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  1. I have a small request: could we get an action of 5 items when pressing shift+craft? EG: you click craft rope you get one rope. You shift+click craft rope, you get 5 ropes(given that you have enough materials for it). It would apply to most craftables.
  2. Y'all got my attention at new W thing.
  3. Actually he's asking for something much easier to comply with.
  4. Why? 12/10 I'd celebrate too
  5. Is 10 times faster than everything Can walk over water Is immortal Finds a walking cane and celebrates it
  6. Oops, sorry! my bad then. My lurking skills have grown weaker .
  7. The focus of the game since DS started was that you interact with the world and keep finding new ways to change it. I don't think its looking online answers what the devs aim for, this is one of those games that delve into a ton of secrets, and only exploring, trial and error, and researching with friends make each new tiny discovery a big accomplishment.
  8. That would be cool to know, in actual numbers. By the way what happens with the anarchy option? what if charlie manages to leave the throne, by fooling it leaving a pig butt in place and nobody reigns anymore? huh?
  9. This would make to people like me to entirely ruin the fun of the game, and most likely quit playing. Its the same reason why I rather play any character with traits (stronger or not) over wilson: he's the dull mediocre powerless character. I don't normally like survival based games, and I think I got interested into this one exclusively because of its inherent humor, and the fact that each character feels unique and can add something special to the party. When I pick a character I enjoy to see what decisions the other players make, and how can we synergize in new ways with our advantages and skills, using them creatively. The fact that some characters could use some love in the balance department does not mean that the best solution is to make them all powerless, its like having a defective door in your apartment and calling the demolition team to tear down the whole building and make a new one.
  10. I just want to be able to toss poop at wolfgang, and then run in circles. #pvpgoals
  11. 4/17/24***
  12. On a side note of the name's origin, what if Lucy is one of "them" that felt sorry, or actually cared for woodie, and decided to take a physical shape to comunicate and help him? As we saw, Lucy's shadowy soul can posses any axe woodie uses.
  13. Have you explored the desert biomes of your world? I believe it should be at one of those despite the biome setting change. Otherwise if you already explored the whole map and is nowhere to be found, then its probably a bug.
  14. Holy antlion kidney stones, I didn't know this either!! Ive been wasting rocks all this time...