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  1. I love the way the brushes look! Good job! This one is probably my favorite Those facial expressions though... :^)
  2. Your art is awesome! I'm really amazed by how you draw dragons tbh
  3. How did I not find this thread earlier? Your art is amazing! ^^
  4. Looking back at your first post in this thread, you really improved alot! Good job.
  5. That was the most beautiful thing I've read in a while.
  6. Dear god, I'm really late to the party... But hey, better late than never. @Fortie I could probably write 2 full pages of reasons why you are so awesome. Just... Wow. You're just a great friend and artist, I can't believe it tbh. Also you are an amazing Webber, and helped me through some hard times. I can't thank you enough for being my friend! @Paxtonnnn You're an awesome person, and deserve all the love you get! Even if you constantly call yourself annoying, I can assure you aren't. It's really nice to have your company! @MeingroessterFan An overall great person. I really enjoy having conversations with you! Also, for the fact that you just started out, you're really good! @PiturcaClaudiuStef Probably one of the funniest person I've ever met. You sometimes post some questionable things, but that's what we all love you for! @Arlesienne The kindest person I've ever met, and a good roleplayer too! We had our problems in the past, but I'm happy that we could get over it. Also, your art is really cute! @PandoMish How can you not like this guy? He's such a kind person, and a great friend! I really appreciate you as a friend.
  7. Now that's what I call epic
  8. That looks awesome! Good job.
  9. I hurt JoeW's arm.
  10. Aww, it looks so cute!
  11. tentacles
  12. I don't get why you always bash on your art. It's good! You have a unique style, and that isn't very common nowadays
  13. Hey, that looks pretty good! The only thing I'd have to nitpick is that the arms are in a kind of akward position. Do you use references btw? If you don't, I really recommend them.
  14. EXPOSED:

    @Fortie is a great friend and her art deserves more recognition.

    1. MeingroessterFan


      You're making headlines here.

    2. Arlesienne


      Thank you for stating the obvious!

      (Insert the prickface here perhaps :>...)

    3. MeingroessterFan


      :^) There you go

  15. In the meanwhile, my OC looks as bland as ever! :^) Also damn, that last picture is really nice! Good job!