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  1. Find some kind of distraction then. Spiders, beefalo, tentacles or even hop into a wormhole and come back later with a pig or two to help fight them.
  2. I agree with this. In this situation, everybody wins.
  3. Considering the ruins reset mechanic and the dragonfly... I don't really see a point when orange gems are renewable now. Orange gems, just like every other type of gem, is a consumable resource. Your primary argument here is comparing the lazy explorer's durability to the walking cane's lack of durability. And to that I say: Just make another cane. I mean it's not like tusks are used for much else.
  4. Even if a server like that existed... it wouldn't really change anything. Thieves are gonna steal, leechers are gonna leach and griefers are gonna grief. That's why I prefer to host my own server and play by myself. Or occasionally with friends.
  5. Will you stop complaining already? Before ANR all of these "filler" updates happened regularly. So this is just back to the norm. Now that ANR is over expect to see more little updates like this with bug fixes, some rebalancing and occasionally a small piece of new content.
  6. Just woke up. Ignore my stupidity...
  7. Not really the best source of info when literally anyone can change it. Misinformation is abundant there.
  8. Don't forget the bottomless pit too.
  9. That could be neat. Heck, I'd even settle for the armor pretty much just being a more durable log suit.
  10. I'd rather have more consumable uses for teeth instead of needing to replace almost my entire trap field each time it's used.
  11. Not sure if I was doing something wrong or what, but it only used the first frame of the .gif and didn't animate it. Oh well. Guess I'll just stick with my dapperbeak for now.
  12. And today I found out that profile photos on the Klei forms can't be larger then about 100kb... dang...
  13. What's even worse is the fact that they agro on anything that even attempts to attack Maxwell, even if it missed. So if you're just running past an area with a lot of spiders, and a spider to want to ignore tries to attack you... good bye puppet. Walking in a swamp will also result in their death. Very quickly too. Same thing with bees... and beefalo in heat... and merms... and bunnymen... and frogs... and just about everything else. One thing they need changed is their agro behavior. The should only agro anything Maxwell himself targets instead of anything that attempts to attack Waxwell himself.
  14. It is when you're Webber.
  15. From what I've seen, it seems like it should. I've only seen trees petrify when near one that's already petrified (although trees will randomly petrify to begin the spread, but this process usually takes a long time). So if you leave one petrified tree alone and plant normal trees near it then they should get petrified eventually. If you're really dedicated, and my observations are true, you could plant a trail of trees from the petrified area all the way to an area around your camp. That way you'll have easier access to farming them.