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  1. It sounds to me like it was designed to be the best armor in the game. So of course the best armor in the game is going to make fighting bosses easier.
  2. Does the armor have any damage reduction or do you take full damage when hit while the shield is recharging?
  3. Maxwell made the clockworks, not the Ancients. BISHOP = "I'm especially proud of that piece.", BISHOP_NIGHTMARE = "They degrade without proper upkeep.", ROOK = "A castle for my home.", ROOK_NIGHTMARE = "The builders have left it in a state of abandonment.", KNIGHT = "Such quality workmanship!", KNIGHT_NIGHTMARE = "It looks beyond repair.", So if Maxwell made them, we can only assume Charlie made the shadow chess pieces seeing as they showed up after Maxwell was dethroned. Charlie gave us the shadow atrium, and she strikes the final blow on the Ancient Fuelweaver. So she seems to know quite a bit of what's going on.
  4. Any chance you have pigs around? Glommer's goop is edible so they could be eating it before you have a chance to see it.
  5. Sounds like such a little thing, but quite useful. One other chat related thing I'd like to see is being able to keep the chat log when entering or leaving the caves. There were a couple occasions I missed something in chat because of that.
  6. I always think the same thing. Well, that and "or it's going to be an obscure reference I won't understand."
  7. Well the thing is it's not even that useful for most boss fight either. I've only used it on a few occasions but bringing fishsticks/pierogis or jerky is usually the better choice. Using it to heal up while fighting them is a good idea though. I think I might start doing that instead of wasting my salve.
  8. I still find it really hard to believe the "Shadows are the Ancients" theory after this update. The Weaver clearly makes reference that it's an ancient, and it seems to be talking about Them as something different. And a very interesting thing I'd like to point out for no particular reason: The Weaver seems to know Their true name. STALKER_ATRIUM_USEGATE "Curse Their name!"
  9. c_give ( "atrium_key" ) Using that will give you the key.
  10. Thus why I've always hated the durability nerf. Not sure why you'd waste thulecite on Mac'Tusks, but that's not really the point is it? But now that thulecite is going to be a bit more available it should solve this issue slightly. I think the problem with the batbat is the fact that the sanity drain is just slightly too much. But other then that it's not a bad weapon when you look at it as a way to sustain your health mid-fight instead of using it as a primary weapon. It's capable of restoring 510 health (at the cost of 255 sanity) within it's lifetime. Using it when you're not hurt is just a waste. But with it's sanity loss combined with sanity loss of whatever you're fighting usually makes it an undesirable weapon unless you've stocked up on sanity restoring foods (but if that's the case then you might as well just bring health restoring foods). I just think a few items just need their effects tweaked slightly so their cons don't outweigh their pros. But that's a discussion for another day.
  11. Well to be fair, this is only what the characters are able to do with what they've scavenged and with little knowledge of magic. They might be made using ancient materials, but not necessarily how the Ancient's used them. If I remember correctly all armor in DST got it's durability reduced. So everything degrades at a ridiculous speed. But it still doesn't change the fact that thulecite is still the most durable armor available.
  12. Could be worse. You could discover it just before you were getting ready for bed then stay up an additional 2-3 hours. That happens to me all the time...
  13. I still think there should be some kind of portal in the ruins that leads to the atrium. It would be neat if there was a broken portal in the ruins that needed to be repaired by finding all the pieces. That way you'd need to actually explore the ruins. The atrium just doesn't feel like it's actually connected to the ruins right now other then it's aesthetics.
  14. Yeah, before ANR is finished Klei needs to throw in a few hints for some important things. The stagehand seems fine as that's like an Easter egg... kinda. The deer are usually in forested areas so there's a good chance they'll run into some trees if you try to murder some of them. But for almost everything related to the atrium, there's needs to be a few hints ingame on what to do next.