one of the best mods out there. I've been wanting that mechanic since the days of DS. I was ecstatic when I saw that mod become reality.
  4. Lustrous alchemy pod skin?

    At the time of making this thread, the original one was locked without Mr.L's post. So it caused a bit of confusion when no reason was given for it being locked.
  5. DST Arguments and Counter Arguments

    I'm not really sure the original reviewer has ever played an online game with player hosted servers before...
  6. Not too long ago someone showed that they got the lustrous alchemy pod, and I'm wondering how exactly is it obtained? (I would have just asked this on the other thread, but it was seemingly locked without any reason)
  7. How Would you Fix Woodie/Werebeaver?

    Honestly, I think the only thing he needs is slower sanity drain as werebeaver as well as 80% dmg reduction (equal to a log suit) and damage close to a spear. I feel like the nerf to the werebeaver's combat abilities was unnecessary. It might be useful early on, but later in the game you'll have better combat potential outside of werebeaver form. Combat as a werebeaver is also limited by the fact that you can't really heal or eat mid-fight. Plus in DST you'll be losing sanity fairly quickly so you'll have to deal with Them eventually. I think there's enough pros and cons when using the werebeaver form for combat. So buff the werebeaver a bit and he might actually be used more often.
  8. Random Topic Starter

    Welllll... that's kinda debatable. Since we started getting a story in DST, SW doesn't really fit in with any of the lore we've gotten so far. With no mention of it whatsoever in the game that's chronologically the most recent, it feels like SW can't really be considered canon anymore.
  9. Eventually you'll realize that's a dream that's never going to happen, especially without trading or using the market. Trust me, I tried to do exactly that. My advice: don't worry too much about skins. That's not really what the game is about anyway. I mean it's not like we're playing Pokemon here. There's no real need or reason to catch collect them all. Even if you did get 8 per week, look at how far you've come vs the time invested to get that far. It'll take ages before you got everything. Honestly, I eventually caved in and bought a couple skins off the market. Wasn't much. It was maybe only about $5. Once I got a couple skins I actually liked and use a lot, I lost a lot of the urge to collect them all. I mean if you enjoy the game enough and think it's worth it, I'd recommend doing that too. Because let's face it, you'll never get the skins you want without buying or trading for them. The drop rates are just abysmal...
  10. Random Topic Starter

    Well, there's a difference between client mods and server mods. There's actually a decent amount of quality client mods out there like a couple you already mentioned. But the discussion is mostly focused on server mods. Mods that directly alter the game itself.
  11. Map backup

    As StarmanNess already said, it's just as simple as copying and pasting files. By default the saves are located in C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether
  12. Random Topic Starter

    Have you ever looked at the steam workshop? A lot of it is garbage like unbalanced furry and anime characters or just mods that straight up make the game way too easy. And there's so few balanced, quality mods out there that fit in with the theme of DST. So the few actual good mods just get buried underneath. So, because the workshop is mostly garbage, most modded servers are assumed to be garbage as well. And when I sift through the mods list on servers, that unfortunately tends to be the case...
  13. Sounds to me like they fixed an exploit you shouldn't have been abusing in the first place.
  14. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Continuing on with @Pyrolantern's meme: For Maxwell mains:
  15. Not even the slightest chance of that ever happening now...